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Bbl Vs High Blood Pressure?

My blood pressure is controlled my meds, but I'm wondering if this would be a good idea. What would u tell a pt that's consider this surgery that has HBP READ MORE

How long should I wait after a c-section to get BBL surgery? It's been one year.

I had a c-section a year ago and high blood pressure, is it okay to have the bbl surgury done? READ MORE

I Would Like to Know How Much is It for a Mommy Makeover I Was Quoted 23000 in Vegas and 6500...in Me? (photo)

I am 33 I have high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, I am also anemic... I do take medication and I have lost about 50lbs ...I would love to have... READ MORE

60 years old: Am I eligible to get an brazilan butt lift and and breast enhancement?

Im 60 yrs old just discovered I have type 2 diabetes. Ive lost 40 lbs. I now need breast enhanced because of weight loss. I had big boobs. Lol. I am... READ MORE

Brazilian Butt Lift For a 167LB, 25 Y/O With Diabetes and High Blood Pressure?

Will I have too man complications? How will the healing process be? READ MORE

How can HIGH blood pressure affect lipo and a bbl procedure?

I was recently seen by my pcp and my bp was extremely high. I felt no symptoms but the numbers (174/113) said something was wrong. READ MORE

If a patient has slightly high blood pressure what would they have to do in order to safely have a cosmetic procedure done?

If a patient has slightly high blood pressure what would this patient have to do in order to safely have the bbl procedure or any cosmetic procedure... READ MORE

hello I'm 50 years old with high blood pressure it is under control with medication

I am very interested in the Brazilian butt lift do you think I would be a candidate with high blood pressure that is controlled. READ MORE

I have elevated high blood pressure I want to do a bbl. Is it safe?

Is it possible, I read my number run form 145/80 second reading goes down to 125/75 in matters of minutes. and will I get rejected from surgeons for... READ MORE

Looking for a dr in the Florida area that will do my surgery. My BMI is 35. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hey I'm looking for a dr for my bbl surgery.... I just recently lost 35lbs and not really wanting to lose anymore weight. I have no medical problems... READ MORE

Is Hydrochlorothiazide (a high blood Pressure medication) a threat to someone getting liposculpture and BBL surgical procedures?

My friend is also want to get plastic surgery, liposculpture and BBL wants to know if it's a cause for serious concern because she is taking... READ MORE

Will high blood pressure stop me from having a BBL?

Hello!! I have high blood pressure which is regulated through medication(lisinopril 40mg). My bp usually ranges between 160/90-170-100. Is that... READ MORE

Should I be worried about getting BBL surgery with high blood pressure?

Well my blood pressure been very good 4 a few months 125/83 it was never ever extremely high always 145/90 never anything over that now that I been... READ MORE

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