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I Rubbed My Botoxed Area by Mistake 28 Hours (1 Day) After the Injection?

I was having a shower 28 hours after my botox injection (between the eyebrows). I was washing up and got some soap in my eye. Without thinking, I... READ MORE

I Rubbed the Area After About 2 Hours After I Had Botox, Will This Affect My Treatment?

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could give me any advice. I had botox this evening and after about 2 hours I rubbed my forehead quite hard... READ MORE

Botox Question: Recovery Time of Treatment?

My concern is getting Botox and accidentally twitching/rubbing the area (without knowing or realiziang it) within the 4 to 6 hr recovery time. What... READ MORE

I rub my face after Botox injection. Should I be okay?

I had 14 to 15 units of Botox tonight in my forehead and frown line - about 2 to 3 hours later I gave my face a rub without realising - should I be... READ MORE

Should the tech have rubbed my armpits with alcohol rubs after Botox for hypohidrosis?

It's very unlike me, but I didn't do a lot of research before this because I just need the sweating to stop. After the doc left, the tech said she... READ MORE

I rubbed my eyebrow after Botox. What are the chances I will experience a bad effect from this?

I had Botox in my forehead, the 11s area and crows feet. About 5 hours later I had an itch on my brow and and scratched at or above and below the brow... READ MORE

Is it safe to rub the area that has just been injected with Botox?

My doctor instructed me to rub upwards on my forehead after my Botox injections. This is opposite of what any other doctor has asked me to do. Is this... READ MORE

Why is my forehead going into spasms if I rub it a certain way a month after Botox?

I had botox done at the start of December. Everything was fine. Last week I took my make up off and rubbed my eyebrow. My eyebrow went into a strange... READ MORE

Am I getting Botox done correctly?

I get 22 units injected for forehead wrinkles and a eyebrow lift by the same nurse for almost 3 years. She injects it and rubs it afterwards. I was... READ MORE

Rubbed forehead within 20 mins of having first Botox injections.

I'm really concerned about rubbing my face and forehead very soon after being injected. I completely forgot and had been advised to not do any... READ MORE

Does rubbing upward on one's forehead immediately after Botox cause any potential problems? My nurse just did this?

I just received 25 units of botox on my forehead. 15 for my glabellar lines and 10 on the upper forehead. Immediately after the forehead injection the... READ MORE

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