African American Rhinoplasty

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Every nose job is different. Learn the specific characteristics of an African American rhinoplasty.
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I've wanted rhinoplasty since high school. Now, at 31, I'm finally taking the plunge! 5 years ago I got my breast augmentation and couldn't be happier with my choice to do so and I'm really praying I feel the same way after this procedure. This is absolutely be the last surgical procedure I... READ MORE

I have been researching Dr.'s for years now it seem. I have paid for so many consultation that its crazy. I had one with Dr. in Mexico and Dr. O in Belgium whom i thought was rude. But any way this Dr. was referred to me from a Lady here . His name is Dr. Azhar Ali . I Swear to you I love him he... READ MORE

My nose is really unique and I've always hated it and with my recent weight gain, the shape is now more pronounced. I'm scheduled to have the procedure completed in four months with Dr Malhotra of Ann Arbor. I wanted a surgeon that's family with African/ African American Rhino and he is the... READ MORE

I am a 44 year-old, African-American professional female who is 10 days post-op of having a septo-rhinoplasty procedure, which was to repair a deviated septum and cosmetic surgery to reduce nostril flare and elevate the tip of my nose. I've always wanted to have rhinoplasty since my teens, but... READ MORE

It had been an emotional roller coaster over the years trying to find the right surgeon. 6 years and countless consultations. I was always a tomboy always wrestling with my sister and also took up boxing. Somewhere in that timeline my nose became sunken in. The middle appeared to be crushed... READ MORE

I had my rhinoplasty performed by dr lefkoff in Atlanta. He came highly recommended by one of my celebrity clients that wishes to remain 100% anonymous. He had no pictures of his work on black women do I went to him just based on her review and results. I'm faithful he delivered- we will see!... READ MORE

I'm at the point where I need to sit down before I hurt myself, but :ding!: I had an idea shortly after popping my sleeping pills. When I was looking up surgeons, I was mostly looking for surgeons with experience doing ethnic rhinoplasty especially on those of us wIth African descent. It was... READ MORE

I recently met with Dr Oelbrandt to discuss getting a few procedures done to my face. My main concern was my nose and how it spreads when I smile, I wanted a tip refinement and my nostrils brought it, he discussed how this would be achieved with an open rhinoplasty and showed me what I would... READ MORE

Hey guys! I'm excited to share my journey with you all. So I've had a Skype consultation with dr janjua and it went well. First I emailed them some pictures and waited a few days but I didn't see a response back. So I called about 4-5 days later and they said the doctor thinks I'm a good... READ MORE

Day 1 immediately after my surgery still tryng to recover and will keep updated.. Hooefully it was worth it! Dr Maggie and his crew are awesome and ready to help at the drop of a dime... Very personable Doc and crew! I have wanted to do this for a longtime.. Just now going thru with it! ... READ MORE

Ok, so... There are obviously few reviews with Aftican Americans and Rhinoplasty. I have been researching for years on which doctor I would like to go to. I don't think rushing into this is a good idea. This is the focal point of your face we are talking about!!! Had an appointment with Dr. Paul... READ MORE

I have my rhino tomorrow at 6am! I don't want anyone to be able to tell that I'm getting a nose job so I told Dr. Lam that I wanted him to be conservative and only make minor adjustments because I still want to look like myself. He is going to reduce the flare of my nostrils, remove my bump on... READ MORE

I have a big nose and large nostril flare. I've been uncomfortable with my nose since I was 9. That was when I noticed I had a big nose. I thought I would grow into it and end up with a perfect nose like the rest of my family but it never happened. I'm married with two kids and even my youngest... READ MORE

I have always disliked my nose for as far back as I can remember. I finally decided it was time to do something about it and I found Dr. Shah. I had a flat nose bridge and my nostrils were wide ,but now my nose is beautiful. I look like myself ,but better!!! BTW he used my rib and there is... READ MORE

Im looking to get me a new nose because. I always hated my long nose which I got it from my daddy.I don't like it so I want to change it and have a beautiful nose of my it possible you can pick a nose to go good with my face shape? Im in need of help please I looking to get it done... READ MORE

I am mixed race with Afro-brazilian and European, From my mother, i inherited her high cheekbones, crazy freckles and also her narrow width mouth. from my father, a bulbous flat nose and high forehead. The timing was right financially to go ahead and have the tip size reduced and narrowed.... READ MORE

Hi RS! So, I'm writing this under African American Rhinoplasty, even though I'm still not 100% sure I will do it. My journey started a few years ago, but firstly let me say, I love myself, and I think I'm a pretty girl and my body is pretty fierce (120lbs, fit, natural 32DDD breast, and thanks... READ MORE

Hey all, I've been reading a lot of reviews and doing a lot of research on African American rhinoplasty. I have wanted to refine the look of my nose for quite some time now, and I am finally ready and have the time to do it. I feel comfortable with my face, but feel my nose is disproportionately... READ MORE

I am a 23 year old black woman with a huge nose. I see a lot of people post this but no my nose is the biggest I have ever seen. I recently graduated from college and I have always wanted this procedure done. I have dislike my nose since I was 10. I am still confident and feel like I beautiful... READ MORE

Hi! I've been a RealSelf stalker for a few years now (lol) I decided to document my journey since RealSelf has been a HUGE help to me and i hope to maybe help someone else on their journey :) I am Afro-Caribbean. My nose is very bulbous with little bride & tip definition AND wide nostrils. I... READ MORE

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