African American Rhinoplasty

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Every nose job is different. Learn the specific characteristics of an African American rhinoplasty.

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I recently met with Dr Oelbrandt to discuss getting a few procedures done to my face. My main concern was my nose and how it spreads when I smile, I wanted a tip refinement and my nostrils brought it, he discussed how this would be achieved with an open rhinoplasty and showed me what I would... READ MORE

I'm here in Hawaii and I want to achieve a more defined look. I believe I'm beautiful, it's just something I've always wanted. I can't help but be nervous. I keep watching videos and the thing I'm mostly afraid of is pain. I guess I will be posting my journey on... READ MORE

I've never really liked my nose, and it took me a few years to really identify exactly what I don't like about it. I feel the tip is too bulbous, the dorsal hump combined with my naturally deep bridge is a bit weird, and the cartilage portion of the nose is just a bit too wide for my liking.... READ MORE

I am a 23 year old black woman with a huge nose. I see a lot of people post this but no my nose is the biggest I have ever seen. I recently graduated from college and I have always wanted this procedure done. I have dislike my nose since I was 10. I am still confident and feel like I beautiful... READ MORE

Im a young black male that is planning on getting a nose job in the near future. My ideal nose is one that looks natural to my face/ethnic background and retains its masculine feature. I desire the removal of my hump, and narrowing of the bridge and base of my nose as I feel that they are both... READ MORE

I'm one week post op and I'm freaking out! My nose looks bigger than I had before and I know it's too early to tell but I need y'all to give me some encouragement!! I don't think I can go back to work or do anything in public bc there is a difference. I was hoping for something unnoticeable.... READ MORE

I need your help ladies. I am looking to get Rhinoplasty. I was looking into doctor Miami but I am not sure. Any good suggestions? I would like to stay local but I'm ok with travelling if it's worth it. I want it to be more narrow and evened out. I have uploaded a before pic. You can see one... READ MORE

I have always disliked my nose for as far back as I can remember. I finally decided it was time to do something about it and I found Dr. Shah. I had a flat nose bridge and my nostrils were wide ,but now my nose is beautiful. I look like myself ,but better!!! BTW he used my rib and there is... READ MORE

I am so depress right now. I feel all alone. I wish I could go back in time and never had this procedure done. I am 31 years old, and I always wanted my nose done since the age of 17 years old. The surgery it self went smoothly, I'm not in any pain, and the staff was really nice. I was told by... READ MORE

I have been wanting this done since i was a I'm excited and nervous....i want to still look like me but not like me lol if that makes sense. ..i guess what I'm saying is i still want a black girl nose only slimmer and not as wide with more definition my of a bridge ...i will be... READ MORE

I have a big nose and large nostril flare. I've been uncomfortable with my nose since I was 9. That was when I noticed I had a big nose. I thought I would grow into it and end up with a perfect nose like the rest of my family but it never happened. I'm married with two kids and even my youngest... READ MORE

Hi RS! So, I'm writing this under African American Rhinoplasty, even though I'm still not 100% sure I will do it. My journey started a few years ago, but firstly let me say, I love myself, and I think I'm a pretty girl and my body is pretty fierce (120lbs, fit, natural 32DDD breast, and thanks... READ MORE

Ok, so... There are obviously few reviews with Aftican Americans and Rhinoplasty. I have been researching for years on which doctor I would like to go to. I don't think rushing into this is a good idea. This is the focal point of your face we are talking about!!! Had an appointment with Dr. Paul... READ MORE

Hello!! I'm a 27 year old woman and I've been wanting a nose job for as long as I can remember. I'm in the researching phase and I'm trying to find he best surgeon for African American rhinoplasty at a reasonable price. I'm considering traveling to Calfiornia but I would definitely prefer the... READ MORE

I have always thought my nose was a little too wide for my face. I've never hated my nose but I have always been conscious of how much it affects the way I look. I've been thinking about rhinoplasty seriously for 2 years and finally decided to go for it. I'm not looking to completely change my... READ MORE

For the last 5 years I've been wanting a rhinoplasty but have been unsure on doing so. In the African American community plastic surgery is still somewhat taboo especially regarding rhinoplasty people think you are denying your heritage or want to be white but that is not the case for me. I... READ MORE

I have wanted a rhinoplasty since the age of 21 but was too afraid to make any adjustments to my face. I just did not want to have any regrets and at that age I was in nursing school trying to survive. I had my Rhino on 1/15/16 by Dr. Hughes (LA Cali) and I'm excited to get my cast off... READ MORE

I just want a smaller nose, more narrow. I have always been a shame of my big nose. My procedure is march 15th 2016. I m excited n scared as well. I hope he do a good job. I m also getting my butt done, brazilian buttlift. Please keep me in your prayers. I lived 10 minutes away,from where I ll... READ MORE

My nose before was very huge and I had decided that I wanted to get a rhinoplasty done I did and my doctor removed my cast last Thursday March 10 2016 .....when I looked at my nose it was swollen my doctor told me that the swollen take about a year and I can't wait until this is over... READ MORE

I've wanted rhinoplasty since high school. Now, at 31, I'm finally taking the plunge! 5 years ago I got my breast augmentation and couldn't be happier with my choice to do so and I'm really praying I feel the same way after this procedure. This is absolutely be the last surgical procedure I... READ MORE

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How much does African American Rhinoplasty cost?

The typical cost for African American Rhinoplasty ranges from $3,000-$11,448 with an average cost of $6,725. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 110 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more