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Botox for Sinus Headache Caused by Vacuum Swelling Pressure?

I get extreme sinus headaches due to a vacuum pressure created in the nasal eye area...Could botox help.... READ MORE

Why Does Botox Make Me Sick?

I had botox done a few years ago and 3 days after I got it I felt like I had very bad hangover. A few years later I tried it again convincing myself... READ MORE

How Long After Botox Injection Can You Put Pressure on the Injection Site?

I have had botox put by a scar that is healing i was using therapy compression on scar, I wanted to ask how long after injection can you put the... READ MORE

How long does it take to see Botox effects for palm sweating? How long for full effect? Can I have a 100% sweat free handshake?

I got 50 units of Botox injected in each palm sweating 5 days ago. I am not sure if i am seeing the results yet. Doc said it takes 7 days to see... READ MORE

Will Added Pressure To Pop A Pimple In Same Area as Botox Affect Results?

I recently got botox between my eyebrows and the next day I had a pimple. I completely forgot I had botox injected and added a lot of pressure to pop... READ MORE

Had Botox 4 days ago and my forehead is already almost completely frozen with a slight pressure. Is this normal? (photos)

This is my first Botox, but I've had Dysport before (about 8 months ago, 50 units in the forehead, none between the eyes) (16 in forehead 20 between... READ MORE

Botox for (Tension or Migraine) Headache?

Hello all my problem is from couple years I have some like tension headatache or migraine my doctor is not very sure because the simptoms are very... READ MORE

When the headache and heaviness of the Botox recover?

10 days before I have injected Botox in The sixth day I woke up with heaviness in my forehead and head with pressure and uncomfortability then in the... READ MORE

Nurse pressed down on glabella area AFTER Botox injections, made me feel uncomfortable for a long time and wouldn't let me up.

I just had botox today. I have researched the advice and protocol pertaining to aftercare. I have read not to press down on the area. The doctor... READ MORE

Immediate Displacement of Perlane from Goggles Used During IPL

A week ago I received Perlane, Botox, IPL. IPL was performed immediately following receiving the fillers.When the Doctor removed my goggles, he said... READ MORE

I had Botox in glabella, scowl lines, and lateral brow. Dent near lateral brow next morning. Is it pressure from icing? 18 units

Botox yesterday & notice dent in my temple next to outer brow this morning. Didn't touch it for two hours. Sat up for hours, working at computer. Iced... READ MORE

Botox for Head Pressure?

I just received Botox treatment for the pressure he feels around the circumference of my head ("helmet"). I don't have migraines...just constant pain.... READ MORE

I had Botox for crows feet, glabella and forehead 5 1/2 months ago. I have pressure above my left upper brow. Why?

I had botox for crows, glabella and forehead 5 1/2 mos. ago. My forehead started to come alive again a week ago. Since then the muscles above both... READ MORE

Can pressure from a snorkel mask on my forehead cause any migration problems after botox injection 4 or 5 days ago?

I had botox in forehead 5 days ago, today I am snorkeling/diving with a mask. Can the mask pressure cause any botox migration issues to my eyes ? My... READ MORE

Botox: Too much? Or am I sensitive?

I had Botox two weeks ago, crows feet, between eyes, forehead, and brow. One brow sits heavily over my eye, I can't lift it at all. My forehead does... READ MORE

Can pressing just below the injection site prevent Botox from migrating below the brow bone?

I have had Botox treatments several times. This time however the Dr. instructed me to put light pressure just below the brow bone or just on the... READ MORE

Ear pressure after Botox injections. Is this normal?

I'm 29 years old and got Botox 32 hrs ago with a reputable former gp . I woke up this morning with massive pressure in both ears to the point where I... READ MORE

Botox side effects?

I got botox for the second time 6 days ago. I had 15 units injected before, this was increased to 20 in between my eyes and on my forehead. 2 hours... READ MORE

6 days post op Botox on my 11's, bunny lines and crows feet. However day 1 I had really bad ear pressure. Any suggestion?

D2general overall weakness, nausea.D4 I was lying in bed&all of a sudden felt like I couldn't swallow .took antihistimine &Xanax&after 20mins this... READ MORE

Puffy eye lids one day after Botox.

I had Botox injection one day ago for an eye brow lift and my eye lids are puffy and feel tired. I also feel pressure above my eye brows. Is this... READ MORE

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