Uneven + Asian Eyelid Surgery

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What is the Best Way to Fix Uneven Eyelids?

I am an asian male whose right eye has no crease, while my left eye has quite a high crease. It looks very unbalanced when looked up close. I have... READ MORE

Can Someone Tell Me Why One of my Eyes Look Smaller in Pics? (photo)

Hi, maybe I'm just tired, but lately it seems like more and more when I take pics one of my eyes show up as one smaller than the other. I have to... READ MORE

One Eyelid Has Multiple Creases and the Other Does Not? (photo)

One of my eyelids have multiple creases, and I guess the other is normal. I was wondering, what is the best way to fix this? Would it be better if I... READ MORE

Please Advise on Revision: Uneven Results from Asian Double Eyelid Surgery (photo)

I'm 23 yo and got my eyes done for the first time 2 months ago. The results are definitely uneven as my left eye sometimes loses its crease (in... READ MORE

Does my Epicanthoplasty Look Right? It Doesn't Look Parallel Like I Requested.

I just had a asian eyelid revision along with epicanthoplasty a week ago, but it doesnt look like he did it right. also, i asked for parallel but its... READ MORE

I Had a Double Eyelid Surgery, Why are my Eyes Obviously Not the Same? (photo)

I had a blepharoplasty / double eyelid surgery this October 19 this was my second surgery coz i want my eyes to look more bigger my first surgery was... READ MORE

Uneven Eyes After 2 Month Eyelid Surgery? (photo)

I've done my eyelid surgery about 2mnths ago. Before that I didn't have any ptosis issues. Right after my eyelid surgery my left eye was super swollen... READ MORE

Uneven Results After Double Eyelid Surgery Help? (photo)

I had double eyelid surgery 2 weeks ago and the crease looks uneven and one crease at the inner corner seems to be uncreasing with just the scar as... READ MORE

How to Turn Tapered Lids with Multiple Folds into Uniform Lids with Parallel Folds? (photo)

I have uneven, tapered lids with different, multiple folds underneath my eye creases. I want to change my lids to a uniform and even parallel eye... READ MORE

Triple Eyelids After Asian Double Eyelid Surgery? Normal To Use Dissolvable Sutures?

Three weeks after eyelid surgery (full incisional, skin and fat removed, both eyes) I have a triple eyelid in one eye. In addition, both incisions are... READ MORE

Will my eyelid go back to the way it was? (Photo)

I'm Asian, but I have double lids. But recently I woke up and saw that one eye looks monolidded now. There's still a crease though, so it's more... READ MORE

3 months post op, I'm still swollen. Is this normal? (photos)

I'm a little over 3 months post op. I notice my eyes are uneven. It didn't bother me before. And I really like them now then before but are my eyes... READ MORE

Day 26 Double eyelid surgery uneven / asymmetrical / swelling? (photos)

Clinic: TLPS Korea SeoulDoctor: Mr. Jeong WungkiDate Of Surgery: Friday, 28 February 2014Today: Tuesday, 25 March 2014I understand that I need to wait... READ MORE

Can swelling cause such an uneven shape after double eyelid revision surgery? (photos)

I got revisional double eyelid surgery yesterday because my double eyelid fold was originally too weak and could not hold. To my despair, my left eye... READ MORE

Do I Have Eyelid Ptosis? (Photos)

I've had uneven eyes ever since I was born and as grew older my eyesight has gotten worse and worse. I'm 18 now and I was wondering if I had... READ MORE

Asian Eyelid Surgery Revision After 10 Years? (photo)

10 yrs ago I had upper anchor blepharoplasty, shorty after my right eye did not hold the crease and I had revision surgery 6 months later. My right... READ MORE

1 Month Post Asian Blepharoplasty; Asymmetrical Eyelids? (photo)

I had my blepharoplasty on May 30th 2012 and it's been a month since the surgery. My left eye is exactly how I want it to look like and swelling seems... READ MORE

I had upper Asian blepharoplasty incision technique. Will the creases continue to look more even/go down? (Photo)

Hi doctors, I am very worried regarding my eyes. It has been post op 9 weeks since my upper blepharoplasty incision technique. The creases still are... READ MORE

Double Eyelid Surgery Revision. (photos)

I had my first double eyelid surgery done 27 years ago. It resulted both eyes were uneven. As time went by, both eyelids haved dropped. However, the... READ MORE

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