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Once You Get Botox, Will It Make Your Wrinkles Worse if You Don't Keep Going Once It Wears Off?

Considering getting Botox and a little filler for under eye creasing when smiling. I don't have resting wrinkles yet, but am told getting Botox before... READ MORE

Botox Wearing off Quickly?

I had botox a little over a month ago - and it is wearing off! Can I go back to my doctor for a touch-up? READ MORE

How Long After Getting Botox Can I Get More if I'm Not Seeing Much Change?

I have deep forehead creases and I got my first botox treatment (12 units) about 7 days ago. I am noticing a slight change but not much. How long... READ MORE

My Botox keeps wearing off after 5 weeks. What could cause this?

I have had botox 2 times the first time 20 units and it wore off I want back for a touch up but it didn't last. The 2nd time I had 40 units and I saw... READ MORE

When Should I Get Botox Re-touch?

I had Botox around the eye area for the first time two months ago. My concern now is, how am I going to look as it wears off. Will it be a gradual,... READ MORE

Do You Have to Pay for Botox Touchups?

I recently had botox with a new doctor. I have a follow-up scheduled in 2 weeks. My question is: if I require additional botox, will he charge me? I... READ MORE

Botox Side Effects Vs. Allergic Reaction?

Hi, I have had a botox touch up session 6 days ago and now have drooping eyebrows and swollen eyelids. It is the first time that I have this kind of... READ MORE

Can you get Botox sooner than 3 months?

My botox (forehead, 11's, crows feet) wears off on the crows feet usually around 2 months. Is it alright to have botox injected again, just as a touch... READ MORE

Are Botox touch-ups not good for me?

My doc charges by area. I had my forehead treated and 10 days later I still have wrinkles in the upper part. I called the doc about touch ups. He said... READ MORE

Botox in the Upper Lip Wasn't Effective All over and Didn't Last Long. Should I Have More Injections and Have Them Once a Month?

My lips purse quite a lot when I speak and even when I'm not doing anything. My mouth is getting more drawn in and I'd like to break this... READ MORE

Botox in the Jawline

Hello Doctors, I have done Botox on the jawline twice so far, and I have been EXTREMELY satisfied with the results. No side effects at all. I had my... READ MORE

Botox Touch Up Crows Feet: One Prick Enough?

I was happy with my last botox results: a smooth forehead, nose, chin and no more crow's feet. And it looked natural, 'soft' and didn't feel weird.... READ MORE

Was There Something Wrong with the Botox?

First round of Botox in my jaw (Masseters) lasted a good 4 months without movement, and my forehead/crows feet was still so good after 6 months that I... READ MORE

Should I be Able to Cause Indentations in my Brow After Botox?

My Dr injected botox into my frown lines 6 wks ago as part of my fractional C02 laser treatment. This smoothed the lines & lifted my brows a... READ MORE

Drooped eyebrow from Botox. Hate the results. Will a top-up help? (Photo)

I had botox almost 3 weeks ago in 2 areas. (frown & upper forehead). I am becoming severly distressed with the results - the botox has caused my... READ MORE

How long is too long to have Botox touch up?

Just over 2 weeks ago I received Botox in my forehead. After 2 weeks my forehead muscles have weakened, however, I still have full movement between my... READ MORE

What is going on? Will this resolve and how long will it take? (Photo)

Got botox in forehead, brow, and 11 lines. Dysport for crows feet. This was a month ago. Last week I went for a touch up because of the Spock look.... READ MORE

Why Would a Dr Tell You to Get More Units of Botox when You Have Reacted to 100?

Why Would a Dr Tell You to Get More Units of Botox when You Have Reacted to 100? READ MORE

My initial treatment of Botox seemed to work wonders. Now how often should I be going?

Now how offen should I be going and what is the average price I should be paying? READ MORE

Will a Botox brow touch up (1-2 units) dissolve quickly, or will my 'corrected' brows be frozen as they are for 4 months?

Recently had a botox 'touch up ' to correct an eyebrow that raised higher than the other after the main botox treatment - an injection above the... READ MORE

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