Buttock Augmentation: Fat Grafting versus Implants


Many patients ask whether fat or a butt implant gives the best result for butt augmentation. A recent article from Cosmetic Surgery Times entitled Fat or Implants?  The Derriere Debate, gives an excellent review of why fat grafting or Brazilian Butt LIft (BBL) is the preferred method of augmentation.
The article summarizes the debate and outlines why in most cases fat is the better option:

  • Fat can be more easily molded and shaped
  • Up to 33% or 1/3 of buttock implants have to be removed due to infection, malposition, or pain
  • Fat grafting allows the surgeon to mold and shape the area around the butt thereby enhancing the result: think slim waist and round butt
However, implants did serve a purpose in certain select cases:

  • Implants were helpful in thin patient who already had a good butt but needed slightly more volume and did not have enough fat to use for grafting
  • Smaller implants worked better as the complication rates were higher with larger implants (above 350cc)
  • Many surgeon used both implants and fat grafting to optimize the result
While implant technology and surgical technique may evolve over time, fat grafting or BBL remains the clear choice for butt augmentation.

Dr. John Burns, MD
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Article by
Dallas Plastic Surgeon