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I had a BBL 11 weeks ago - when can I return to my exercise routine? Will it melt the injected fat or build muscle? (Photo)

Hi, I has bbl 11 weeks ago with great results. Wondering if I can go back to routine exercise of stairmaster 1 hour day x 5 times plus weights and... READ MORE

I Was Told That Injecting Fat into Your Butt for the BBL Will Not Add Tone?

Is this true? to have a nice toned butt you have to have great muscles tone back there, and not have fat injected into it. Because after a while a... READ MORE

BBL? Im Big but All Muscle Not Fat? (photo)

I'm don't have much fat on my body, I'm very "thick" all over from muscle though. Probably a dumb question but can you transfer muscle to the... READ MORE

What's the best body condition for Brazilian butt lift? Stay muscular or get soft? (Photo)

8 months ago I was very fit @ 138 lbs with stubborn fat on my back and abs. I wanted to do the fat transfer to butt. But now, after months of not... READ MORE

Will a Brazilian Butt Lift be successful for a bodybuilder?

I have been weight training for 2 years specifically to increase the size of my glutes. I have succeeded in adding 3.5 inches of muscle mass and... READ MORE

Does Having Muscle Mass in Your Butt Affect the Brazilian Butt Augmentation if the Muscle Mass Was Depleted After the Procedure?

Does Having Muscle Mass in Your Butt Affect the Brazilian Butt Augmentation if the Muscle Mass Was Depleted After the Procedure? Basically would it be... READ MORE

Is it true that if you have a more toned buttocks it is more likely that you will hold the fat graft transfer?

(More muscle?) Also with my body type, how realistic is the wish pic result? Thanks in advance! :) READ MORE

Is it better to have loose fat or tone muscle to do Liposuction with Fat Transfer to the butt and hips? (photo)

I'm working out 3 times a week I'm 35 5ft 3in, 180 lbs., a female with 3 children. I really don't mind a little belly, I will tuck it in a corset for... READ MORE

Will strengthening glute muscles before a Brazilian butt lift have negative effects?

I heard that for some reason, if you have a lot of muscle bulk, it is harder to graft more fat to the buttocks/hips. Is this true? Or does preparing... READ MORE

Do I have to get fat inserted into my gluteus muscles during my BBL surgery?

I was wondering, do I have to get fat inserted into my gluteus muscles during my BBL surgery? I can only imagine how much more painful that makes the... READ MORE

Will working out affect my Brazilian Butt Lift result?

 I am considering on getting a bbl, but I also have a big concern. I have been working out at a gym for many years and I do heavy weights to keep... READ MORE

Not enough buttock muscle to place fat injections under for BBL? (photo)

My doctor after BBL stated my shape was a little difficult due to the lack of muscle in the middle to lower areas in the buttock. Any suggestions to... READ MORE

During the BBL procedure with lipo to the abdomen and back...

Does muscle tissue, facia or aponeurosis for example round the lumbar and sacral region or along the abdomen suffer any damage such as scrapes or... READ MORE

Is It Okay for my Butt Muscle to Not Move 3 Weeks After Brazilian Butt Lift?

My right butt muscle will not move at all and my surgery was 3 almost 4 weeks ago. Is this normal? I'm able to flex the muscle in the left leg but not... READ MORE

Is it possible to build too much muscle for a BBL? (Photo)

I am researching Dr. for a BBL pocedure in NY. I'm am actively trying to lose weight, mores specifically build muscle. I am naturally bigger frame,... READ MORE

I'm a male and going to get a Brazilian Butt Lift with lipo. How will it affect my muscle growth?

The lipo but I know it's something that's part of the bbl . How will it affect my muscle growth? Will it look different when I gain muscle after the... READ MORE

Does muscle development help with Brazillian Butt Lift ? (Photo)

I workout about 4-5 times a week and concentrate on working on my glute muscle. I am considering about BBL and was wondering if developing my glutei... READ MORE

Does working out the butt before surgery provide better Brazilian Butt Lift results?

Specifically, does working out the butt by increasing muscle mass help a smaller butt retain more "cc's" than if a person had not done any strength... READ MORE

BBL- Fat injection into muscle or outer layer of fat?

Hello Recently a lady died In Florida while receiving a BBL. Although I do believe that this is a rare case, I am still heavily considering the BBL.... READ MORE

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