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How many units of Botox will I need for jaw reduction? It's my first ever Botox so I want to go slowly (Photo)

I have a base shaped face which seems to be getting worse, so I'm contemplating jaw reduction. How much Botox will I need to get subtle but sufficient... READ MORE

Is it possible to narrow broad shoulders through botox?

I have really broad shoulders is it possible to have botox done to narrow the shoulders ? Or a alternative way for my broad shoulders i also heard of... READ MORE

Can long-term Botox use affect my memory and my vision? (Photo)

I have been receiving Botox injections every 3 months to my face ,neck and shoulders. It is for migraines and damage to the facial nerve from a... READ MORE

I had Botox injection today. How long will it take for me to notice changes? long when I will notice changes 2. Injections were done on the back of shoulder, will that help with muscles around the arm, neck, face and rib... READ MORE

Can too much Botox trigger an autoimmune disease reaction?

Had 27 Botox shots to my head, neck, shoulder all at once. had a reaction (optic nerve pain, constant head and neck pain, tight throat and nausea). my... READ MORE

Is it okay to have a massage on the area where I had the Botox injection last Thursday?

I had Botox injection last thursday for upper limb spasity around the shoulder area, Is it okay to go for a massage for tightness around the shoulder... READ MORE

Looking for ways to reduce arm and shoulder muscles by surgery or botox. I don't exercise and have no excess fat tissue.

I am a young slim female, with disproportionately big and heavy arm and shoulder muscles. I DON'T EXERCISE AND NEVER DID. The visual effect is... READ MORE

Is this a side effect? If so, when will it go away?

I have had my first set of 31 Botox injections 2 weeks ago and now i am having severe sharp pain down the right side of my neck and shoulder is this a... READ MORE

Isnt this related to the botox a lot of people agree who have taken

I had my 2nd botox injection in my neck and shoulders. The amount was increased that time because I had no side effects first time and pain relief was... READ MORE

I am having a Botox injection in my shoulder for spasticity (stroke recovery) this Thursday (Photo)

1. Stop taking aspirin on Wednesday 2. Is taking Lipitor okay when getting injections 3. Acupuncture treatment on the injected area after 2 days 4.... READ MORE

I've been getting botox injections for migraine. Is this caused by the botox wearing off?

I decided they haven't really been helping and have not had an injection for 6 months. For the past 3 months my shoulders and neck have been really... READ MORE

I recieved Botox in the back of my neck and down my shoulders for migraines about three months ago. Now they are painful.

I didn't have this much pain before the injections . I had tension on my shoulders and some on my neck. Could this be the Botox wearing off? READ MORE

Does a history of Bell's Palsy from a nerve block mean I am more susceptible to experiencing eyelid droopiness from Botox?

One side of my face drooped after having a brachial plexus block for shoulder surgery. I was told that the pain killer migrated to nerves that control... READ MORE

Can Botox muscle injections help with severe muscle spasms/muscle knots in the muscles in my right shoulder blade area?

I have extremely painful muscle spasms/knots only around my right shoulder blade present for several years. Previously I could work out the knots with... READ MORE

Can you reduce shoulder shrug with botox?

I am a ballroom dancer – it's Critical that my scapula are held close to my back and down low is it possible to Weaken the upper traps to achieve t... READ MORE

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