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Acne Rosacea and Accutane?

I have acne rosacea on my cheeks and nose. I've used many things from antibiotics(minocycline,tetracycline) to topical antibiotics( erytromicin,... READ MORE

Is Post Accutane Flushing Permanent?

I recently finished accutane around mid-February with amazing results, but the only downfall of it was the flushing. Everytime I flush my entire face... READ MORE

How Do I Find a Doctor That Will Prescribe Accutane?

I am 47 and have severly oily skin and very large pores. I have these very enlarged pores allover my face that I have to go in multiple times a year... READ MORE

Accutane Makes my Rosacea Redness Worse. What Can I Do?

I've been battling Acne for some time, and I'm seeing great results from Accutane. However, it makes my Rosacea redness significantly worse. I... READ MORE

Is This Rosacea or Post Accutane Redness? (photo)

I have been off accutane for 1 month now and am starting to worry about my red face. I would like an opinion on whether this is post accutane redness... READ MORE

Does High-dose Accutane Really Potentially Cause Rosacea?

I know that low-dose isotretinoin (accutane) 5mg-20mg daily helps treat rosacea. But, I've also heard but never saw any study that high-dose... READ MORE

2 Months Off From 6 Month Accutane Treatment and Breaking Out Again?

I was on Accutane for 6 months ( I had mild acne and amoxicillin would only work) I have been off of it for 2 months and have begun to break out again... READ MORE

Can Accutane Be Prescribed for Things Other Than Cystic Acne?

Can accutane be prescribed ( and covered by most insurance) for things such as super oily skin, rosacea, or mild acne? Or is it only prescribed and... READ MORE

Acne Rosacea on Roaccutane?

I'm on Roaccutane for near 5 months. My weight is 68 kg and my dose is 40mg daily. I have maybe one pimple, but the problem is that the scars from... READ MORE

Was Told I Have Rosacea and Should Take Accutane, Does That Seem Right? (Photos)

My skin is raised on cheeks. i used harsh acne products and this has been there for months now. looks worse after showering and putting moisturizer.... READ MORE

Accutane for 44 Year Old Female with Rosacea?

I am a 44 year old female in Southern California. I have been diagnosed with Rosacea. I am beginning accutane today at 40 mg per day for 5 months. I... READ MORE

Would you recommend Accutane on regular or ultra-low dose?

Hi, I am a 36 male and diagnosed acne rosacea since 4 years ago. My derm is going to put me on a 10mg/day of accutane for about 1-2 months, then... READ MORE

Diagnosed Acne Rosacea, Already on Accutane. Is It Effective Enough to Treat my Flushing?

I am on accutane from last one week and clindamycin topically.Is it effective enough?Ii do have sever flushing issue, using mild cleanser but as i use... READ MORE

Rosecea concerns on Accutane. (photo)

I've been on accutane for 6 months now. I'm 5'10 150 pounds. I am currently alternating 40mg one day and 80 the next day. I had mild/ moderate but... READ MORE

Is 20 Mg/day of Oral Isotretinoin for Seb Derm with Underlying Rosacea Only on my Nose Too High of a Dose?

I am 21 years old, 150 lbs and have had this condition since I was 12 years old. I have tried almost every topical medication available and nothing... READ MORE

IPL for Moderate Rosacea on Nose (After Taking Accutane)

Hi, I have moderate rosacea on my nose which makes my life miserable. Out of frustration I had one 40mg accutane tablet only once after that i stopped... READ MORE

Is Roaccutane the only option left for me? I have rosacea (Photo)

I got this acnes from a year ago only in my face, My dermotologist prescribed me Epiduo, Dufferin , Any kind of antibiotic , but non of the helps.... READ MORE

Red cheeks causing uneven skin tone. Unknown underlying cause. What could it be? (photo)

Had accutane treatment few year ago. Skin was clear from acne. Skin became less oily and sometimes dry after shower. Cheeks then become red as in... READ MORE

Will a High Dose of Accutane Aggravate Rosacea?

Hi, My dermatologist has prescribed me a high dose of accutane to treat my teen acne. However I also have a minor case of rosacea. I have heard about... READ MORE

Regular Course of Accutane for Cystic Acne and Rosacea? (photo)

I have cystic acne + acne rosacea or papular acne with constant splotchy redness (depends which derm. I ask). Can’t do antibiotics (hives). Will t... READ MORE

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