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Some Questions Regarding Accutane. Will Accutane Leave Marks? What Should I Avoid Eating?

Hello everyone I have a few questions about accutane. (1)What can I eat and what should I avoid? (2)Should I take any vitamins while on accutane?... READ MORE

Accutane and Scarring?

I had a bad inital break out , now I have a lot of red marks but they are fading , and as the marks are fading I can see scarring ,will the scarring... READ MORE

Accutane 3 Months So Far; What's an Appropriate Time to Finish?

Hello everyone ! first of all I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity so my name is Walid i'm 19 , i've been on accutane for 2 months... READ MORE

Can I have laser hair removal done if I have just started low dose Accutane?

I have just started with low dose Accutane (10mg/ day) 2 weeks ago. I haven't experienced many side effects as yet, except some flaking on my upper... READ MORE

6 months post op Accutane, I have oily skin, large pore, and scarring on my face that was not there prior. Is this normal?

I did a 6 month course of accutane and have been off it since April. The reason I went on accutane was excessive oil and some cystic acne. My skin is... READ MORE

Scar Treatments and Timing Post-Accutane?

I am currently on Accutane, which has worked very well on clearing up my acne. I had severe cystic acne, but now I have no active lesions on my face.... READ MORE

Avoiding Further Scarring from Acne Using Accutane?

My daughter has developed pitted acne scarring on her check and under her chin on both sides. We have avoided accutane and now believe she has a form... READ MORE

Is tanning while on isotretinoin a good idea?

I have been going on the sunbeds about 2/3 times a week for 6 mins each time. I haven't exactly burnt from it I'm a little red afterwards and then it... READ MORE

What can I do to prevent an ear cartilage pierced before starting Accutane from scarring? (photos)

I got my ear cartilage pierced over 3 months before starting Accutane, but now that I've been on it for 2 weeks, it has stopped healing properly... READ MORE

I finished Accutane 2 mths ago, I'm left w/ scarring. I know I can't do Laser Resurfacing/Microdermabrasion. What about creams?

I know I can't do Laser Resurfacing / Microdermabrasion. least 6 months but what about creams? I read about Skin Doctors gamma hydroxy skin... READ MORE

How Severe Will my Acne Scars Be? I'm on my 2 Month of Accutane.

I was hoping to get an idea of how severe my acne scars will be after the acne completely goes away. I am on my second month of Accutane. Also will... READ MORE

Is it okay to get Collagen Injections after 2 months off Accutane?

I wanted to know if it's ok to get collagen injections right after accutane. I've only been off about 2 months and my scarring seems to be mainly fat... READ MORE

On Accutane, What Can I Expect?

I've only been on for 5 days but am already experiencing bad dryness all over my face. Firstly, I'd like to know if this is a good sign that the... READ MORE

Should accutane be used for scar healing?

I am an Asian.I am 21 years old.I had acne, I did picking and squeezing. Almost 2 months ago my Acne was nearly gone.But I started to observe some... READ MORE

On Accutane for 2 Mths. I Got a Scope Cut Between my Eyes when I Was Hunting, Scar?

I have been on Accutane for two months. I went deer hunting and shot a doe, which is great; however I got a scope cut between my eyes about 1/2 an... READ MORE

Would a dermatologist prescribe Accutane? How many mg and for how long? Thoughts on online purchase of Accutane (FDA approved)?

Hello, I am 19, female, 48 kg. From age 13 to17 I’ve had mild acne that would appear around my menstrual cycle. I've always used from 2.5% to 5% b... READ MORE

On Accutane after a serieos reaction on cheeks due to dexona. Will Accutane help? (photo)

Iam suffered from serieos reaction due to dexona,on my cheeks and after nothing happened on having 1 month course of normal antibiotics and topical... READ MORE

Piercing on accutane; what can actually go wrong?

Hi, i want to get my ear pierced(like a regular piercing). besides taking longer for it to heal fully, in the long run what can actually go wrong?... READ MORE

My Son is taking Accutane, his face has cleared. Is it safe to use creams or aloe to lighten the scarring while still on meds?

He has been on and off antibiotics as well due to a very large open lesion on his chest(looks like a chemical burn). He has also been on Prednisone.... READ MORE

Accutane + Retin A = Scars? (photo)

I underwent Accutane treatment. However, my former dermatologist prescribed me Retin A to apply topically during Accutane course. I only used it for... READ MORE

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