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Sclerotherapy is an effective treatment for varicose and spider veins. It involves injecting a solution into the vein, causing it to scar, and rerouting blood to healthier veins. The treated veins then collapse and are reabsorbed into nearby tissue and fade. Results can be seen within a few weeks, but multiple treatments may be needed to achieve the desired results. LEARN MORE ›

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Loved Schulman Vein Center - Manhasset, NY

I am astonished to read a negative review of Dr. Lee Schulman. I am a second generation patient; my mom was a patient of Dr. Martin Schulman for over 45 years. Both the Schulmans practice old style medicine, meaning that they know their patients well, treat them like family, and truly care. Dr... READ MORE

31 Much Need Spider Vein Treatment

For years before I decided to go see Ardeth Arman I was disappointed time after time of getting laser treatments at a dermatology office. Ardeth was able to give me a whole new level of confidence I never though I would have again. I had three treatments done on my legs and now I can't wait to... READ MORE

65 Year Old Female - Charlotte, NC

I looked for a physician accomplished in his/her specialty with a caring, compassionate nature. One that understands the essence of total patient care and committed to positive results. I also wanted a skilled and caring team of nurses and staff that set the patient at ease and were truly... READ MORE

42 Year Old Male. Spider Vein Removal on Both Legs. - Richmond, VA

Since young, I had horrible spider veins on both my legs; Maybe from standing up for too long while woking as a waiter. The procedure wasn't very painful and it took 4 visits of about 15 min each. The results were only noticeable after a few weeks, but worth it. I had no idea this was even an... READ MORE

Retired Flight Attendant Taking Care of Legs - San Diego, CA

Ms. Wills, The most recent visit to your facility located in San Diego was a very positive. After committing 15 years to my career, as a flight attendant and a print model for five it was time to take care of my horrible spider veins. After much research I chose Cosmetic Laser Dermatology. I... READ MORE

Smithtown, NY

Terrible experience, felt like I was dealing with a used car salesman. Too long of a story to go into but a lot of aggravation, a lot of money and no results. They charged me cash and proceeded to charge my insurance company also. Everything was done legally BUT very immorally, he really... READ MORE

Swelling in my Legs is Gone! - Atlanta, GA

I went to see Dwayne (the vein guy) and he was wonderful. I have had other treatments elsewhere, and never had the results that I had after Dwayne treated me. While other vein specialists usually give you a 15 - 30 minute treatment, Bulkhead Facial Plastic Surgery treated until they were... READ MORE

Amazing Doctor and Great Procedure - Santa Monica, CA

For years, I had bulging varicose veins & suffered from fatigue & painful calves. After finding Dr. Raffy, I was very happy when he treated my serious condition. After a year & moving out of state, my follow-up sclerotherapy went great. He remembered me, took great care to patiently inspect my... READ MORE

Procedure Exceeded Expectations

Although in my 60s, I still wanted my legs to look good in shorts. Being born with fair skin and not much hair on my arms and legs meant that developing spider veins were more easily viewed. I got tired of using makeup and self-tanning to cover up the problematic areas. After consulting with... READ MORE

49, 5'4 126 Lbs 2 Grown Children - Santa Barbara, CA

I have spider veins nothing terrible but they bother me. I had 2 consults about a year ago. One with a renowned PS office & the other with Amanda at SBVC Both consults went great and I felt I would have been happy with either. I chose the SBVC because I had a nurse friend tell me that many of... READ MORE

50 Year Old Woman with Mega Spider Veins - Dunedin, FL

I am very prone to those awful unsightly spider veins, and my legs looked like a road map! I went with a recommendation to see Julie, which is how I discovered Dr. Laufer's office to begin with. Julie is excellent at Sclerotherapy, and she removed all my veins after a series of treatments. I... READ MORE

Vein Free! - Clarence, NY

Vein disease runs in my family and I had some heavy areas that started when I was in my 20's and one huge unsightly one that I just wanted gone. That vein is completely gone with just a few minor scars that barely show and the clumps of other veins are shrinking and healing nicely.... READ MORE

40 Year Old with Bad Veins on Hands. Manhattan, NY

I have been seeing Dr. Schulman for years now. I initially went to his practice in Manhattan for vein treatment on my hands. It was amazing. They were all gone! I went back for a few "touch ups" over the years...typically either for free or a very low cost as years have gone by since 1st visit.... READ MORE

Sclerotherapy, Venous Closure and Removal, Botox

At the age of 26, after two pregnancies and many years of working on my feet, I developed varicose veins in both legs. I was embarrassed to show my legs and decided to seek treatment. One physician attempted venous ablation on my veins, but was unsuccessful. I was told I would have to undergo... READ MORE

Unsightly Spider Vein Removal - Clarence, NY

I put this off for a long time thinking it would be too painful. Lauren, the assistant, did the procedure and it was not bad at all. A bit of stinging at the injection site when the fluid went in, but overall, not that painful. The needle itself, not painful. You have to wear the compression... READ MORE

Leg, Hand, and Facial Vein Treatments - New York, NY

I sought sclerotherapy treatments for prominent veins on my hands and legs and was pleased to find the Shulman Vein Center. The treatments eliminated the bulging veins on my hands and took many years off their appearance. My legs look much better and I'm ecstatic over the elimination of temple... READ MORE

Awful Awful Awful - Indiana

I'm sooooo disappointed with decatur vein clinic. I cannot even give them the respect to capitolize their name. What a rip off. I wasn't going to write a review until I recognized how important reviews were since treatments there. Decatur vein clinic is the WORSE place I ever seeked help.... READ MORE

23 Year Old Caucasian Female- Large Vein Disease! WORTH IT! - Skokie, IL

After working jobs that required me to stand for long periods of time, my legs would feel super heavy at the end of a shift. My large varicose veins on my calves were super tender-- it hurt to get a calf massage during a pedicure! My mom, who is in her 50s, has large vein disease. After... READ MORE

Clean Up for Legs - Brooklyn, NY

Dr. Hui has done an excellent job of cleaning up the various spider veins on my legs. Some were stubborn and required a second treatment--one or two might require a third. The procedure is mildly uncomfortable as it requires several needle sticks, but Dr. Hui is EXCELLENT in keeping the... READ MORE

The BEST - White Plains, NY

I have been to specialists all over Manhattan- Park Avenue, Fifth Avenue, Lexington Ave and in Greenwich, Ct. NOONE is more knowledgable, thorough & professional than Dr. Gioscia. His is the only Dr to see if you want real, safe results! he spends time with you, answers questions and has... READ MORE

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