How many days do I need to wait to drink alcohol after sclerotherapy?

I had long time plans to meet with an out of town friend for drinks on Friday. It will have been 3 days since my sclerotherapy. Is this okay or do I need to wait longer? Thanks in advance!

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Sclerotherapy - you can drink alcoholic beverages

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There is no relationship between drinking alcoholic beverages after sclerotherapy. Perhaps the confusion is that people get dehydrated if they drink too much alcohol and dehydration can lead to sluggish blood flow and cause clot formation but this is not supported by the literature. 

Can drink alcohol after sclerotherapy.

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I know of no bad effects related to drinking alcohol after a sclerotherapy treatment regardless of the solution used for the sclerotherapy.  Certainly 3 days after the treatment is sufficient time for the solution to be out of your system.

John Landi, MD
Naples General Surgeon

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