2 Weeks Post-Op Body Jet and Wondering When Swelling will Go Down? I've Gained 6 lb.

Another member asked a similar question without a response. I am two weeks post op. here is that member's question," I Had Body Jet/Aqualipo 6 Days Ago on Upper Lower Abs, Flanks. When Will Swelling Go Down? I know there should be swelling and I wear my compression garment. But I did not consider I would not be able to fit into my clothes...Any idea as to when the swelling will subside enough to wear my prior pants?" I cannot even fit into my "fat" jeans yet and the scale says I have gained 6lb

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Postop swelling

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If you have had a lot of fluid injected it can take a while for this to reduce. One can end up infiltrating >5L of fluid with the body jet and in this scenario you can still see improvements after the 6 week period. 

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Swelling after Body Jet

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After I treat patients with Body Jet liposuction I feel it is importent to get started with MLD (manual lymphatic drainange) starting the day after surgery.  I want to be proactive in getting the best result.  Your swelling will go down with time but it still can be assisted with MLD.  In my practice I have a specialist who does this on all Liposuction and Cellulaze patients and the results are remarkable.  You are certainly at the stage that you may see a daily difference with your swelling.  Be careful of your salt intake too.  Good Luck.

Aquashape/ body jet/aqualipo: swelling after surgery

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this is not unusual.  Depending on your size and how much lipo was done, your recovery swelling will vary.  At this early interval, your body is programmed to "hold on to fluid" because it doesn't know what happened.  Sometimes a diuretic is needed to gently rid your body of the excess fluid.  Ask your plastic surgeon about this.

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2 Weeks Post-Op Body Jet and Wondering When Swelling will Go Down? I've Gained 6 lb.

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The amount of swelling varies from person to person.  We use the body jet a lot in our office.  Typically we see the most swelling in the first week and then it gradually goes away.  We usually tell our patients that it takes about 3 months or sometimes longer to see final results.

Rigo Mendoza, MD
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