Restore Beautiful Eyebrows


Overzealous plucking or waxing of your eyebrows over years can lead to a "barely there" eyebrow which leave your eyes looking naked.  This eyebrow loss is permanent and make-up solutions such as an eyebrow pencil looks artificial and requires constant maintenance.  However, there's now a solution to regrow eyebrows which are real, natural, and beautiful.

SmartGraft is a minimally invasive hair restoration treatment for both men and women that permanently restores hair loss with your own hair. There is no scalpel incision, no scars, virtually no pain and no stitches.

SmartGraft uses state of the art Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technologies and techniques. During the procedure, using only local anesthesia, individual grafts are gently removed one by one from the donor area. Because grafts are removed in individual micro grafts rather than a large strip requiring stitches, scarring is minimal and not visible.

Put down that brow pencil and find a permanent solution!

Article by
Dallas Plastic Surgeon