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Asian rhinoplasty is often done to give the patient a more traditionally "Western" looking nose, by adding a bridge to make it higher and appear more narrow. LEARN MORE ›
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Just looking for ideas so far. My consultation will be on 1/5/16. I have a big round nose. I wish to make it more narrow/pointy with a bridge. I am also a 36b looking to add more fullness since I did lose some weight. My breast doesn't even fill my 36b bras anymore. I am 5'1 and weighs 150 lbs.... READ MORE

I had an Asian rhinoplasty two weeks ago in Beverly Hills. The procedures included a diced cartilage fascia graft to build up my bridge, alar base reduction, tip refinement, and a graft to extend my retracted columella. Week 1: Had a cast placed over my nose for the first week. I had incisions... READ MORE

I always hated my nose. It's flat and I can't wear any glasses properly. I decided to get rhinoplasty done so I can move on with my life and no longer dwell on what could be. Right now I am 6 day post op and I cannot wait for the cast to come off. The stitches and the casts feels uncomfortable... READ MORE

Let me start by saying I have been wanting a taller nose for as long as I knew I had Zero nose bridge. It is a common Asian problem with it comes to wearing sunglasses. Instead of having it sit on my nose, it ends up sitting on my cheeks... (lovely). In April 2014, I had juvederm filler... READ MORE

I went for a consultation on the 16th to see Dr. Lee. He knew what I wanted and I didn't want anything extreme but something that can improve me for the better. I did a CBC the same day, they were just a couple floors away from each other. I'm booked for 11/30! I'm nervous and getting everything... READ MORE

I'm soooo nervous for my upcoming Rhino, I've seen so many horrid nose jobs that either had little improved results to show or upturned pig noses! But I've done a lot of research, found an excellent Austin Texas facial specialist , and I think that as long as I communicate thoroughly about not... READ MORE

Hello, so Its been a year since ive done my research, ive always wanted to get my nose done. To be honest a lot of people said my nose is fine but I know i wasnt really happy with mine so I finally got it done in the Philippines. My doctor did a bridge augmentation using goretex, and tip plasty... READ MORE

As a 36 year old male, I would have never considered in getting any work done but that all changed when I started to notice the effects of aging especially under my eyes a few months back. I went to Dr. Chiu-Collins for fillers and Botox and luckily I never bruised and if any swelling occurred,... READ MORE

Hi Everyone! I just had my cast taken off my nose, and I took some before/after pictures to show you. My “before” and “after” pictures were taken about a month apart. Although I still have a ways to go for the swelling to subside, I am beyond ecstatic to see the improvements in my new nose. I... READ MORE

I had big & flat nose, my eyes are like most Asian people, small & no double eyelid. I went to Seoul & consult a few hospital there, I decided to choose BK for my procedures. Now it has been 3 years post operation. For me It took a long time to heal, my nose looks more natural & normal after 1... READ MORE

I have done Cheekbone Reduction and Nose Surgery from jw plastic surgery center in Korea It was little bit risky since I did not know that many things about Korea except their skills are great and K-pop The reason of surgery was because I did not like line of my face also my nose was sort of... READ MORE

What I didn't like about my previous nose: -Need a little more height in the bridge area -Bulbous nose tip -Overall too wide After Rhinoplasty: My profile has improved but on the first day out of surgery I noticed right away my nostrils were different heights. One was higher and the other was... READ MORE

Has anyone had their short nose fixed or know anyone who had a surgery to elongate their nose ( as in longer so the distance between upper lip and the nose is smaller, not longer as in profile view de- projection) ? Been researching for so long there is such limited info on this subject,... READ MORE

I have been searching for a Rhinoplasty surgeon to augment my low dorsum and lengthen the nasal tip. Thanks to many realself members here who have given me so much useful information about their experiences. I am very lucky to have chosen Dr.Thomas Le as my surgeon. During my consultation, Dr... READ MORE

I disliked my nose since i was young. people always say my nose was the big defect on my face. I was eager to change this. The reason I waited for so long is because I am always looking for the best doctor who am able to make me look natural and beautiful. I believe the technology in United... READ MORE

I had the typical Asian button nose and I've always wanted more defined outline. So after research...I decided to go with Dr. Solomon. He is very straight forward and professional. I enjoyed our first consultation. I told him I like my nose`s shape but I wanted a higher bridge and showed him... READ MORE

Been wanting to get my nose done since high school, finally got a chance to do it. I had my surgery done on April 14th and all I can say is that I'm starting to doubt my choice of doctor. I had a few consultation done by other doctors but Dr. Clark is the only one who I felt reassuring at that... READ MORE

I can't afford the price of nose job in Singapore so i decided to have it done in Thailand. After reading Chinese forum, i chose Dr.Prinya at Hatyai Southern Thailand because Hatyai is not so far (direct flight everyday) if i want to come back to followup in case any problems occur. I heard he... READ MORE

I've been doing a lot of research on rhinoplasty for Asians and hopefully within the next year to save enough money to go to Dr. Ting Wang in Dalian, China. His work of the before and after pictures on his website is amazing! It is giving me hope for my very flat and no nose bridge face. Like... READ MORE

Since I was young, I don't like the shape of my nose because its wide and flat.I had my rhinoplasty February went really well and I'm extremely pleased with the outcome.It feels and looks so natural.I love my new nose! It was exactly what I had dreamed of! It enhance my entire looks... READ MORE

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