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Post op 9 weeks lower body lift. Is this an infection? It hurts and looks nasty. (Photo)

I am post op 9 weeks for lower body lift. My healing has been fairly uneventful except for a small area where my old belly button was located. It had... READ MORE

If You Can't Bend Down and Touch Your Toes or Put on Your Shoes After LBL, Spiral Thigh Lift 8 Weeks?

PO is that abnormal? I've had groin endings, an infection in the back of my thigh so I have had setbacks. I am 59 years old. READ MORE

I'm 7 weeks post-op after having a 360 body lift. How do you know when you're ready to not wear the compression garment anymore?

I've been diligent about wearing my garment and for the last week or so I've not wearing it as much and either wearing spanx shorts or just underwear.... READ MORE

I had a lower body lift and am unhappy with the amount of lipo/excess skin removed. What can be done? (Photo)

I had a lower body lift 2 mo ago and am unhappy with the results. There was no lipo done to my stomach, only to my flanks (and just a bit) and I don't... READ MORE

Body lift that opened--now two months out--healing progress seems slow still. Any suggestions? (photos)

Had full body lift two months ago… Opened up pretty bad in two spots on back about two weeks later. I am not a candidate for a wound VAC as I cannot l... READ MORE

LBL-severe skin breakdown. What kind of surgery will be needed to repair this? Why does this happen? What did I do wrong?(photo)

I'm 8 weeks out from a LBL, BL and Extended Arm lift. I had some tiny areas of separation on some of the LBL incisions at week 2. I was a little over... READ MORE

Is painful sexual intercouse normal after lower body lift?

I had a lower body lift 7 weeks ago and look and feel amazing, however, I am now having pain during sexual intercourse, which I have never had prior... READ MORE

7 weeks post op lower body lift without muscle repair, a tiny scab was taken off. Will this close up soon? (photos)

My procedure was on June 24, 2014. I was initially healing beautifully. Then on July 30, during a follow up visit to my ps, he had taken off what... READ MORE

Why is my tummy not flat and is bigger above my incision line 7 weeks post op?

Have had this problem since day 3 of surgery. My stomach is bigger than my pubic mound right above my incision line. It is not flat like normal... READ MORE

LBL 10 Weeks PO Still Can't Bend Forward is This Normal?

I am 10 weeks PO LBL, spiral thigh lift with inner and outer lifts, fat graftin to buttock lipo suction, and mini TT. I had groin incisions that... READ MORE

Is it safe to go out for a night of birthday drinks after a body lift?

I am 10 weeks post op of a body lift. I had a Seroma after surgery, my surgeon says all fluid has been removed and he has no issues with my recovery... READ MORE

Body lift and thigh lift with vertical incisions. Can I get a better result by wearing the garment for 3 months?

I had a body lift and thigh lift 7 weeks ago and am still wearing a completion garment, I have heard you can get a better result by wearing the... READ MORE

Love handles not responding post Body lift and lipo. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am pleased with my body lift. I am 10 weeks out and my front looks good. I have some hard swelling around the incision up to the new belly button,... READ MORE

Scar healing phases. (Photos)

I had a body lift 10 weeks ago but unfortunately, 3 weeks into my recovery the back incision opened (left side), and that part of the incision now... READ MORE

7 weeks PO LBL, belly button was innie, now is an outie. Will this problem resolve itself?

I'm 7 weeks po from a LBL. My belly button has always been an "innie", but now is an "outtie". Will this problem resolve when my (fairly mild)... READ MORE

Do I need a revision? (Photo)

I had a lower body lift Nov. 11th 2015. I'm 2 months post op and I'm having pain above my belly button and I don't feel like much was taken out. I... READ MORE

I'm 2.5 months post lower body lift & spiral thigh lift. Is it normal to have little energy?

I'm noticing I still tire easily and I used to be high energy before surgery. Is this normal? I'm also noticing my scar has gone from pink/red to a... READ MORE

Why is my pubic mound flatter than my tummy? 7.5 weeks post op

I had a belt lipectomy or lower body lift and From day one of my surgery my stomach has not been "flat". My tummy is bigger than my pubic mound and it... READ MORE

Two months after Lower Body Lift and outer thigh area (saddlebags) are worse than ever! huge, swollen and loose. Is this normal?

I lost over 180 lbs via sleeve surgery. I was left with alot of excess skin. My PS recommended a lower body lift which I had on February 6, 2014. When... READ MORE

I'm 9 weeks post op body lift, and my legs look like they did before surgery. What can be done?

I had a body lift 9 weeks ago and after the third week my legs started to go back to the way they looked before surgery. Why did they relax so much?... READ MORE

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