Body Lift Videos

See an Embrace Scar Therapy Application and Results

Dr. Edward Miranda demonstrates application of Embrace scar therapy to a C-section scar. The dressing relieves pressure and tension surrounding an incision which allows scars to heal thinner & flatter than it would otherwise. VIEW NOW

Body Lift: What to Expect for Recovery

Dr. Brian Brzowski talks about the body lift procedure and what to expect what recovery. VIEW NOW

Mommy Makeover: What Can I Do for the Best Results?

Dr. Anu Bajaj explains how to get the best results for your mommy makeover procedure, live with us at PSTM 2016 in Los Angeles. VIEW NOW

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Brazilian Butt Lift Results at 2 Months Post-Op

Dr. Dennis Dass demonstrates typical BBL results at 2 months post-op. The procedure sculpts the entire body and is not just for a larger buttock. BBL can also be performed in petite women without gaining weight in preparation for surgery. VIEW NOW

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Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss: The Doctor Answers Your Questions

Dr. Alejandro J. Quiroz answers popular questions to prepare you for plastic surgery to remove excess skin and fat after weight loss. VIEW NOW

Skin Removal and Body Contouring After a Massive Weight Loss

Losing a large amount of weight typically results in a lot of loose excess skin. Here, Dr. Paul M. Steinwald discusses the options for skin removal and body contouring. See before and after photos. VIEW NOW

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Arm Lift Surgery: Go Inside the Operating Room (GRAPHIC)

Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger opens his operating room to show us how to safely remove excess skin under the arms with a brachioplasty surgery. VIEW NOW

Learn More About the Release Your Inner Beauty Campaign

Dr. Richard J. Brown created a movement to help people who have had plastic surgery become more in touch with their inner beauty, regardless of whether it was a reconstructive or cosmetic procedure. Listen to their stories. VIEW NOW

Hear How this Woman is Doing 2 Months After A Bodylift

Dr. Mark Schoemann speaks with a 21-year old who had lost 175 pounds in 3 years from diet and exercise, but then suffered from sagging skin that would not go away. Dr. Schoemann performed a bodylift surgery and she shares her feelings 2 months later. VIEW NOW

Body Lift After Massive Weight Loss — The Doctor Explains the Procedure

Dr. Tim Neavin explains combined procedures to remove excess skin after massive weight loss. VIEW NOW

Learn About Arm Lift Surgery

Dr. Tim Neavin explains who is a candidate for arm lift surgery and arm liposuction and what you can expect from the procedures. VIEW NOW

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Removing Excess Skin After Massive Weight Loss — Planning Your Surgeries

Dr. Christopher S. Jones explains surgeries to remove extra skin after weight loss, live from Vegas at VCS 2016. VIEW NOW

Tummy Tuck or Body Lift? One Doctor's Approach

Live from Vegas at VCS 2016, Dr. Dean Trotter answers questions about tummy tucks and body lifts, and determining which is the best choice for you. VIEW NOW

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Excess Back Skin? An Upper Back Lift May Help

Dr. Ariel N. Rad explains how an upper back lift can help with loose, hanging skin. He then presents his approach to this surgery and what can be expected with recovery. VIEW NOW

Lower Body Lift: What You can Expect

Dr. Ariel N. Rad explains the belt lipectomy, or lower body lift, and how it is often performed after massive weight loss. A hospital stay is required, and drainage tubes are inserted to prevent seroma. VIEW NOW