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Headaches, Heel Pain, Blurry Vision; Should I Stop Taking Accutane?

I have been taking accutane for almost 2 months now. First 2 weeks i experienced a mild headche but it went away with Tylenol, then i was good until i... READ MORE

Does Accutane Cause Sharp Stomach Pain and Digestive Issues?

I have been on Accutane for just over two months and is experiencing severe stomach pain on the left of my belly. Everytime I eat something my stomach... READ MORE

I have an under the skin rash on my hands I think it is related to the Accutane, what can I use? (photos)

I have been on accutane for a little less than a month now and I have a rash on my hands that has been gradually getting worse and is starting to... READ MORE

Accutane & Knee Pain?

Hello, I've recently started running three times a week (I was inactive prior to this except for walking to/from school etc). For the past week or so... READ MORE

I'm using Accutane 20 mg and my skin hurts especially upon contact with anything even my hair. Is this normal? (photo)

Im 23 yrs just graduated from dentistry college and im taking accuatine for the 3rd acne is getting worse and it hurts me so badly even when... READ MORE

I have been on Accutane for 4 months already and whenever I poop, it pains a lot and my butt bleeds a lot.

I have been on accurate for 4 months already and whenever I poop, it pains a lot and my butt bleeds a lot. The toilet basin turns red and I can feel... READ MORE

Initial Breakout on Second regimen of Accutane? (Please Answer, please!)

Hello, I just started my second course of Accutane with 40 mg/day. My previous dose was much higher, started with 80 mg/day and went up to 170 mg/day.... READ MORE

I experienced headaches, blurred vision, nausea and vomiting. Should I be worried?

Day 3 on roaccutane. I take 3 of the 20mg and 1 of the 10mg daily. Today I experienced headaches with a pain of 7 out of 10, blurred vision, nausea... READ MORE

Stomach pains from Accutane?

Severe stomach pains ... believe from taking the drug accutane ... (have had for 30 years) - anything to take to eliminate the pain ... pain lessens... READ MORE

Accutane dosage for mild whiteheads; 20mg or 40 mg?

Hi...I'm suffering whiteheads for last two years n can't stop myself to squeeze them n thts y suffering little scarring ..I'm taking accutane on da... READ MORE

Initial breakout lasting all of month 2, when will I see improvement?

I started accutane 2 months ago, first month was just few new pimples but since the start of month 2 I have had the worst breakout, big and painful... READ MORE

Experiencing severe heel pain on Accutane, especially in the morning. What causes this and what can help?

The only side effect I am experiencing other than the obvious dryness is pain in my heels (the back of my heels, below Achilles tendon, not under my... READ MORE

Will my face break out by taking a month off of Accutane?

Today I went to my follow up appt for accutane. Iv been on it for about 30 days. The doctor asked me about side effects and I told him dryness of... READ MORE

Should I Continue Taking Accutane? Severe Case in Accutane. (photo)

I've been taking accutane for 2 weeks. I'm on 30mg and weigh 115 pounds. I've stopped taking accutane and this is my 3rd week. My face was in so much... READ MORE

Can Accutane Cause Vaginal Bleeding?

Ive been on accutane for 2 months, I only have one month prescription left. I used to take it last year but my acne came back so I'm giving it a... READ MORE

Ultra Marathons and Accutane - What Will Reduce Side Effects?

I am an ultra runner that will be beginning accutane at the end of this month. Can I take joint supplements to avoid injury? Does accutane impact... READ MORE

Joint Pains Side Effect from Accutane?

I'm a 120lb woman just starting my fourth month of Accutane. I've been bumped up to 80mg since 60mg wasn't working for me. I've been experiencing... READ MORE

Facing Accutane side effects

Dear Doctor! Its my third month on accutane acne has greatly decreased but now I have facing stomach pain and a lot of gas ...also gas bloating... READ MORE

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