Alcohol + Accutane

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Safe to Drink Alcohol While on Accutane?

I went out drinking last night and I'm on Accutane, should I worry? I'm on 60 Mg of Accutane a day, if this is the only alcohol I consume while on the... READ MORE

How Long After Accutane Can You Drink Alcohol?

I'm going to be turning 21 about a month before my course is finished... so I'm going to have a lot of pressure to get really drunk. My... READ MORE

How Long After Stopping Accutane Should I Wait Before I Can Drink Again?

Going on a trip were drinking may be involved. This happens to be at the end of my treatment. How long should I wait? READ MORE

6 Beers on Accutuane 40 Mg?

Should I be worried if I drank 6 beers last night while on Accutane 40 mg? I stopped taking my meds 2 days before drinking. According to my last test,... READ MORE

Can Accutane be stopped for a few days to allow alcohol consumption?

If I Stopped Taking Accutane for 2 or 3 Days Would I Be Able to Drink? Than Go Back on It? READ MORE

I Am Having a Party in a Few Days, Should I Stop Taking Accutane for a Few Days Prior or Continue the Treatment?

My question is if i should pause accutane for 3-4 days prior to drinking or just drink moderately? i weigh 146lb and take 60mg dosage daily of claravis. READ MORE

When Is It Safe To Drink Alcohol, Become Pregnant, Have IPL and More After Accutane?

Could you please advise how long i have to wait after finishing roaccutane to do the following, I have 1.5 weeks left and I have fininshed my course?... READ MORE

How Long After Accutane Can I Resume Consumption of Alcohol?

Would a week be long enough to resume consumption of alcohol? I'm going to Europe for New Years and I can't resist a good bottle of wine or champagne.... READ MORE

After Being on Accutane, How Probable is It That my Liver Isn't Dealing with Alcohol Too Well?

I was on accutane for a couple years. I've had blood work in the past when on it concern my doctor about my liver. Sometimes I feel after drinking... READ MORE

I Consumed Alcohol While on Accutane and After Doing Some Research I Realized You Cant Drink Anything?

I feel like i cant fight infections the same, i have a scrape on my elbox from falling, and it was healing perfectly fine until i drank. Also have... READ MORE

Been sober for awhile...Can I have 5-6 drinks tomorrow night while on Accutane?

I have been on 30 mg Accutane for 4-5 months now. The first couple of months while on the drug, I drank a lot (I attend college in the south). I... READ MORE

Drinking everyday on Spring Break(5-7days) while taking Accutane?

I hardly ever drink maybe once every two months. Im really concerned for spring break as I plan to binge drink for a couple days straight then I'll... READ MORE

Low Dose Accutane - Vacation in Jamaica?

I'm starting a 2nd course of Accutane. My derm Rx'd 40mg od x1 month, then 40mg od/80mg eod for 5 mos. I'm going to Jamaica in 7 wks and am concerned... READ MORE

Waiting Period for Drinking Alcohol After Accutane?

I know that drinking alcohol on Accutane is bad, and I when I was on it I noticed it made me feel sick just having a few sips of alcohol. I've been... READ MORE

Will drinking an excessive amount of alcohol while on Accutane endanger my life?

Im on 30 Mg of Accutane a day and I drink a lot like once or twice a week i drink about 12 shots of vodka and two beers. but at this one party i... READ MORE

When Can I Start Drinking Alcohol Again After Accutane?

If I have taken Accutane for 6 months how long before I can start drinking Alcohol again? I had a severe case of acne a few months back and i was put... READ MORE

I'm 18 and have been on accutane for about a month, your take on alcohol in moderation?

Im currently on 20mg a day and expecting to be bumped up to 40mg soon, i havent drank at all so far however i have a couple of parties coming up and... READ MORE

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