Residual epicanthal fold and scar bumps. Will they be permanent? (Photo)

It has been (since 27 Sep 16) 2 weeks after surgery (non-incisional double eyelid & epicanthoplasty) I have asked for a parallel crease. I still see Mongolian fold travelling down to the lower innercorner of my right eye. I also do notice small bumps/scar on where the stitches were. Will both issues be permanent? (Stitches were removed on day 8) And both eyes seem to look tapered instead of parallel (which is what I asked for) In the future, will they look parallel?

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Inner epi scars and parallel folds

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The scars look to be about normal for this early post surgery. Your epicanthal folds were fairly prominent and would be difficult to completely remove without large, undesirable scars. An inner epi functions better to reduce their prominence rather than completely erasing it, so my inclination is to leave them alone unless the scars are bothersome. I would not try to further remove them (the resulting scars would be even more unacceptable). As for crease shape, it's difficult to control whether a fold will be parallel or tapered, especially using a suture technique. Generally, the larger folds tend to end up parallel and the smaller ones tend to be tapered. My best recommendation would be to let it heal for about 6mo, and not do any revisions if there are no major asymmetries or bad scars.

Epicanthal fold

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It is way too early to tell but all the bump and scar will be resolved within 4-6 months. You can use scar gel to enhance  recovery. If residual fold persist after 6 months that can be corrected. At this time patience is key.

Good luck


Andrew Choi, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Epicanthoplasty and Suture technique healing

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It's very very early to judge the final results ESPECIALLY the work performed at the inner corner.  Scaring from medial epicanthoplasty is almost always visible but not always very noticeable.  You will continue to improve so that's good news.  With regards to the parallel crease on the left you'll need to give that at least 6 months before thinking about a revision because it may form as the weeks and months pass.

Best of luck.  Looks ok for two weeks.

Chase Lay, MD

Asian eyelid surgery specialist.

Chase Lay, MD
Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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