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When Will I Notice the Results of the Botox?

Had botox between eyes, frown lines 2 days ago... I see no difference. READ MORE

Botox Did Not Work

I got my first injections of Botox done one month ago, which didnt actually work. I went back in after waiting 2 weeks and got more put in, while... READ MORE

I Think my Botox Injections Didn't Work, Is This Possible?

On Friday, I got 38 units injected into my forehead, crows feet, and area between my eyebrows. It's been over 72 hours and I see no effects.... READ MORE

Why Didn't Botox Work on my Masseter Muscle?

I have had botox injection at my both cheeks November last year , but so far it does not really show any effect. I put a lot of hope in it and thought... READ MORE

Immune to Botox?

I am 53 years old and I have had Botox injections on 5 separate occasions from 5 different board certified doctors hoping that I would see results. I... READ MORE

Are There Different Strengths or Concentrations of Botox?

I have noticed with the last 2 injections with the same amount and the same areas that the injection stings more, and has a dimished effect and does... READ MORE

How Many IU's of Botox Would It Take to Lift the Eyebrows?

I recently was treated with DYSPORT (25 IU's) to increase the arches of my eyebrows. it did absolutely nothing. i wanted to try botox this time, and i... READ MORE

I Had Botox in my Left Cheek to Treat Chronic Pain for Trigeminal Neuralgia - I Now Have an Uneven Smile – Nerve Damage? (photo)

I had the Botox (quite alot of injections) almost 2 months ago and im not noticing much of an improvement - My GP thinks the dr that did my botox may... READ MORE

Does Botox Affect Smile?

I want to get Botox on my lower face but will I be able to still smile? I have had Restylane but was not happy with the results. Would Botox give a... READ MORE

Why my Frown Lines Are Still There After One Week of my Botox Injection?

I'm 29 years old and I've had my first botox injection a week ago. I can't frown anymore but my frown lines are still there! should I repeat botox... READ MORE

Botox for Frown Lines (52 Units) Doesn't Seem to Work. Why? (photo)

I'm 36 yrs old. 4 wks ago I had my 1st Botox for frown lines. My doctor said that I needed at least 42 units. It seemed a lot to me considering that... READ MORE

What is the Right Dosege for Lopidine for Botox-caused Drooping?

I got Botox on April 29, 70 units from crow feet to cf. Six days later I noticed my right eye drooped. The doctor prescribe Lopidine one drop morning... READ MORE

How Much Botox Would It Take to Dramatically Lift Brows?

Picture on the left are my current brows. picture on the right is how i would like my brows to look. doctor injected me with 25 IU'S of DYSPORT and it... READ MORE

Why Didn't Botox Work?

I was treated with the maximun allowed amount of Botox. It was injected into my forehead, between the eye frown lines and the crows feet. There was NO... READ MORE

No Difference After 2 Botox Injections in Frown Lines? (photo)

2 Quick question: I had never had Botox before. One month ago I went for Botox to get rid of my frown lines. After 2 weeks I saw virtually no... READ MORE

Doctor Rubbed Botox Area to Massage It In?

I recently got botox done for the second time. She injected my 11's and the muscle above my brow. It was much more painful then the first time and she... READ MORE

Why Is My Botox NOT Working?

I started Botox injections in June of last year. My initial injection was 40units. I was ecstatic to say the least! It lasted almost '4'... READ MORE

Third Botox injection in the DOA muscle, still no results (Photo)

Botox treatment for downturned corner of mouth and light marionette lines. 3 different "modest" attempts, but I'm assuming by now over 3 units on the... READ MORE

Botox Resistance After 6 Treatments?

I've had botox to crows feet approx 5 - 6 times with no treatments lasting much beyond 2 months, approx 20 units each time. First results were great,... READ MORE

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