Apple Shape + Brazilian Butt Lift

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Process of Going from an Apple to Hourglass Figure?

Hi there, I am 21 years old and have always had an apple body type (29 inch waist with D cup breasts). I'm 120 lbs at 5'2'' and my lower body is... READ MORE

How Much Weight Do I Need to Put 1000 Cc in Each Butt

Hi, I am 52 y.o., 5 feet 6 inches tall, of medium built and weigh 156 pounds. How much weight, if any do I need to gain in order to have at least 1000... READ MORE

Is a Brazilian butt lift the best option for correcting a severely Apple shaped figure? (Photo)

I have a severely Apple shaped body, very short waisted and with no curves, while being well within healthy weight (5'5" and 124 lbs). I am also only... READ MORE

Can I have good Brazilian Butt Lift if I had silicone injections 8 years ago?

I'm 41 years old and healthyn. Is my dream to have a BBL. I'm chunky so there will be enough for fat graft 8 years ago while back home in Dominican... READ MORE

How much Fat usually survives on butt and hips?

Okay so im an apple shaped type (lucky me) and im concern on how much fat ideally will survive it being that my body isnt "programmed" to store fat... READ MORE

Had an apple shape all my life and interested in Brazilian Butt Lift. Would I be a candidate? (photos)

I NEED a butt!! I have had an apple shape all of my life. Any weight I gain is straight to my boobs and tummy. I 5 foot 2 and 179 pounds. Would I be a... READ MORE

Which procedure would be best me? (Photo)

I'm 5'7 184lbs and haven't had any children. I want to have somethig done to make my body more curvy and have a nice booty since I definitely lack in... READ MORE

How much weight do I need to lose before a BBL? (photos)

I'm a classic "Apple." heavy on top with DD cup and I carry most of my weight in my midsection. It's a genetic trait. I'm 25, 5'3" and currently weigh... READ MORE

I have an apple body in my opinion and I would like dramatic results like measurements 38-25-40 or 43 is it possible? (photo)

I really want a huge bottom and small waist.. but since I am an apple body I'm not sure if its obtainable.. However, I did browse through some photos... READ MORE

Should I work out before BBL?

I'm 5'2 138 lb. and apple shaped. I'm 29 and below average on the fitness spectrum. I don't have much muscle (or fat) in my buttocks, should I work... READ MORE

Can a woman with an apple shape body achieve curves? (photos)

I need suggestions on what procedure would help change my body structure. I have no visible hips, wide back and no waist and excess fat in the inner... READ MORE

I'm 43 wanting a round butt shaped like an apple. I'm a plus sized woman and I'm a healthy non smoker non drinker.

How many Brazilian butt lift surgeries can you have to get the shape I'm waiting and I'm also wanting my hips done at same time is that possible I... READ MORE

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