2 Weeks Post-op + Asian Eyelid Surgery

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Magic Epicanthoplasty Reversal

Hello, I got double eyelid surgery (partial incision) along with medial epi. I regret the ep SO much! I feel like my eyes are TOO close together =( I... READ MORE

I really feel like my crease is too big for my eye. Do I Need a Revision? (photo)

Just had asian eye lid surgery on 6/3/13. I know it's too soon to tell but I really feel like my crease is too big for my eye. The crease is right... READ MORE

Why are eyes are still swelling after 2 weeks from double eyelid surgery? (photos)

Hi, I had double eyelids surgery 2 weeks ago. The swelling definitely went down since post op day 1 till today, 2 weeks mark. However my eyelids are... READ MORE

Double Eyelid Surgery Gone Wrong?

I just had my eyelid surgery, about 15 days ago. I didn't seem to get the results I wanted. I wanted a defined parallel double eyelid, but my double... READ MORE

What is a 7mm crease? (photos)

I got an eyelid surgery 2 weeks ago. After I got my stitches out, my surgeon noticed I had Ptosis and I had a Ptosis correction 5 days later. Imagine... READ MORE

Uneven Results After Double Eyelid Surgery Help? (photo)

I had double eyelid surgery 2 weeks ago and the crease looks uneven and one crease at the inner corner seems to be uncreasing with just the scar as... READ MORE

Will the Scar Gone After 3 Point Eyelid Surgery? (photo)

Question1: I had my double eyelid surgery done 2.5 weeks ago. It was latest Korean 3point method which claims to be scarless. But it seems to have a... READ MORE

2 weeks post op, I can't close eyes fully after Asian eyelid surgery. Is this normal? (photo)

I got a full incisional double eyelid surgery two weeks ago and I cannot close my eyes all the way. At first I thought it may be due to swelling but... READ MORE

Asian Double Eyelid Surgery - Crease Forming or 2nd Surgery Needed? (photo)

Had asian double eyelid surgery. 1st picture is how I looked the 2nd night after surgery. Stitches on left eye are much higher than the stitches on... READ MORE

Two weeks after my double eyelid surgery? (photo)

I had double eyelid surgery 2 weeks ago. The stitches are removed. My right eyelid is slightly bigger than the other. Is it because of the swollen ?... READ MORE

Raised Scar Post Epicanthoplasty. Is It Right to Apply Stratamed and Tobradex 5min After? (photo)

I did both ptosis correction and epicanthoplasty. 2 weeks ago Having hypertrophic scars at the inner corner now. Had the delayed suture removal cause... READ MORE

Epicantoplasty failed. What can I do to help this? (Photo)

Hi, I did Epicanthoplasty and double eyelid surgery 2 weeks ago. the result is one of the inner corner is longer than the other causing my eyes to... READ MORE

Asian Double Eyelid Suture Technique? (photo)

Hi I'm a 31 years old female and had double eyelid surgery with non incisional suture method, it's been 2 weeks and 2days. I think the height of my... READ MORE

Uneven Eyelids Two Weeks Post Op of Upper and Lower Bleph? (photo)

Could really use some advice as I am stressing so hard about the decision I made to have the surgery. My eyes were pretty close to being perfectly... READ MORE

Should I have a second eyelid surgery to make a lower crease? (Photo)

I had non incision (suture) double eyelid surgery 2 weeks ago in Vietnam. Please advise if the top lid is still looking swollen and puffy for you? Is... READ MORE

I am regretting my double eyelid (suturing method) 2 weeks after. Considering to reverse procedure. Please advise. (Photo)

I am regretting my double eyelid ( suturing method) 2 weeks after. I read time is of essence and I should do reversal as soon as possible before scar... READ MORE

After Double Eyelid Suture Removed, Original Crease Disappeared?

I had double eyelid sewing 2 weeks ago though i already had natural double eyelids, to make creases higher. I was unhappy with it so he removed the... READ MORE

Ptosis After Asian Eyelid Surgery and Epi? (photo)

Hi, i am 2 weeks post on asian eyelid and epi surgery. However, i feel that one of my eye is having ptosis. Is it normal or?? Can someone help me out.... READ MORE

My Left Eye Crease is Higher Than my Right? (photo)

I just had asian eye lid surgery on June 3, 2013. I know its too soon to tell if it's because of the swelling but I really feel like the crease on my... READ MORE

I would like to reverse suture method blepharoplasty. Any experiences of returning to pre-op conditions? (photos)

Hi! I just had asian blepharoplasty done 2 weeks ago, and realized how much I miss my original monolid eyes. I want to get my sutures removed, but am... READ MORE

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