Can you get Botox sooner than 3 months?

My botox (forehead, 11's, crows feet) wears off on the crows feet usually around 2 months. Is it alright to have botox injected again, just as a touch up for the crow's feet after only 2 months? Also, once, all areas only lasted 2 months when it usually lasts around 3-4. (I moved to a developing country and went to a recommended board certified doctor, but I think it was diluted). So, I wanted the botox sooner after 2 months, but she made we wait until 3 months from her original injection.

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When can I have Botox injections again?

If the Botox was used in a more conservative manner, the clinical effect may wear off sooner. Therefore, 2 months may be an appropriate timeframe. Discuss with your injector.

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Repeat Botox at less than 3 months

Great question Anna!
While duration of Botox effect is usually related to dose, there are certain areas where we have to be careful not to inject too large a dose of Botox, such as around the mouth and forehead lines.  Therefore, we might notice that the improvement in these areas is less than 3 months: we can certainly reinject based on clinical appearance.
Another alternative is to try another neurotoxin such as Dysport, which might sometime give a more prolonged duration in challenging areas such as the forehead.

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How often can Botox be injected?

Dear Anna,

This is really a great question.  The frequency in which Botox is injected is far less important than the quantity.  There is no formula that says that an individual cannot have an injection 2 months after her previous one.  Commonly Botox will last for 3-4 months, but if it lasts for a shorter period of time this is often in relation to inadequate Botox dosage.  Unfortunately, a poor Botox response can also be in relation to in appropriate suspension or in older hydrated Botox that is lost some effect.  Hopefully this is helpful to you.

Be healthy and be well,
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Botox at 2 months

Thank you for your question.  Botox does typically last approximately 3-4 months, however, some patients do need treatment earlier than that time.  It is ok to reinject at an earlier time if Botox has worn off.  Sometimes to try Dysport for the patient to see if that lasts longer for the patient.  Best of luck to you.

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When Can Botox be Redone?

Botox can be reinjected or redone at any time.  On occasion we see patients who get more movement than they want at about 2 months or they have wrinkle lines that reappear earlier than they want.  We simply redo their Botox at that time.  If this probelme happens agian we will sometimes try something different such as Dysport.

I hope that helps.

Best regards.

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Botox at 2 months

Botox lasts on average 3-4 months.  I have patients who need it more frequently.  Having it injected again after 2 months is ok.  Personally, I have to inject my crow's feet every 2-3 months.  Good luck!

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When can I be injected with Botox following a previous injection?

Botox typically lasts 3-4 months.  If you are noticing movement of your muscles at the 2 month mark, it is okay to be reinjected at that time.  

Elena Vega, DO
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Timing for Botox

Absolutely.. in fact you may want to try another toxins like Dysport or Xeomin to see if their effects would last longer. 

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May I Have Botox Every Two Months if Needed? #Botoxseattle

  • We treat a lot of patients with Botox!
  • The majority of our patients note that their Botox effects last about three months.
  • However, sometimes Botox effects only last 2 months or so. 
  • Once the effects of Botox have worn off, it is definitely fine to have a repeat injection.

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Botox touch-ups.

Thank you for your question. Yes, you can get a touch-up 1-2 months after having Botox injected. Botox typically lasts between 3-6 months but it does vary for each individual. Schedule a follow-up with a qualified physician to review your treatment areas. 

Bruce E. Katz, MD
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