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Biocorneum Scar Treatment, Darker Skin Complexion

*I purchased this product with MY OWN MONEY* As such, this reveiw will be completely unbiased... I was cleared by my PS to start using biocorneum on my scars and tissue wounds. I am very curious as to how this gel will effect my scars and skin so look forward to documenting and photographing... READ MORE

Bad car accident scar

I wish I could give Basma 100 stars for her magnificent job!! I had a really bad car accident when I was 16 years old, I was fortunate enough to survive the horrific accident but I did suffer some injuries, one of them being on my arm. I was left with a HUGE scar and for the longest time I tried... READ MORE

25 Years Old, Scar Revision Procedure on 22 Year Old Scar.

I've had this scar in between my eyes since I was 2 1/2 - 3 years old. I was running after a relative around the house and tripped and fell into the glass dining room table. The shards had to be removed and then stitched, and my mom says apparently the doctor didn't do a very good job with the... READ MORE

Keloid Progression

I had gotten a keloid from a piercing after two pregnancies. I talked to my doctor and was referred to go have removal surgery which is a 50/50 chance of effectiveness. My keloid came back way worse and longer than it previously was! I hate this keloid and wish I would've left it alone in... READ MORE

Dr. O is great with scars and has the best sunscreen I have ever used!

Dr. O is the best. After sustaining a burn that left a hideous scar on my face I contacted my former colleague, Dr. O. I knew he was brilliant and passionate about what he does! He took his time to understand my concerns and offerred me some great products. First of all, the sunscreen he has is... READ MORE

Kenalog Injections - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I broke out nearly 2 years ago on my chest. I was left with two red, itchy, angry hypertrophic/keloid scars. I've visited 3 doctors total. The first suggested Carboxytherapy, which I didn't end up doing. The second doctor suggested Kenalog, and I ended up doing 2 rounds with her within 6 weeks... READ MORE

32yr Old, Incurred Face Trauma, Seeking Treatment to Minimize Facial Scar - Pikesville, MD

My facial scar was located right in the middle of my forehead, causing great insecurity. I was nervous about how scar removal procedures worked, if they worked at all. I was apprehensive about possibly having to be cut to excise the scar, and having a bigger scar as a result. When I went to Dr... READ MORE

My one time visit with Dr misbah Khan fixed my botched face -

I was feeling down after my mother passed away - feeling sad and just not feeling pretty I was losing weight so my face was sunk in so I went to Shelton CT a place called diva spa where they carelessly injected my sroundings of my nose went under my deepest tissue in all the wrong places causing... READ MORE

Facial Scars from Trauma - Toronto, ON

Dr Cory Torgerson is awesome! Office staff is delightful and friendly. They are all compassionate professionals! He referred me to another physician colleague of his that will hopefully remove the glass and facial scars I endured from an assault. He said this might be covered by our provincial... READ MORE

52 yo female with a scar over right cheek and left brow and broken nose from bicycle accident Nov 2016

My recovery on my surgical scar is going well. Dr. Cohen was able to release the tethered scar adhesions underneath so the skin would relax and lay normally on my cheek. So he successfully removed my pincushion scar on my cheek. He also added fat to my entire face including the scar over my... READ MORE

Stem Cell Scar Treatment

I've started a stem scell treatmeant in december 2016, to treat old breast scars from a surgery that didn't heal properly. Will be posting the updates and development here. This treatment is combined with a laser session first and then stem cell injections. I'm not sure which laser, I will... READ MORE

Scar Revision

I am really pleased with the outcome of my treatment with Mr Barabas. He gave me my confidence back and was such a fantastic service. Talked me though everything before and after. Highly recommended. READ MORE

Helped with Complication from a Previous Surgery

Dr Rikesh Parikh was great! I had an arm lift in Mexico a couple months ago. I developed a painful seroma and it seemed extreme to travel back to Mexico for it, but then I had a hard rime finding a dr to help me. He didn't turn me sway even though I wasn't his patient. He drained my seroma and... READ MORE

After Breast Augmentation Scar. Using Silicone Gel Sheet. ıs That Normal? - Turkey, TX

3 months after my surgery, i started to use silicone gel sheet (the brand name is: BIODERMIS Epi - Derm ). after 2 months of using, i have checked the photos and i see this results. and i'm thinking that the silicone gel sheets is not working and also it make worse. at this point i need a... READ MORE

Combination Treatment Active Fx - Lafayette, LA

Dr Duplechain is compassionate and caring, and his staff are professional and courteous. He is treating me for facial scars with a combination of lasers, and I'm very pleased with the outcome so far. Going back for another treatment soon as it is a series and I'm driving long distance to be... READ MORE

44 Years Old, Areola Scar Revision - Winnipeg, MB

After having 3 children by the age of 30, I was unhappy with the deflated appearance of my breasts. I always had an hourglass figure (full C to D breasts) and here I was only 30, very athletic but embarrassed about my breasts when naked with my husband. I ended up having a breast lift and a... READ MORE

revision mastopexy / scar revision - New York

As you can see in the pictures I had a breast augmentation done by another Dr. lets just call her Mia. The implants were great but the scaring that she left me with was horrible. The scars were so thick that they hurt when I pressed against them. I never went back to Mia to have them... READ MORE

Laser Treatment of Tummy Tuck Scar. Santa Monica, CA

I'm 18 month post op from a full tummy tuck which turned out well but my scar detracts from the awesome results. Despite trying every scar treatment under the sun, it is still very pigmented and a bit spread out. I did my real self research and found THE DOC to go to for scar treatment and had... READ MORE

Amazing Difference Thanks to Dr. Pacella - San Diego, CA

I waited a while to write this review because I wanted to be sure I gave an accurate representation of "before" and "after". What an incredible difference. I had a large, obtrusive scar in the middle of my face that was no fault of my own and made me very self conscious. Dr. Pacella made the... READ MORE

Scar Treatment for Six Year Lip Lift Surgery - Santa Monica, CA

Dr. Kara is an angel. About six years ago, I went to a different ( not Dr. Kara ) very famous highly qualified Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who had very impressive before and after photos for lip lifts. He was on The Swan and since I'm just a little duckling, I felt sure that the results... READ MORE

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