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Asian rhinoplasty is often done to give the patient a more traditionally "Western" looking nose, by adding a bridge to make it higher and appear more narrow. LEARN MORE ›

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I Will Undergo Alarplasty with Dr. Eric Yapjuanco. Manila, PH

Yesterday,I went to see Dr. Eric. What they say about him is true. He is so approachable and direct. He's not just after the money. I talked to him about my plan to go for revision rhinoplasty but he told me I really didn't need it. He advised me according to my goal(I wanna retain the "part of... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty(Alarplasty/Tip Work/Gortex) - Thailand, TH

So I went to Masterpiece Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand. First off, I would like to compliment this clinic for being fantastic in their customer service and professionalism. Everyone here was nice from beginning to end. This is a big deal considering their clinic is SO BUSY & booked for months!... READ MORE

My Asian Rhinoplasty - Low Profile Implant and Cartilage! - Indonesia

Hi guys so as I said I was also going to do rhinoplasty! Well today I went for it! Flew in to the next city to get my nose done by the best surgeon EVER. Honestly he just excels in every single category you can imagine. And the hospital staff was the greatest. They treated me as carefully as... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty Review (Revision) in the Philippines

So I don't know whether to consider this a revision or a virgin case but my next doctor had to start off from scratch from what my previous doctor had done. I've always had a big, bulky nose with flared alars and a fat tip. Last year, I decided to have a nosejob from my previous Doctor, who... READ MORE

Asian Rhino, Hoping for a Prettier Nose - Orange County, CA

Just like everyone on this site, I've always wished for a different nose. I have the typical bulbous Asian nose and have always been taunted and teased growing up. With the mean people, it was called a "pug nose". With the nicer people, it was a cute "Asian button nose". When I was 18, my mom... READ MORE

South Korea Rhinoplasty - South Korea, KR

After extensive research, I decided to go to korea to JW beauty to do my nose job. I use to like my nose but after kids and as I've gotten older, my nose has been looking more wide and fatty. Im also planning do epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty. I've been looking at several places... READ MORE

Cons outweigh pros. Choose your doctor wisely...

I've had many issues with the way I looked, so I finally decided on rhinoplasty this year (note that I had fat transfer and buccal fat reduction too, but I'll describe the rhinoplasty first). Shout out to Shakibabe88 for her thorough review, and I hope my review can be of help to other people,... READ MORE

50 Year Old Mother of Two from Sydney, Australia - Philippines, PH

I am a 50 year old full time working woman from Sydney, Australia. I have two children and one grandchild. I started looking into Rhinoplasty overseas, as it was too expensive in Australia and I am a native from Philippines. I was unhappy with the shape of my nose and wanted a higher tip,... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation in Aone South Korea

I initially planned to go to Dr Donald Yoo for the Asian Rhinoplasty and Majid Jamali for genioplasty but since Dr Yoo schedule does not click with mine, I'd have to look for other doctor. I work with Saint Gobain which is one of the biggest French conglomerate group in the world thus my... READ MORE

Asian Male Rhinoplasty on Thick Skin. Rib Graft, DCF and Alar Base Reduction. - Beverly Hills, CA

On January 26th, I had my primary rhinoplasty with Dr. Yoo. He was the 6th surgeon that I consulted within the past 2 years but left the best impression on me after our skype consultation. Coming into this, I didn't have any large expectations. The nose that I was born with did not really suit... READ MORE

Best of the Best! Feeling Blessed and Happy to Have Had Dr. Yoo As my Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon! - Beverly Hills, CA

I will be forever grateful for my new nose! My surgeon, Donald B. Yoo, MD is a brilliantly skilled surgeon and a fine artist! He fixed my collapsed nose and I could not be more blessed and happy to have had Dr. Yoo as my revision rhinoplasty surgeon. I hope my story can help anybody who's... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty in South Korea?

I had a butched nose job where too much of the nose was removed. Now my nose is very flat, upturned and short. I have no bridge at all and I used to have high nose bridge. I've seen some before and after photos of rhinoplasty in South Korea and I'm impressed with the results! I think they are... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty- Dr. Lorne Brown

I had a horrifying experience with Dr. Lorne Brown. Pleass DO your research before you jump into a procedure like this, on your face. Initially, I decided to go see this doctor because he is one of the only surgeons who have few pictures of Asian (implant) rhinoplasty on the clinic website in... READ MORE

29yr Old. No Kids. Asian. MPLS. Looking for Asian Rhino and BA - Minneapolis, MN

Just looking for ideas so far. My consultation will be on 1/5/16. I have a big round nose. I wish to make it more narrow/pointy with a bridge. I am also a 36b looking to add more fullness since I did lose some weight. My breast doesn't even fill my 36b bras anymore. I am 5'1 and weighs 150 lbs.... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty with Diced Cartilage Fascia. Beverly Hills, CA

I had an Asian rhinoplasty two weeks ago in Beverly Hills. The procedures included a diced cartilage fascia graft to build up my bridge, alar base reduction, tip refinement, and a graft to extend my retracted columella. Week 1: Had a cast placed over my nose for the first week. I had incisions... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty and Jawline Reduction - Beverly Hills, CA

I went for a consultation on the 16th to see Dr. Lee. He knew what I wanted and I didn't want anything extreme but something that can improve me for the better. I did a CBC the same day, they were just a couple floors away from each other. I'm booked for 11/30! I'm nervous and getting everything... READ MORE

Asian / Latino ( Hispanic ) Rhinoplasty - Austin, TX

I'm soooo nervous for my upcoming Rhino, I've seen so many horrid nose jobs that either had little improved results to show or upturned pig noses! But I've done a lot of research, found an excellent Austin Texas facial specialist , and I think that as long as I communicate thoroughly about not... READ MORE

Alarplasty, Alar Base Reduction, Nasal Sill Surgery (Nostril Narrowing) - San Francisco, CA

As a 36 year old male, I would have never considered in getting any work done but that all changed when I started to notice the effects of aging especially under my eyes a few months back. I went to Dr. Chiu-Collins for fillers and Botox and luckily I never bruised and if any swelling occurred,... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty, 10 Days Post-op - Manhattan, NY

Hi Everyone! I just had my cast taken off my nose, and I took some before/after pictures to show you. My “before” and “after” pictures were taken about a month apart. Although I still have a ways to go for the swelling to subside, I am beyond ecstatic to see the improvements in my new nose. I... READ MORE

38 Years Old, Had Nose & Double Eyelid Surgery in Seoul, Korea.

I had big & flat nose, my eyes are like most Asian people, small & no double eyelid. I went to Seoul & consult a few hospital there, I decided to choose BK for my procedures. Now it has been 3 years post operation. For me It took a long time to heal, my nose looks more natural & normal after 1... READ MORE

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