Bimaxillary Protrusion + Braces

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I Have Bimaxillary Protrusion. Should I Get Jaw Surgery or Braces? (photo)

I am a 21yr old F.Black&German.It was always credited to me sleeping with my mouth open&tongue pushing my front teeth.In my youth no dentist... READ MORE

Slight Bimaxillary Protrusion (My Unofficial Diagnosis) Treatment Options? (photo)

I had braces at age 13, but I've noticed recently that my teeth slant forwards a bit. I am now almost 19. Is it possible that my retainer (which I... READ MORE

Do I have an overbite after two years of orthodontic treatment? (Photo)

Hello, I got braces 2 years ago to treat a Class II bimaxillary protrusion. I had my 4 1st premolars extraction. My orthodontist told me I will get my... READ MORE

Bimaxillary protrusion surgery

I had my braces taken out a couple of years ago and they have left me with this protruding upper lip that I am very unhappy with. After researching I... READ MORE

Is the problem with my teeth bimaxillary protrusion or some sort of jaw issue? Please help. (Photo)

I've had braces twice and I regret to say that I am still very unhappy with my smile. I am also upset that my doctors couldn't address the... READ MORE

What are my options in aligning my teeth? (photos)

(feel free to correct me) I think I have a bad case of bimaxillary protrusion and a really bad overbite. I've had huge self esteem issues because of... READ MORE

Bimaxillary protrusion, can I benefit from removing 4 biscupids, and braces? What's my other option? (photos)

After my wisdom teeth came out I noticed my mouth became more pouty, and my bottom lip sticks out, before wisdom teeth it was not like this, want to... READ MORE

My problem is bimaxillary protrusion class 1 malocc, Do I have to do the surgery or braces can do the treatment? (photos)

I will drag some of my smile pictures before braces so that you can see my case. I have got clear braces one month ago and I will take off 4 molars... READ MORE

I have bimaxillary protrusion, can it be fixed with Braces? (photos)

My front teeth are too forward, even though i had braces two times. The first time my doctor didn't even suggest to pull out my upper fourths, so the... READ MORE

Not sure If I have Bimax or not, or that my chin is too weak? (photo)

Not sure If I have Bimax or not, or that my chin is too weak? Need an answer as I may schedule braces soon. READ MORE

Is this a maxillary/bimaxillary protrusion? If so, how can it be treated? (Photo)

I want to know if I have a bimaxillary or a maxillary potrusion or neither. My upper gum pushes forward giving my mouth a pushed forward look. i have... READ MORE

I'm 19 yrs old. I have bimaxillary protrusion & 4 extractions. What is the cost and treatment time for Braces?

1)After the extractions, can the doctor control how many milimetres will the upper and lower jaw move backwards?2)my teeth are already straight... READ MORE

Bimaxillary protrusion, 4 first premolars extracted but protrusion remains. Can I have more teeth extracted?

Hi! its been 6 months since i got my braces and 4 first premolar extractions ,the gaps are closing but i see that there isnt enough space for the... READ MORE

Do I have bimaxillary protrusion?

Hi I wore bracers for two years and expander before that for a year or so. Ever since I took of my braces I have realised my teeth (top row) slant... READ MORE

I also have a bimax protrusion and a convex lower face- would extraction help my appearance or no? (Photo)

I'm afraid to extractions cause I don't have time or money to reverse it if I don't like it - doc said I have a round full convex face that I should... READ MORE

Regarding medical tourism, can I get braces in America and then have bimaxillary advancement surgery in another country?

I have a class 3 malocclusion and the price to fix my jaws is outrageous. I've been quoted above $80,000 by many places. Insurance is out of the... READ MORE

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