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Will 2 Hr Flight 10 Days After W/ a Doughnut Drastically Reduce the Results of BBL?

I got the whole "no sitting" for 3 weeks. I'm flying to Miami for my procedure. I want to maintain as much fat as possible and my... READ MORE

Flying After Brazilian Butt Lift

Some surgeons recommend that patients not sit for up to three weeks following the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure. What about patients that need to fly... READ MORE

Can I Sit on a Plane for 12 Hours, 2 Weeks After a Brazilian Butt Lift, Without Affecting my Results?

I live in Europe, and I've more or less made up my mind that I will have the Brazilian butt lift done! The biggest issue is that the flight back... READ MORE

Flying Before and After BBL Surgery?

I am a Flight Attendant, I was thinking about getting a BBL done in Miami. Recently I have read that I should fly 4 or 5 days before and after surgery... READ MORE

Is it too late to help my bbl get a round shape again? 13 days post-op (photo)

I sat in the airport for about 7hours on and off I took 3 different flights to get home 8 days after bbl, my butt looks flat at the bottom does this... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Fly After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Is ok to get on a 4 hour airplane after 2 week of recovery of a brazilian butt lift surgery? READ MORE

Staying Only 3 Days Post Op After Brazilian Butt Lift?

I know it's not recommended to sit on my rare after bbl surgery but I'm planning on getting work done then quickly returning home to heal and get get... READ MORE

Need To Take Flight After BBL, Should I Get Anticoagulants From My Doctor For The Flight?

Should I get anticoagulants from my doctor? I am having lipo, a bbl and then need to take a flight back home of 11 hours. READ MORE

Tubes Not Draining Fast Enough, Does Massage Help? (photo)

What happens if my tubes from BBL are not done draining the min. amount after 10 days and I need to fly home. I love my PS by the way but he is not a... READ MORE

Flying Long Distances After BBL?

I am from Australia and want to have a Brazilian Butt Lift. As this procedure is not commonly performed here Down Under, I will be travelling... READ MORE

A long flight after BBL procedure. Is this OK?

Is it ok to fly after a bbl procedure? I from the UK and will be flying back from Atlanta to London (8hrs). Is this ok? And how soon after is safe?... READ MORE

International Flight for Brazilian Butt Lift? (photo)

What is the optimal recovery time required a fat transfer - Brazilian Butt Lift? I live overseas and am weary of sitting on a 14 hour flight home post... READ MORE

Pillow for flight after BBL?

I am thinking about getting a tempurpedic neck roll to place under my thighs for my flight home and work at my desk. I am also getting a boppy pillow... READ MORE

DVT after BBL - Air travel

I've asked what DVT is and how to prevent them and thank you for your answers. But i don't know if i have a history problem.In the past i had breast... READ MORE

How Long Until I Can Sit After Surgery, Can I Do Breasts and Butt at the Same Time, And More Qs? (photo)

Hi im interested in getting the BBL.Q1: how long until I can sit on my butt again after surgery. 2:Will I be abel to do my butt and breast at the same... READ MORE

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