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Botox - How Long Before Numbness and Drooping Wears Off?

I have had Botox previously and they only did inbetween my eyebrows and the few lines above that area. Now, I went back and the new DR there,... READ MORE

How Safe is Botox when Applied to the Upper Lip for Smoker's Lines?

Considering the fragility and the sensitivity of the skin area, is Botox a recommended option? READ MORE

Can Botox Lift the Upper Lip?

My top lip seems to droop more inward near the corner of my mouth. I've had Juvederm injections, but that one part of my lip still turns inward. My... READ MORE

How Much Does Botox Cost for Gummy Smile?

I have a "gummy smile" and I learned that you can get Botox injected into the muscle to relax your upper lip so it covers your gums when you... READ MORE

Will Botox Above my Upper Lip Stop It from Excessive Sweating?

I've had Botox in my underarms for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) also in my hair line. My next apt is to have my upper lip done as I constantly... READ MORE

When Botox is Injected in the Upper Lips, is the Result Permanent or Can It Be Reversed?

My smile is crooked, one side goes down farther than the other. Also, I cannot spit or enunciate clearly. Will this go away and if so, when? READ MORE

Botox Units Needed to Correct Gummy Smile?

How many units of Botox is needed to reduce the amount of lifting of the upper lip when smiling, so as to correct a gummy smile? READ MORE

Botox for Upper Lip Area?

Should I look at Botox for my upper lip area? READ MORE

Will Botox Injection Be Noticeable 5 Days Later?

New to Botox - I have an event 5 days after injections. Will it be noticable? I'm looking to get this done between my eyes and a small wrinkle on my... READ MORE

Where to Get Botox Injected for Horizontal Lip Line?

Have tried botox injections on inside of cupid's peak and on outside. Have heard mixed reviews on best place (and amount) of botox to inject.... READ MORE

Botox for Under Eye and Upper Lip Lines?

I have two lines under the eyes, but not big bags. I was told I can have Botox just under the skin there. I also have little lines on my top lip and... READ MORE

Meige's Syndrome Treatment with Botox

I received Botox treatments for a neurological condition called Meige's Syndrome, which involves excessive facial twitches and blinking. After a... READ MORE

Is Botox Safe for Patient with Vitiligo?

I have vitiligo, and I want to get Botox. Are there any side effects to expect?I did have a couple injections of Restylane on my upper lip and didn't... READ MORE

Can Botox lift the corners of the upper lip?

Can botox lift the corners of the upper lip READ MORE

Botox Injected into Gums Instead of Novocain

My doctor seemingly injected Botox into my gums instead of Novocain by accident. Now my smile is distorted. She was supposed to use Novocain to numb... READ MORE

Will Botox correct a short upper lip/gummy smile?

I have been getting mixed opinions on this and am ready to fix my short upper lip. Is getting Botox injected into my upper lip the way to go or should... READ MORE

Gummy Smile After Botox to Freeze Upper Lip? (photo)

I went for Botox to numb my upper lips in Dallas.she is skin care MD n offers Botox treatments too.she put 7.5 units of Botox on three points .1 in... READ MORE

Botox in the Upper Lip Wasn't Effective All over and Didn't Last Long. Should I Have More Injections and Have Them Once a Month?

My lips purse quite a lot when I speak and even when I'm not doing anything. My mouth is getting more drawn in and I'd like to break this... READ MORE

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