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Clear + Brilliant is a gentle laser technology designed to fight the early signs of facial aging. A handheld device is rolled over the skin, creating micro-injuries that jumpstart the production of collagen. In clinical trials, users reported a visible improvement in skin tone, texture, and clarity after four to six 20-minute treatments. Clear + Brilliant is intended for those looking for minor improvements, not dramatic corrections.

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Clear and Brilliant Laser

My 47th birthday is coming up and my mom got me three clear & brilliant treatments that came bundled with Botox. I'm a huge Botox fan but I've never done laser treatments. I'm writing this 4 days post the 1st laser treatment. So far-great! My skin still feels a little rough, which is... READ MORE

Clear + Brilliant Laser Treatment

I have stage 3 Hidradenitis that has made its way to my face, creating large pits in my cheek. Many dermatologists argue with me that I have acne scars, but I've never had acne n that area, and second, it's only on one side of my face. I'm doing this mini fraxel laser in hopes to minimize the... READ MORE

Clear and Brilliant at 55

I had a C&B treatment yesterday. I don't have deep wrinkles so this treatment was to even tone and improve texture. Numbing cream was applied for about 15-20 minutes. The laser was painful but not awful and mostly at the temple and hairline. I am sensitive to lasers so I was squirmy... READ MORE

Clear and Brilliant

After years spent in the tanning bed and having adult acne, I have melasma and acne scarring, so my dermatologist suggested Clear and Brilliant. I had the first treatment today. The process itself wasn’t bad. After prepping the skin with numbing cream, we began the laser portion. It didn’t hur... READ MORE

25 Year Old

I had the worst experience of my life in Dallas Center for Dermatology and Aesthetics med spa, and this has been the biggest mistake of my life. It will forever haunt me. I went into this place after googling reviews online and seeing that it had five stars. I originally wanted a chemical peel,... READ MORE

A Literal Glow Up

Coming from a family with a history of aggressive adult acne, I've always struggled to maintain clear skin. This past year, I completed five months of accutane, and while it left my skin mostly blemish-free, it caused a lot of dryness, dullness, and redness. I'm only 22 years old, but my skin... READ MORE

Clear and Brilliant treatment

I just had my first ever laser treatment with the Clear and Brilliant laser. My face was numb the entire time and I felt nothing. After my face looked very sunburned and stung pretty bad for about an hour. I can't wait to see what the results yield. The pics are of me prior, before with numbing... READ MORE

Under Eye Bumps/pores - Santa Monica, CA

I thought I had milia, then Syringoma and when I went in for my consult the doctor told me it was just enlarged pores under my eyes. I've had these nasty lil guys for 10 years and have had no success with creams or exfoliants. The bumps had a texture that couldn't be concealed with makeup and... READ MORE

41 Years Old Clear and Brilliant Laser for Skin Resurfacing and Tightening DR. Karamanoukian. Santa Monica, CA

I have been to Dr. Karamanoukian in Santa Monica for several services. I am graduating in June (RN) and I wanted to look refreshed and youthful for my up and coming ceremony, as well as my job search. I am 41 and through long nights studying, long days at the hospital,and inevitable stress my... READ MORE

Clear & Brilliant Laser Damage Took 18 Months to Correct! - Clarkston, MI

Decided to take advantage of a 3 series treatment package for Clear + Brilliant laser. C+B is "suppose" to be a very gentle anti aging laser treatment that helps even skin tone & boost radiance with no downtown. My main skin compliant was dull skin so Clear + Brilliant sounded like a great fit.... READ MORE

26 Years Old, Skin Resurfacing After Laser Damage, Clear and Brilliant and Micro Needling - Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Emer is a miracle worker. I started seeing him over 3 months ago, after suffereing from a years worth of laser damage. The med spa I was seeing in Chicago did what I thought was irreversible damage until I was able to find Dr. Emer. I had unwanted baby fuzz on my chin and cheeks. It was... READ MORE

Restylane to Tear Trough, Clear and Brilliant Permea and Excel V Laser for Venous Lake - New York, NY

I have had a prominent venous lake on my lower lip for many years that was slowly growing and I wanted to have that taken off. I also have sun damage to my skin - had permea clear and brilliant laser for that and this was my second treatment (no before and after photos of the first treatment). ... READ MORE

Clear and Brilliant Permea, Full 6 Sessions. New York City, NY

Clear and Brilliant Permea (different hand piece from regular clear and brilliant) targeting pigmentation. I had 6 sessions about a month apart. I was hoping to improve my age/brown spots and make my pores less noticeable. The improvement is very subtle. The brown spots are less pronounced but... READ MORE

Clear & Brilliant Laser - Scottsdale, AZ

Clear & Brilliant Laser –The treatment. I was excited to try this bc there is supposed to be little or no down time and no sloughing like the peels I have gotten. It’s made by the company that does Fraxel and is a lower set wavelength. It should help with acne, pore size, more of a mai... READ MORE

Great office, highly skilled and professional!

Love coming in and seeing Irina and her team. They keep me looking and feeling better than I could have hoped for. I had resistant dark spots that have failed all other treatment measures, but Irina was able to find the one that worked and recommended a supportive skincare regiment that... READ MORE

The best skin care in Oakland

I have been coming to Artful Aesthetics for several years now and love everything about this place. Irina and her staff are wonderful. Always very professional, will listen to concerns, and provide tremendous care when administering treatments. I have received Clear and Brilliant, Hyrafacials,... READ MORE

Clear and Brilliant

Dr. Koniver's staff had been raving about this laser treatment and suggested I give it a try to improve my skin texture. I am so thrilled with the results! No downtime either! My skin is noticeably softer and the overall tone and texture has improved significantly., with visible pore reduction... READ MORE

Best facials ever

This is hands down the best place for your monthly facials. Amazing acne facial, only $59. Chantelle is amazing. So aggressive when it comes to clearing my pores but so gentle. She did my clear and brilliant too and it was great. It does have a purging effect, but i'm happy with the results! READ MORE

Remedy for Dull Skin - Mount Pleasant, SC

My skin looked dull and lifeless! I was told by a friend to get Clear & Brilliant for healthier looking skin. Keli at Coastal Skin Solutions did my treatment in about 30 min. The procedure was slightly uncomfortable - not painful. My skin was a bit red for about an hour. After the... READ MORE

De acuerdo a mi experiencia yo recomendarĂ­a el tratamiento a otras personas

El 16 de Enero me hicieron una limpieza bucal con láser en la oficina del Dr. Gallardo. Fui recomendado por mi hijo que ya era paciente del Doctor y desde que el Dr. Gallardo me hizo el diagnóstico inicial y me explico con claridad los riesgos de no hacerme el tratamiento (considerando la p... READ MORE

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