Body Lift Videos

When Can I Play High-Impact Sports After My Surgery?

Dr. Paul Fortes discusses body lift surgery and how soon after you can participate in high impact sports. VIEW NOW

Will a Lower Body Lift Slim the Inner-Thigh Area?

Dr. Paul Fortes discusses body lift surgery and whether this type of procedure will help with the inner thighs. VIEW NOW

See the Photos: Fleur-de-Lis Tummy Tuck and Circumferential Body Lift (GRAPHIC)

See photos before, during, and after a Fleur-de-Lis tummy tuck and body lift. Dr. Martin Yanez's patient underwent a combination of procedures after losing over 200 pounds. VIEW NOW

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Getting a Body Lift After Massive Weight Loss (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Tom Pousti performs a body lift on this patient who had recently lost a significant amount of weight. VIEW NOW


Getting a Lower Body Lift After Weight Loss

Dr. Paul Fortes answers a questions regarding weight loss and whether a lower body lift procedure should be split. VIEW NOW

Tightness in Abdomen After a Lower Body Lift

Dr. Paul Fortes discusses what can be done about tightness and swelling in the abdomen after a body lift surgery. VIEW NOW

Lower Body Lift: Is 1 Hour Enough Time in the Recovery Room?

Dr. Paul Fortes discusses whether an hour is enough recovery room time after surgery. VIEW NOW

Is It Safe to Ride a Roller Coasters 10 Weeks After My Body Lift?

Dr. Paul Fortes discusses the body lift surgery and riding roller coasters after this type of procedure. VIEW NOW

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How to Position Yourself After a Body Lift Procedure

Dr. Paul Fortes discusses how to position yourself comfortably after a 360 Body Lift procedure. VIEW NOW

Does Age Have an Impact on Body Contouring Surgery?

Dr. Paul Fortes discusses how age affects procedures that contour the body, such as liposuction. VIEW NOW

Hi-Def Liposculpture vs. Liposuction

Live in New Orleans at ASDS 2016, Dr. Jason Emer explains the difference between hi-def liposculpture in comparison to traditional liposuction and who is a good candidate for the procedure. VIEW NOW

See an Embrace Scar Therapy Application and Results

Dr. Edward Miranda demonstrates application of Embrace scar therapy to a C-section scar. The dressing relieves pressure and tension surrounding an incision which allows scars to heal thinner & flatter than it would otherwise. VIEW NOW

Body Lift: What to Expect for Recovery

Dr. Brian Brzowski talks about the body lift procedure and what to expect what recovery. VIEW NOW

Mommy Makeover: What Can I Do for the Best Results?

Dr. Anu Bajaj explains how to get the best results for your mommy makeover procedure, live with us at PSTM 2016 in Los Angeles. VIEW NOW


Brazilian Butt Lift Results at 2 Months Post-Op

Dr. Dennis Dass demonstrates typical BBL results at 2 months post-op. The procedure sculpts the entire body and is not just for a larger buttock. BBL can also be performed in petite women without gaining weight in preparation for surgery. VIEW NOW