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Is Body Jet Liposuction As Effective As Smart Lipo?

I know that Smart Lipo can tighten the skin; but does Body Jet Liposuction have the same benefits? READ MORE

Body Jet vs. Other Liposuction Techniques

Is Body Jet better than other liposuction techniques? READ MORE

Hard Stomach After Body Jet Liposuction

My stomach is hard in most places. I had body jet lipo 03/22/2010. I feel like I have loose fat in my stomach and when I lay down I feel the fat... READ MORE

Smart Lipo Vs. Body-Jet?

Which procedure do you think gives the best results, Smart Lipo or Body-Jet? Has there been any bad cases in the US with the new Body-Jet Lipo? READ MORE

Who is a Good Candidate for Body Jet Liposuction?

I am curious to see who is the best candidate for the water assisted liposuction and on average how much fat can be removed compared to the... READ MORE

What is Body Jet Liposuction?

What can anyone tell me about the Body Jet water assisted Liposuction? I am excited to hear what anyone can tell me about the body jet water assisted... READ MORE

Normal Bodyjet Lipo 14 Days Post-OP Results?

All measurements(but 1)same. 14 yrs ago went thru tume.lipo 2x- 1st time no results.Revision:obvious results 10 days post-op. Had diff. areas this... READ MORE

Recovery period for Body Jet Lipo?

I would like to know how long will i bee swollen with the jet lipo also when can i start excercising again? READ MORE

How to Achieve Best Results from Body Jet Liposuction?

I'm seriously considering getting Body Jet lipo in the next few months but had a question. If part of the intent is to get a relatively high... READ MORE

I Had Body Jet/Aqualipo 6 Days Ago on Upper Lower Abs, Flanks. When Will Swelling Go Down?

I know there should be swelling and I wear my compression garment. But I did not consider I would not be able to fit into my cloths. The waist was... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post-Op Body Jet and Wondering When Swelling will Go Down? I've Gained 6 lb.

Another member asked a similar question without a response. I am two weeks post op. here is that member's question," I Had Body Jet/Aqualipo... READ MORE

Post- Body Jet Lipo Pain

I am 12 days post Body Jet liposuction to my lower abs, flanks, hips, banana roll and thighs. I've experienced some minor swelling and my bruises... READ MORE

What Percentage is Fat in Collection Container of Bodyjet?

Wondering if 500 cc of the container on a Bodyjet Lipo Machine are much of those 500cc are just fluids/fat?How does the Bodyjet... READ MORE

Why I Didn See Any Result After Liposuction? (photo)

Liposuction on arm, abs, love handle, thigh, upper back, lower back. 1 month and 1 week post op, but I see very little results. Sad and Disappointed..... READ MORE

I Am 4 Weeks Post Body Jet Liposuction. Was ~700 Enough Taken Out? (photo)

I had my back, love handles, and my tummy done. I'm 5'6 148lbs and a mother of four. I was able to see results in my back but not in my sides or... READ MORE

Which is Better Body Jet Lipo or Pure Lipo?

Which could I have fat transfer? Also which one gives the body more curves ? Thanks READ MORE

Considering Body Shaping at 22 Years Old with Body Jet

I'm 22, Asian female and I have a lollipop shape! All the fat has a tendancy to be located on my upper body (arms, stomach and back). I have a... READ MORE

Time Between Upper and Lower Body Lift? (photo)

I lost 80 pounds. I want to go in for a total body lift procedure (including tummy tuck , butt lift , arm lift and male breast reduction ) What should... READ MORE

Is It Important to Quit Smoking for Local/ Twilight Anesthesia?

I'm getting body jet lipo. I smoke about 5 cigarettes a day. I know there is a very serious risk for smokers receiving general anesthesia, but... READ MORE

Hard Area Below Navel 9 Months After Body Jet Water Assisted Liposuction and Smart Lipo?

Its been 9 months, and I have an area right below my navel that I can't normally see but can feel that is harder if I press on it, and is numb... READ MORE

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