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Asian rhinoplasty is often done to give the patient a more traditionally "Western" looking nose, by adding a bridge to make it higher and appear more narrow. LEARN MORE ›

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Asian Blepharoplasty and Rhinoplasty - New York, NY

I am going to get asian rhinoplasty/blepharoplasty done, and write about some of it here because I used other people's RealSelf experiences when I was researching. It is something I've wanted to do my whole life and I'm excited, but really nervous about complications. I'm going to get full... READ MORE

Love my new nose by Dr. Charles S. Lee!

I have gone to 2 in-person consultations with local doctors and had one Skype consultation with an out-of-town doctor. Is anyone out there considering Dr. Most at Stanford or Dr. Charles S Lee in Beverly Hills, and exchange info or encourage each other? I am so anxious and all I can think... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty Using Diced Cartilage Fascia (DCF) Harvested from Mastoid/Ear Cartilage. Rib Cartilage for Nasal Tip Support.

RS had a huge POSITIVE impact on my healing recovery. We, the patients, had spent a lot of time and energy, emotionally, mentally and physically to choose the right surgeon and yet some of us may not be emotionally aware and prepared on what to expect the first few days, weeks or months. I'm... READ MORE

18 Yo - Low Bridge and Wide Bulbous Nose Rhinoplasty. Houston, TX

I always hated my nose. It's flat and I can't wear any glasses properly. I decided to get rhinoplasty done so I can move on with my life and no longer dwell on what could be. Right now I am 6 day post op and I cannot wait for the cast to come off. The stitches and the casts feels uncomfortable... READ MORE

Half Asian Rhinoplasty in the Philippines - Makati, PH

I'm 20 years old, female from London UK (yes I travelled alone to the Philippines, quite enjoyed it tbh). I'm Half White Half Asian and my nose was very wide and bulbous. I received tip and alar plasty from a filipino cosmetic surgeon Dr Rino Lorenzo. He's a funny guy, charismatic and IMO very... READ MORE

Primary Septo-Rhinoplasty (Ear Cartilage/fascia Graft/burrito) for Asian Female ( Non-caucasian Augmentation) - Newport Beach,CA

Let me start by saying I have been wanting a taller nose for as long as I knew I had Zero nose bridge. It is a common Asian problem with it comes to wearing sunglasses. Instead of having it sit on my nose, it ends up sitting on my cheeks... (lovely). In April 2014, I had juvederm filler... READ MORE

Septorhinoplasty with Rib Graft - Beverly Hills, CA

(I am from the UK and decided to go abroad for this procedure. I don't feel comfortable sharing my photos online at this time but I hope that my experience proves particularly useful for those who are considering going abroad for surgery but also useful for those who are considering rhinoplasty... READ MORE

Asian Revision Rhinoplasty by Dr Jay Galvez of Galvez Clinics

Post op review: im on my Day 58 post op and im completely satisfied with the results. I was handled and well taken care of by one of the best Facial Plastic Surgeon here in the,Philipiines Dr Jose "Jay" Amado Galvez of Galvez Clinics . . . READ MORE

23 Year Old, with Uneven Eyes, Unhappy with Neither Previous Eye Surgery nor Rhinoplasty - Seoul, KR

I always dreamed of this perfect dolly eyes like the K-pop artists on TV. As an Asian, eye shape takes up a large part of how you look. Very asymmetric eyes has bothered me ever since and this hasn’t been corrected with the first surgery and this was the biggest issue for me to have a c... READ MORE

VIP Plastic Surgery Center Korea Review - Asian Nose Job

People have been telling me how my nose was alright, but I was never satisfied with my nose shape and had numerous filler injections before. I realized the limitations of filler and decided to go through rhinoplasty and went to some consultations in Seoul. When I had consultation with Dr. Lee, I... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty Progress-Vancouver BC.

I would like to share my rhinoplasty experience with everyone. I am 28 and felt uncomfortable with my nose ever since college. My bridge was flat and curved from the side view, bulbous tip, Alar flared out, and just lacked definition from all angles. I decided it was time to make a big change... READ MORE

31yo Asian Scheduled to Have my First Rhinoplasty - Philippines, PH

I've been wanting to have a better looking nose that would complement my face ever since i was younger. By the time i know i was ready i started looking for a surgeon here locally in San Diego and found a surgeon i like, my surgery was suppose to be last June but a house emergency happened so i... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Revision (2nd) Plus Alarplasty

About 8 years ago, I had my first rhinoplasty (close procedure silicon implants) in Bangkok Thailand. The result was awesome, but after 3 years later, my nose became crooked. The silicon literary moved to the left side but not looking so bad specially if I wear glasses. After 4,5 years later,... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty with lower blepharoplasty

Hi everyone, Since I was little I really want to have nice nose and nice eyes without eye bags so Thats why I did my rhinoplasty surgery and removing of eye bag on the 12/12/16. At the moment my eyes is really looking horrible, it has a bump in the From the middle to the corner of my lower eye... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty with the Rhinoplasty King Dr Ion. United Kingdom, GB

Firstly please excuse me punctuation, my brick Samsung galaxy note doesn’t really like me and my fingers are not long enough to reach some letters whilst holding the phone in a particular way I have been searching for a surgeon who is an artist and a perfectionist, I had a consultation with t... READ MORE

2nd Asian (Revision) Rhinoplasty but This Time with an ENT Surgeon -New York, NY

About 20 years ago I did my first Rhinoplasty with Dr. Bellin. I chose him because he did my friend, a black girl's nose, and she loved it. And because Asians and Blacks mostly have flat noses, I figured I'll go with him. Before the surgery, I told him what I wanted and he just gave me what I... READ MORE

Very Complicated Asian Rhinoplasty Revision (Goretex Removal and Rib Graft) and Can't Be Happier! - Melbourne, AU

I had my original Asian (close) rhinoplasty with gore-tex implant (bridge) and ear cartilage (tip) about 8 years ago from a famous Korean doctor. Never really happy with the results regarding the tip being far less defined than I would like it. Over the years, the Gore-Tex had shifted to one... READ MORE

Alar Base Reduction in Toronto

RealSelf has helped me so much with finding my rhinoplasty journey, so I thought it was only right to help others with their research by posting my personal experience. To start off, I always hated my nose ever since I could remember. I hated the fact that not only did I have a lower nose... READ MORE

I Will Undergo Alarplasty with Dr. Eric Yapjuanco. Manila, PH

Yesterday,I went to see Dr. Eric. What they say about him is true. He is so approachable and direct. He's not just after the money. I talked to him about my plan to go for revision rhinoplasty but he told me I really didn't need it. He advised me according to my goal(I wanna retain the "part of... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty(Alarplasty/Tip Work/Gortex) - Thailand, TH

So I went to Masterpiece Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand. First off, I would like to compliment this clinic for being fantastic in their customer service and professionalism. Everyone here was nice from beginning to end. This is a big deal considering their clinic is SO BUSY & booked for months!... READ MORE

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