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Average Amount of Transferrable Fat in Brazilian Butt Lift?

I am planning to have the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. I am about 30 lbs. overweight but I am proportionate. I am getting conflicting answers about... READ MORE

5 days post op. Worried my top shelf will not come down and settle and give me complete round fullness like my wish pics (Photo)

Hi doctors . I'm attaching a photo of my bbl progress, I'm a bit concerned that I have a lot of top shelf roundness which I wanted but the bottom is... READ MORE

I want a big dramatic butt not conservative! How many cc's of fat could I get in each cheek? (photo)

I want a BBL without a tummy tuck. I'm not ready for a tummy tuck. I know I would need one but I'm not ready, I'm only focused on a big butt.... READ MORE

What is the Maximum Amount of Fat That I Can Have Injected into my Buttocks?

If I decided to have up to 800 or 900 cc's injected into my buttocks to give me the Beyonce, or Jennifer Lopez look would that be too much fat if I... READ MORE

Do I Have Enough Fat for 800-900cc to Put in Each Buttock? (photo)

I was told by a doctor here in orlando , that i didnt have enough fat to perform a bbl or fat transfer. He said i probably on have about 80cc's . It... READ MORE

How soon after having liposuction and bbl could you go back for round two? (Photo)

I had liposuction and fat transfer to butt and hips a week ago..I haven't lost any percentage of fat yet but I already know I want more projection and... READ MORE

I had a fat transfer into my butt 5 months ago I am not happy, my butt was bigger when it was swollen. What can I do?

Went down my butt is small again he said he put 800cc in each cheek it sounds like i just waste my money what can i do about this READ MORE

BBL 2 weeks post-op and body looks perfect- will it last?

I am only 2 weeks post-op but aside from some faded bruises, my body looks perfect. My waist is tiny, my stomach and back are flat as board, my love... READ MORE

Can a BBL be done on a patient my size asking for 800-900cc to each butt cheek and 200-250cc fat to each hip side? (Photo)

I'm 5'7.5 tall, 158lbs and my bmi is 24.48. I would like to have curves, hips and projection and volume for my butt but 1 surgeon told me i need to... READ MORE

Would more than 800cc look right on my body type? (Photo)

I wanted to be curvier than just average but nothing to dramatic. Will 800cc's look good on my gluteus. With my slender body type? READ MORE

24 Years old, 180 lbs. Getting BBL with fat transfer - how much weight do i need to lose?

I want to lose weight but not too much because I still want a huge butt and a smaller waist. I have seen lots of pics of womens before and after and I... READ MORE

I was wondering how much it would cost for a BBL (750-800cc in each buttock) from a board certified plastic surgeon? (Photo)

I was wanting to spend under 4500k because my husband said If I did I could get the procedure done. So I've bee hmm looking all over, lol. I was... READ MORE

Can i get 800cc on each cheek of my BBL? I'm 159 pounds 5'9 (Photos)

My weight is 159 pounds. I am 5'9 1/2 how many cc's can i get in each cheek with this weight. I'm already scheduled for my surgery I'm very excited.... READ MORE

Does it look like I received 800cc's to EACH buttock? Or is it too soon to tell? (Photos)

I already had a butt to beging with but I was wanting more volume. I am 10 days post op and swelling has gone done a lot butt is starting to get soft.... READ MORE

Why do some Dr's refuse to inject a large amount of fat? (photos)

Why do some Dr's refuse to inject a large amount of fat while 800-900cc's are the norm for other surgeons? READ MORE

Looking to get BBL In Miami. (photo)

I am looking to get a bbl in Miami in June and have a few more weeks to finalize a doctor. What I am so torn about is between doctors is because I'm... READ MORE

I am looking to have a slim waist no more than 30in and a fat transfer at least 800cc's of fat being added to my butt (Photo)

I had an consultation with a surgeon here in MN. She in so many words told me the results I am looking to receive are not typical for my body type I... READ MORE

Is it possible to get 800cc of fat on each side or more for my Brazilian butt lift? (Photo)

My surgery is only 7 weeks away! and my surgeon is telling me I can only get 300 - 400ccs of fat on each side. I'm 5ft8 and 163pounds, we are doing... READ MORE

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