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After how long can I start seeing progress after taking Accutane?

I have been on accutane for 40 days now and i have been expecting to see prograss but instead my acne is still the same and i have noticed a few new... READ MORE

Can you use facial oils/ coconut oil while on accutane/ roaccutane. What should I use?

I am in my third month of accutane, my skin and lips are starting to get really dry. My skin is flaking and lips are peeling. My dermatologist has... READ MORE

What Can We Do or Take to Help Our Lips Heal?

My daughter and I are on accutane for a month now and our lips getting really dried. The last days my daughter started to have these whites bumps on... READ MORE

To continue with oratane or not?

Hi I'm on oratane,few days ago my lips started cracking and became very dry.Now its worse,they are red, irritable and swollen.What should I do?Stop... READ MORE

Type of cleanser when on Accutane?

Hello. I have mild to moderate acne and I am on my fifth day of accutane( 30mg). I just encountered mild dry lips but when washing my face with an... READ MORE

When will I start seeing results from Accutane (absorica)?

I am currently taking Absorica (accutane) 40mg per day. My dermatologist said I cannot go higher in dosage because of my weight. I've been on it for 7... READ MORE

Redness from Accutane won't go away, I have tried all different types of treatments.

I was on Accutane and it dried out my lips and skin horribly. My face turned completely red and I treated most of the redness with intense... READ MORE

When will Accutane start working for me? If someone can please respond, it would mean a lot! (Photo)

I been on accutane for almost 2 months now .! It's may 15 now and j started April 1st .! I been getting dry lips dry skin and my eyes been red too I... READ MORE

Does the consumption of a single ' tretin-ISO' 20 mg capsule produce side effects?

I just had a single tretin ISO 20 mg capsule last night. However, observing swelling of my eyes and drying up of lips, i have decided to discontinue... READ MORE

As I asked before, I started taking low dosage Accutane (10mg). Should I increase my dose? (Photo)

It is my 5th day on 10 mg accutane and i don't notice any change. I want my forehead to look just better than now within 10 days (christmas is... READ MORE

Second month on Accutane gone from 40 to 50... Major breakout. Help!

I have been on accutane for 6weeks now no side effects apart from dry lips I feel fine. First two weeks I was on 20mg, the last 3 weeks on 40 and this... READ MORE

Almost finished my 6 months treatment on Accutane 30mg/day and been noticing little red bumps on my lips that burn.

My lips very dry, red and look swollen. is this normal? should i be worried? please help! READ MORE

I have severe dry lips, is there a prescription lip balm my dermatologist could prescribe while I am on accutane?

I am on accutane. My lips are SEVERLY dry and chapped. I have every over the counter lip balm you could imagine and use them all religiously... READ MORE

My son has been on Accutane for 2 months now but the side effects are really severe. Should he stop or hang in there? (Photo)

Besides the common dry lips, cracked skin. He has nose bleeds at least 2x a week and vomits at least once a week. He complains of headaches and... READ MORE

It has been 25 days on accutane ! But I still feel like nothing is happening .!! ): it has got in a little worse though (photos)

It's been 25 days . And nothing has happened .! My lips are dry . And my face has been getting dried out too.! Hopefully that's good .! But my acne I... READ MORE

4th month on roaccutane. Struggling with the mental side effects. Should I stop completely or take 1-2 pills a week instead?

I'm on my 4th month of taking roaccutane 20mg and lately the side effects have begun to take its toll on me. I've gone through normal side effects... READ MORE

How well does Accutane work for adult acne?

I'm a 26 year old female starting her 6th month of Accutane out of a seven month treatement (40mg). So far it has worked wonderfully! Though the... READ MORE

I'm on Accutane for rosacea for 2 weeks now on a 30 mg dose?

The rosacea is improving, but my skin is still very oily. My lips are chapped and a small area on my fingers is peeling. How long will it take for the... READ MORE

Nothing helps my dry lips (caused by Accutane). They bleed every day, I use Aquaphor or Vaseline. What's the best thing to use?

I tried lots of chapsticks. I slather my lips with accutane. What's best for intense dry cracked lips ? READ MORE

Does brain fog and inattentiveness subside with Accutane?

A week ago I started 50mg/day Roaccutane. I've had the usual side effects, dry lips, eyes & aching joints, but the most deleterious side effect so... READ MORE

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