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Had First Botox Injection Today. Now Above Each Brow I Have Bumps?

I hady first Botox injection today. Between my brows and a tiny bit on forehead. Now above each brow (symmetrically) I have bumps. Almost like a... READ MORE

Post-Botox Bumps and Swelling... Getting Worse and Spreading

I had botox done on my forehead, she did the injections high along my hairline, very unusual, and my forehead felt a little strange. 2 weeks later on... READ MORE

Why Do I Have Permanent Tiny Bumps at the Injection Sites for Botox?

I have been going to the same nurse 4 about 4 years now. I noticed that I had tiny bumps on my forehead abut 2 years ago but never connected it to the... READ MORE

Accidental Bump of Botoxed Eye Area

I had Botox injections for my crow feet around my eyes. Accidently, my youngest child bumped the corner of my left eye with the corner of his book. ... READ MORE

Botox Caused Me to Break Out. I Am 40 Years Old. Started Getting Botox Last Year?

Not like regular pimples. Bumps that stay for a very very long time. Not 3-5 days. Weeks! They itch. Some little some big. I have not had acne since I... READ MORE

Did Botox Give Me an Itchy Rash on Forehead and Sides of Nose for over 6 Months?

I had botox (4th time in 4 years) in Aril for a slight brow lift, frown lines and crows feet. A few weeks after I developed an itchy rash of small... READ MORE

Bump and Pressure on Forehead After Botox?

I got Botox for the first time about a month and a half ago. I've recently noticed that if I apply too much pressure to my forehead (resting my hand... READ MORE

Bump on Chin Almost Immediately After Botox Injection? (photo)

I just got 10 units of botox on my chin to clear out dimples. About 4 hours through, i noticed a ledge had formed when i pull out my lips... (Like... READ MORE

What Are the Small Bumps Directly After Botox Injections Called?

Been ripped off by more saline then needed.One recently had her back turned acting sneaky,not impressed. Why don't I see the lumps after she... READ MORE

What kind of treatment will permanently get rid of 'pebbly' or cobblestone chin?

I'm still in my late teens but I've noticed that I have what people call a cobblestone chin. Coupled with a few clogged pores in that area makes it... READ MORE

Botox Bumps on Temple Area 4 Days After Treatment

Hello I did Botox on my forehead, my temples /crows feet on Wednesday (4 days ago) and had bumps on my forehead. Strangely enough, the bumps on my... READ MORE

Bumps on forehead after Botox injection. Five Different Times Over A Period Of Several Weeks. (photo)

After my second series of Botox inj. for Migraine headache I had a weird thing happen. I developed bumps 5 different times weeks after the inj.... READ MORE

Will Botox Help with This? (photo)

Hello, I am a 23 year old male and I have started to develop some small bumps just over my eyebrows. Over the past few months I find that I am getting... READ MORE

How to get rid of bumps in forehead after botox that is lasting more than one year?

How to get rid of bumps in forehead after botox that is lasting more than one year READ MORE

Can botox in the glabella region and forehead cause hard under the skin type pimples and indentations?

I had botox injected to fix the '11's' between my eyes, and also in my forehead 2 days ago. I have done my glabella before, but this was the first... READ MORE

Chin botox went wrong?! Please help me! (photos)

2 days ago I had Chin Botox (plastic surgery clinic), and next day at the morning I noticed this bulges/bumbs.It's not hurting. I am desperate! Please... READ MORE

Have you ever seen or treated bumps that stay long after Botox is injected?

Have you ever seen or treated small bumps that seem to stay for 2+ months after botox injections? i have seen a couple different doctors to get a... READ MORE

Can Botox cause full body hives? Can I ever have Botox again? How do I find out for sure it was the Botox? (photos)

The only thing I could relate the reaction to was the Botox. It started with small itchy bumps on my elbows, knees and ankles then within a few days... READ MORE

30 units of Botox to my glabeller, with 10 units to my forehead area. I have couple of bumps. Will this disappear in few days?

Treatment was 48 hrs ago. I now have a couple of bumps (not visible) under my skin between my brows. No bruising, but I can feel them to the touch. I... READ MORE

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