Discoloration + Botox

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Discoloration of Skin in Area of Injections - Botox & Juvederm Combination

8 weeks ago I had my 1st treatment.Botox with a tiny bit of Juvederm for the "11s" between my brows.Also fillers at the corners of my mouth,... READ MORE

What is causing the indents and discoloration between my brows? I had Botox 6 days ago on forehead and between brows. (Photo)

What is causing the indents and discoloration between my brows? I had Botox 6 days ago on forehead and between brows. There is also a heaviness and... READ MORE

Bulging masseter 6 days after Botox?

6 days ago I had 25 units (50 U total) of botox placed in each side of my masseter muscles in order to reduce the size. I have noticed that one side... READ MORE

Botox treatment to crows feet causing black eye

I recently had Botox to my crowed feet on my right side when I smile I look like I have a black eye why is this and what can I do? READ MORE

Am I having a bad reaction to Botox? And how to solve it?

3 days after botox on forehead, I woke up with very dry discolored patchy skin. As the day went on my skin seemed inflammed. It is now 2 weeks since... READ MORE

After Having my Nasofabial Folds Injected with Fillers Almost a Year Ago, I Had Hard Bruising and Discoloration?

It's above the mouth that looks like a light moustache .. do i have to be injected with hylorunidase? which i do not prefer as i am now too scared or... READ MORE

I got botox injections six days ago and when I work out, I get yellowish circle marks at injection site? (photo)

Since yesterday when I work out and sweat I get yellowish circle marks where the injections sites were...what's going on? Thank you' READ MORE

What filler would you suggest for deep hollows, crepey skin and purple discoloration? (Photo)

Deep hollows under eyes with crepey skin, and purple discoloration. I am 56 and look mid 60's. Need suggestions to get rid of them. Thanks. READ MORE

Will a chemical peel and botox give me the results I am looking for? (Photo)

Is there a way I can recover my face from years of sun exposure and bad genetics? I am only 25 and feel like I have the face of 45! Will chemical peel... READ MORE

Would I benefit from Botox? (Photo)

Since turning 29 my skin seems to be discoloured around my mouth, i have deep lines from nose to mouth and fine lines under eyes, please can you... READ MORE

What is this spot on my face after Botox? (Photo)

I have a discolored area, as pictured on the left side.. a few hours after botox.. what is this? It seems to be lighter than the rest of my skin ? READ MORE

My Botox and fillers have worn off. My skin is white and patchy at the top of my eyebrows. Is this normal?

Am glad I had the experience, but wont be doing it again. I have noticed that at the top of my eyebrows my skin is white and patchy, as if there is... READ MORE

Follow-up: What is happening to my lips? Wierd reaction from botox? (Photos)

If you see my previous post, I asked about why corners of my lips turned down and bunched up after botox. Now a few weeks later, im experiencing... READ MORE

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