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BBL infection, devastated. Help!

Had bbl ten days ago, infected. agressive antibiotic treatment didnt work. Infected area got bigger. The local surgeon suggested incision and drain.... READ MORE

Is 5 weeks post op a Brazillian butt lift surgery too soon to get steroid shots where fat was injected?

I recently had a Brazilian Butt Lift. I am 4 weeks post-op to be precise. At 5 weeks post op, my dermatologist is considering injecting my raised... READ MORE

Is Brazilian Butt Lift safe for diabetic? Am I a good candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift? I'm 5'2 & 111lbs. (photos)

Is BBL safe for diabetics? Do I have enough fat for my wish pics? Recently found out I am type 1 diabetic after being put on steroid for allergic... READ MORE

Is it safe for me to have my BBL in 3 weeks if I was diagnosed with mono today? I was prescribed a 10 day steroid cycle

I have a bbl scheduled for January 13th. I got my physical and blood work done this past Friday (12/18) and I was cleared for surgery. I have had a... READ MORE

Do you think in the near future there will be FDA approved substances that can be injected in the butt to increase its size?

I just find it hard to believe in 2014 that women have to go through MAJOR SURGERY such as a BBL to get a bigger butt. With the popularity of "butt... READ MORE

Fat necrosis removal. Are there any ways of removing the lump without leaving a dent in the butt cheek?

I´m left with a lump of necrotized fat (over 1 yr post bbl). I haven´t yet had any issues with it, but am worried I might have in the future (... READ MORE

Is an epidural steroid shot required to get a Brazilian butt lift?

What would be the purpose of it and what are the risks of getting the shot? READ MORE

My doctor prescribed me prednisone for the halo/BBL procedure. I do not want to take steroids. Is this common?

I have no health issues or background that would require it. Begin script one day prior, continue for 10 days Can I take ibuprofen instead if needed? READ MORE

What medications are given during a BBL?

I am wonder what medications would be given along with my general anesthesia. Antibiotics? Steroids? Anything for pain post op? READ MORE

Are steriods needed during anesthesia?

I did a consult with a dr for a BBL and he explained dexamethasone is used IV during surgery. I develop extreme facial swelling and rash all over my... READ MORE

Lumps after lipo and hypo pigmentation. What can I do? (Photo)

Hi there ! I had lipo to my abdomen and back with a fat transfer to my butt about 14 months ago. 3 months ago I started getting carboxytherapy along... READ MORE

What can I do to quickly get rid of some of fluid? Do u think my abdomen will be flat again? Had BBL 3 weeks ago. (photos)

What can I do to quickly get rid of some of fluid. Do u think my abdomen will be flat again. Had a BBL with lipo april 5th. Had a allergic reaction to... READ MORE

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