Asian eyelid surgery: Incision too high? (Photos)

I am 12 days post op and I know I'm still swollen and the crease always look a bit too high at first, but my incision looks ridiculously too high (photos). Keep in mind that I wanted a natural looking crease for Asian eyes (2mm max). My mom had hers done and even she says the incisions look too high.

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Incision Height for Asian Eyelid Surgery

I understand your concern but the truth is your crease height will definitely lower as swelling subsides over time. The question is how much will it lower. I understand it's not easy but you need toobserve for at least 3-6 months before starting to make an assessment on the outcome including the crease height.

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High incision after asian bleph

After Asian blepharoplasty, there is a significant amount of swelling in the pretarsal tissue (the area of the eyelid just above the lashes). This causes the crease to appear much higher than the final position. I suspect the crease will drop down much lower as the swelling resolves. It will take 3-4 months to see the final lid crease position.In my experience, it is very difficult to create a lasting crease 2 mm above the lash line. Many Asians have natural eyelid creases in a much higher position. The key is to leave some skin redundancy to make the eyelids look as natural as possible.

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Incisions too high after Asian Blepharoplasty

Sorry to hear you're having a hard time but you can take some comfort in knowing that you're still very swollen and the appearrance of the crease will drop significantly.  You will look much more natural as the weeks and months go by.  2mm of show. . .I can't speculate on that but I don't think your crease will be very low after everything settles.  I would follow up with your surgeon closely and see if there's anything they suggest.  I would probably advise against doing anything surgical at this stage.  Kenalog with 5-FU shots over the next few weeks may help speed up the recovery.
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Are the incisions too high?

Thank you for sharing your question and photos. The incisions appear high, but often look this way when there is substantial swelling. You have to wait a couple of months (at least) to get a better idea of what the final appearance will look like. I hope this helps.  Good luck,

Incision too high?

Yes It looks high but you can't tell until all the swelling subsides. It will take at least 4 months and if the incision is high by then you can consider lowering the crease line. I do not suggest any procedure at this time.Be patient.

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Asian double eyelid surgery

Based on your photos and the information provided, you're still very swollen and in the early stage of healing. Please give yourself time (up to 6 months) for the swelling to subside.  In the meantime, follow up with your surgeon to see the progress. All the best!

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