Bra Fat: An Excellent Solution to a Common Problem


One of the most common requests I receive in my very busy breast augmentation practice is how to treat bra fat.  This fat pocket is located immediately in front and behind the armpit area just above the bra strap and goes by many different names:  turkey neck, side cheeks, armpit fat, poochy/pudgy waddle thing, sleavage, armpit cleavage, and bra fat.

Solutions for removing this fat have ranged from surgery in the form of liposuction to Cool Sculpting cryolipolysis.  However, this fat has proven very difficult to remove as it has a more dense or fibrous consistency similar to the adjacent breast tissue.  Therefore, this type of fat is resistant to standard liposuction techniques or cryolipolysis.  In addition, many women do not wish to under a surgical procedure to address this "minor" issue.

Kybella offers a simple and noninvasive alternative to treatment of bra fat in a simple office procedure.  Kybella is cosmetic injectable fat dissolving medication from the makers of Botox (Allergan).  Kybella is FDA approved for the treatment of submental fat, neck fat, or double chin.  In the bra area, Kybella is administered in a series of small injections to dissolve this difficult to remove fat.  

Kybella comes in a 2.0cc vials and generally one vial is necessary for each area.  Depending on how much fat needs to be dissolved, 3 to 5 treatment are necessary to achieve the desired end result.  However, unlike Botox, Kybella is permanent and does not require maintenance treatments once the endpoint is reached.  

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