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Is my Accutane Dose Safe?

I am 42 yo cauc. female with moderate hormonal acne flares and was on Accutane (Claravis actually) 6 months ago at 40 mg one day then 80 mg the next.... READ MORE

I'm a 40yo Woman Considering Accutane; Should I Worry About Long-term Effects? (photo)

I took it twice in my early 30s, but only for about 3 mos each time -- it worked, but not permanently. I'm an actress, so I really need to stop... READ MORE

I Have Been on Isotretinoin for About 60 Days. Skin Responded Well to 10mg but with 20 I Have Acne, Redness and Hot Cheeks?

I have been on Isotretinoin sotret for 60 days.took 10 mg for 45 days &my skin responded well.became a lil dry, pimples went away, there was no... READ MORE

Can I Take Isoface-Isotretinoin Forever?

I'm a female 39 yrs old, I've been taking Isoface for about 2 years now. At age 23 a dermatologist prescribed Roaccutane. I had to stop taking it... READ MORE

Is it safe at age 44 to go on Accutane again? I have been on it twice before. (teens then late 20s) (photo)

I have tried many, many, many oral antibiotics over the last 4 or 5 years. Doryx was the last one. That was given by a new derm I have been seeing.... READ MORE

Should I Try Accutane for Adult Body and Face Acne?

I am a 35 yo female who has face & body acne since my late teens. Over the yrs. I have tried everything including clindamyacin, tetracycline,... READ MORE

Accutane Vs Red and Blue Light Therapy?

I had several side effects from Claravis (generic accutane) after a month and had to go off for trying to control VERY oily skin and moderate cystic... READ MORE

Accutane Treatment to Begin Soon when to Stop Minocycline?

I am 44 and always had acne, not severe but persistant and scaring with my olive complection. Doc tried everything else OC & precrip creams and... READ MORE

I'm 39 Years Old an Have Trouble with Cystic Acne on my Neck. Should I Try Accutane?

I'm worried about the side effects. My face is clear, I'm happy with it, it's my neck that I can't clear up. The cystic acne on my... READ MORE

I`m 40 Years Old and Will Be Starting to Take Accutane. I Was Prescribed to Take 30mg a Day for 8 Months. Is That Too Long?

I`m 40 Years Old and Will Be Starting to Take Accutane. I Was Prescribed to Take 30mg a Day for 8 Months. Is That Too Long? READ MORE

Dr Please Iam in Hcg Diet I Lost 70lbs and I Also Taking Accutane I Notice This Horrible Wrinkle?

Dr iam a40 year old i am taking accutane for acne 2times a day 80 miligrams and i noticed this terrible wrinkles in my face iam also finish my hgc... READ MORE

Accutane for 44 Year Old Female with Rosacea?

I am a 44 year old female in Southern California. I have been diagnosed with Rosacea. I am beginning accutane today at 40 mg per day for 5 months. I... READ MORE

Would you recommend Accutane on regular or ultra-low dose?

Hi, I am a 36 male and diagnosed acne rosacea since 4 years ago. My derm is going to put me on a 10mg/day of accutane for about 1-2 months, then... READ MORE

Must i stop taking Accutane if I have a seizure?

I was at a concert last weekend and i started feeling dizzy. I sat down for a while and felt better. A while after standing up, i felt dizzy again and... READ MORE

Have Any Doctors Ever Heard of Isotretinoin Capsule B.P. Manufactured in India Called Eratin 10mg from Kosmica Derma Care?

I have no health insurance, little money & have suffered from cystic acne since my teens that has caused havock in my life where I could have been... READ MORE

Is There Anything to Help with the Flushing?

I am not sure what a normal dosage cycle is, but I am 36, 5'5" and weigh 125lb. My doc prescribed 80mg out of the gate. I am experiencing intense... READ MORE

Isotretinoin shortening your life?

At 27 I was on a high dose accutane for 1 year and it completely cleared my terrible back acne. Now at 44 I am on a lower dose (40mg/d) for 8 months... READ MORE

Clavaris and Puffy Eyelids After Dosage Increase?

Female 44, 134lbs. All blood work great. Just completed month 3 taking 40mg those months. Dry skin/lips the only issue. Dr. raised dose to 80mg last... READ MORE

Is Isotretinoin 10mg Daily Prescribed for Around 3 Months Too Small a Daily Dose for my Moderate to Severe Cystic Acne?

I am 36 male, and still suffer from cystic acne on my face. I also at times have a habit of picking which I did recently which lead to severe... READ MORE

First Day on Claravis and my Heart and Chest Feel Funny?

I'm fe. 43, 115lbs and I'm on my first day of Accutane/Claravis. I have struggled with adult acne for 10+ years now. I've tried just about every thing... READ MORE

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