African American Rhinoplasty

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Every nose job is different. Learn the specific characteristics of an African American rhinoplasty (also known as an ethnic nose job).

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22 Year Old, Final Doing This - New York

So I've been wanting to do this forever and I recently decided enough was enough and I was going to do it. My whole life my friends and family would say you don't need it, you're beautiful. I don't think I per say need it but I really want it and I think it'll really improve the quality of my... READ MORE

37 Years Old Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Went in for a consultation yesterday October 11th 2016 for ethnic rhinoplasty very nervous but the consultation went well my problem with my nose is the middle part of it and the tip of it is too big Want to narrow it and make it look more feminine. So I went and this Monday I'm going to have... READ MORE

Dr. Yapjuanco 2017

Hello!! I'm a 27 year old woman and I've been wanting a nose job for as long as I can remember. I'm in the researching phase and I'm trying to find he best surgeon for African American rhinoplasty at a reasonable price. I'm considering traveling to Calfiornia but I would definitely prefer the... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty damn you SC filters

Omg I've been contemplating this for 4 years now I'm ready. I don't have a huge nose nor has it ever been discussed or made fun of. It is actually a typical size nose when I'm not smiling however when I smile it creates very deep laugh lines and even makes my bags under my eyes which by the way... READ MORE

Finally Taking the Plunge... - Ann Arbor, MI

I'm scheduled to have african american rhinoplasty with Dr.Malhotra very soon! Can't wait... been wanting this for a while now. I chose doctor Malhotra because he is double board certified, is very nice and sweet, is local, and also affordable. I've met with him twice so far and plan on meeting... READ MORE

26 Years Old- Finally Did It!

For so long now I've just been an observer here on Realself, the fact that I actually went through with it is still surreal! I'd been debating how to go about documenting my experience/ journey and ultimately decided to begin my review after my procedure. I figured I'd save all of us the last... READ MORE

23 Years Old Need a Magic Touch Rhinoplasty

My nose is very wide and I would like a smaller more narrow look ....I will have my first consultation next week I am so excited because This is something that I really want to do I pray that I find the right doctor that is going to take care of me and understand exactly what I want ...I know... READ MORE

Very Happy African American Rhinoplasty - Henderson, NV

Can't believe I'm doing this!!! I've wanted Rhinoplasty since I was very young and finally have the time, money and courage to get it done.I consulted with 4-5 doctors before choosing Ryan Mitchell. I'm pretty sure I'm in good hands, and have been very happy with him and his staff. I will post... READ MORE

24 And Ready to Score with a New Nose

I was told I would need an open rhinoplasty procedure with an alar base reduction and cartilage grafting. I have a bulbous nose so then the surgeon would also have to shave down the tip cartilage to make it a bit smaller but not too small in which the bridge of my nose still appears a bit wider... READ MORE

35 Year Old, Wanted Rhinoplasty for the Last 2 Years. Atlanta, GA

Was motivated to get it done. I was on the fence because I wasn't for sure if I'd find the right person, didn't want anyone to mess my face up. I also didn't want to go thru the whole healing process. I was a nervous wreck, my blood pressure was so high? The doctor was very knowledgeable about... READ MORE

Ethnic Rhinoplasty with silicone chin implant with Dr Oelbrandt - Belgium

I recently met with Dr Oelbrandt to discuss getting a few procedures done to my face. My main concern was my nose and how it spreads when I smile, I wanted a tip refinement and my nostrils brought it, he discussed how this would be achieved with an open rhinoplasty and showed me what I would... READ MORE

African American Rhinoplasty - Columbus, OH

Okay this is the third time I have tried to write this review if it erase again after this time I give up. So that you may tell you because I got my Brazilian butt lift done by dr. Yily back in March. I was the one who unfortunately got robbed while there. Initially I was going to get my... READ MORE

African American Rhinoplasty with Dr. Rajendra Shah

I, like most patients, desired the procedure for years. My nose dominated my other features, even my mouth. I didn't want a European nose, just another African one. I consulted with Dr. Frank Madda, Tanjua Janveer, Dhavel Patel and Peter Johnson. They were all highly competent and kind... READ MORE

39 Years Old. New York, NY

My nose implant is diagonal and has been since my cast was removed. My doctor is acting nonchalant about the ordeal. What should I do? I'm not sure if implants are beneficial to patients who has thick skin. The third procedure I had an implant was also used but it was crooked at the very top.... READ MORE

23 Year Old African Rhino - Ann Arbor, MI

My nose is really unique and I've always hated it and with my recent weight gain, the shape is now more pronounced. I'm scheduled to have the procedure completed in four months with Dr Malhotra of Ann Arbor. I wanted a surgeon that's family with African/ African American Rhino and he is the... READ MORE

My Ethnic Rhinoplasty , After Years of Searching . Best Desicion I've Ever Made!! - Westfield, NJ

It had been an emotional roller coaster over the years trying to find the right surgeon. 6 years and countless consultations. I was always a tomboy always wrestling with my sister and also took up boxing. Somewhere in that timeline my nose became sunken in. The middle appeared to be crushed... READ MORE

African American (Ethnic) Rhinoplasty- VIP International Plastic Surgery Center (Seoul, Korea) - South Korea, KR

As an African American, I've wanted to get my nose done for awhile but was having a hard time finding a doctor. My issue was: ' 1. Flared nostrils, 2. short nose, 3. undefined tip and 4. Very bad Sinusitis (which has progressively gotten worse this past year). In short, I was unhappy with my... READ MORE

17 Years of Thinking About It - New Jersey

I consulted with Dr. Burnett in maybe April/June. It took me 2 months and 1 other consult to decide if he was for me. He does all open rhinos and I decided he would be able to give me dramatic enough results for this bulbous honker of mine. The office was relaxed but professional all at once. He... READ MORE

25,Atlanta Female, Flying to California! - Beverly Hills, CA

Ok, so... There are obviously few reviews with Aftican Americans and Rhinoplasty. I have been researching for years on which doctor I would like to go to. I don't think rushing into this is a good idea. This is the focal point of your face we are talking about!!! Had an appointment with Dr. Paul... READ MORE

32, Finally Ready for a Pretty Profile - Miami, FL

Hi RS! So, I'm writing this under African American Rhinoplasty, even though I'm still not 100% sure I will do it. My journey started a few years ago, but firstly let me say, I love myself, and I think I'm a pretty girl and my body is pretty fierce (120lbs, fit, natural 32DDD breast, and thanks... READ MORE

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