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I Just Received my First Botox Injections Yesterday and It's Worse, Not Better. Normal?

I just received my first Botox injections yesterday. They are from a very reputable plastic surgeon, so he knows what he's doing - but it seems... READ MORE

Why Doesnt Botox Last More Than 2 Months on Me? I Have Had It on Four Occasions with a Rep Injecting Very High Doses Same Result

I have had botox on my forehead and in between eyes and on each occasion the botox has worn off in less than 2 months,The botox company rep cam out... READ MORE

Why Do I have Puffy and Vertical Lines when Trying to Raise My Eyebrows After Botox?

Hi, I just got my first botox done 5 days ago. She gave me 26 units on my forehead, on the side and underneath of both my teyes. She also injected 22... READ MORE

Any Way To Speed Up Absorption of Botox and Restalyne?

I had Botox and Restalyn. I have more wrinkles in much worse places and can't wait for this to wear off. How can I speed up the lessening effect... READ MORE

I Had Undereye Botox 5 Months Ago and Still Have Have Horrendous Fat Pouches Under my Eyes.

I have returned to the cosmetic surgeon twice and he said that it would go in time. I look like I have two black eyes, minus the bruising! I went to... READ MORE

Lower Lid Drooping and Wrinkling from Botox

I had a Botox treatment back on 9/11/2008 for crow's feet on both eyes. I saw some nice improvements to the lines in a week, butabout 6 weeks later I... READ MORE

Unhappy With Botox - What to Ask Doctor?

A new doctor took over my priors practice. THE last time I had my botox my eyebrows flatened,lost the arch and I got a headache and he had to touchup... READ MORE

Unhappy With Botox Under Eyes- When WIll Results Improve?

Hello doctors !! i had botox under my eyes on 10/17 but im really disappointed by the result and i still have some lines. the bad is it make two lines... READ MORE

Looks Like I Have A Cleft Lip After Botox To Philtrum?

I received Botox on the philtrum area for wrinkles. I have received 72u, 60u, 72u, 84u, 100u, 100u, 100u, then from 5.11 to 23.12 another 168u . I... READ MORE

Botox is Not Working on my Lines

The lines shown after 2 months why ??? My Doctor recommended the filler for me he said my body kills the botox that is why i doesnt work with me is he... READ MORE

Botox made my wrinkles worse. Any suggestions?

After a year and half after having Botox, I have on eye smaller then the other. Botox has made my eyes worse I look older then my age & I don't know... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to help fade botox faster? (Photo)

I was born with an uneven lip and got botox for the first time. My doctor advised putting 3 units of botox on each side of my lip. I was confused to... READ MORE

I don't think I was given enough botox. (photo)

Had it six weeks ago have had two top ups and was told can't do anymore. I had two areas done. Frown lines and forehead but can still move both. I'm... READ MORE

Botox and synkenisis question. I never had Bells Palsy. What caused this? Unhappy with Botox!

I was diagnosed with sykenisis but never had Bells Palsy. Everytime I blink the corner or my mouth twitches. What causes this? I had botox injections... READ MORE

Is it normal to only give Botox to the top half of a forehead? (photo)

I recently got Botox for my deep horizontal lines. The dr said he had to leave 2 inches above my eyebrows so that I wouldn't get a heavy brow since I... READ MORE

Reducing the effects of Botox during the first 7 day?

Is there anything that can be done to reduce the effect of botox during the first 7 days or so? I'm very very unhappy with the results already. READ MORE

Moved to France, went to med spa for Botox. Not happy with result

I have been getting botox for past 5 years at med spa and it always starts to show about 5 days after. I tried to tell nurse the units i usually get.... READ MORE

Will any and all undesired effects from Botox eventually return to normal state? (Photo)

Hi. I receieved Botox (allegran) 4 days ago and am not pleased with the results. After much research I think my doctor (esthetic derm) placed to much... READ MORE

Folds in my eyelid after Botox! Is it 'botched'? (photos)

I had Botox to lift the brows almost 2 weeks ago as I had uneven brows. Although my brows are now even I've been left with a fold of skin lower than... READ MORE

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