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Got a scar you’d like gone? Treatments to remove them differ based on the particular scar’s size, texture, and location (that includes any marks left by acne). Plan to hear about laser resurfacing, injectable fillers, and microdermabrasionLEARN MORE ›

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Stem Cell Scar Treatment

I've started a stem scell treatmeant in december 2016, to treat old breast scars from a surgery that didn't heal properly. Will be posting the updates and development here. This treatment is combined with a laser session first and then stem cell injections. I'm not sure which laser, I will... READ MORE

Helped with Complication from a Previous Surgery

Dr Rikesh Parikh was great! I had an arm lift in Mexico a couple months ago. I developed a painful seroma and it seemed extreme to travel back to Mexico for it, but then I had a hard rime finding a dr to help me. He didn't turn me sway even though I wasn't his patient. He drained my seroma and... READ MORE

After Breast Augmentation Scar. Using Silicone Gel Sheet. ıs That Normal? - Turkey, TX

3 months after my surgery, i started to use silicone gel sheet (the brand name is: BIODERMIS Epi - Derm ). after 2 months of using, i have checked the photos and i see this results. and i'm thinking that the silicone gel sheets is not working and also it make worse. at this point i need a... READ MORE

Combination Treatment Active Fx - Lafayette, LA

Dr Duplechain is compassionate and caring, and his staff are professional and courteous. He is treating me for facial scars with a combination of lasers, and I'm very pleased with the outcome so far. Going back for another treatment soon as it is a series and I'm driving long distance to be... READ MORE

44 Years Old, Areola Scar Revision - Winnipeg, MB

After having 3 children by the age of 30, I was unhappy with the deflated appearance of my breasts. I always had an hourglass figure (full C to D breasts) and here I was only 30, very athletic but embarrassed about my breasts when naked with my husband. I ended up having a breast lift and a... READ MORE

revision mastopexy / scar revision - New York

As you can see in the pictures I had a breast augmentation done by another Dr. lets just call her Mia. The implants were great but the scaring that she left me with was horrible. The scars were so thick that they hurt when I pressed against them. I never went back to Mia to have them... READ MORE

Laser Treatment of Tummy Tuck Scar. Santa Monica, CA

I'm 18 month post op from a full tummy tuck which turned out well but my scar detracts from the awesome results. Despite trying every scar treatment under the sun, it is still very pigmented and a bit spread out. I did my real self research and found THE DOC to go to for scar treatment and had... READ MORE

Amazing Difference Thanks to Dr. Pacella - San Diego, CA

I waited a while to write this review because I wanted to be sure I gave an accurate representation of "before" and "after". What an incredible difference. I had a large, obtrusive scar in the middle of my face that was no fault of my own and made me very self conscious. Dr. Pacella made the... READ MORE

Scar Treatment for Six Year Lip Lift Surgery - Santa Monica, CA

Dr. Kara is an angel. About six years ago, I went to a different ( not Dr. Kara ) very famous highly qualified Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who had very impressive before and after photos for lip lifts. He was on The Swan and since I'm just a little duckling, I felt sure that the results... READ MORE

Scar Revision Turned into a Painful Hypertropic Scar - Avoid Dr. Benjamin Schlecter. Wyomissing, PA

Dr. Benjamin Schlecter of Spring Ridge Cosmetic Surgery Center assured me that he could minimize a flat, pain-free scar with surgery. What I ended up with was a very painful hypertropic scar. Dr. Schlechter was extremely uncaring about the result of his surgery. I would NOT recommend Dr.... READ MORE

Frown Line Scar & Implant Incision Revisions - Carmel, IN

When I was a toddler I fell and cut open my forehead between my eyebrows which needed stitches and left a thin scar. Unfortunately, because of its location in the "11's" frown line it has become indented and more noticeable as I've gotten older. I tried Botox and several laser treatments... READ MORE

Erbium Laser - San Francisco, CA

Sorry about my English first. ^_^ My acne scar bother me for Such long time. After i talked to few Doctor in my area. I think is about time do it. My Scar is very Deep. I want do CO2 laser. but end up with Erbium laser. because seems alot Doctor I talked to afraid I get hyperpigmentation... READ MORE

Eyebrow Piercing Scar Revision - United Kingdom

So I got my eyebrow pierced around 8years ago and was left with a scar throw my eyebrow, I also had a fall and split my face just under my eyebrow scar which then made another scar. It didn't bother me for a few years untill through the summer months when the sun would shine and show dents in my... READ MORE

Keloid Scar-- Beverly Hills, CA

Hello, i would like to know if there is any cream or new treatment to reduce scars. I had a keloid in my shoulder due to an inyection that git infected when i was little. The scar was the size of a penny, but me unexperienced, i went to a doctor who did laser treatment on my scar and ended up... READ MORE

Keloid Treatment- Steroid Injections. Santa Monica, CA

I‘m currently seeing Dr. Karamanoukian for steroid injections to minimize a keloid left after a mole removal a couple years ago. The keloid is on my lower back and is about 1 1/2 inch long and 1/2 wide. It's red and a bit raised. I had my initial consultation on February 4. I only waited 1... READ MORE

A Scam Artist Wrapped in a Neat Lab Coat - Providence, RI

Note: I had sent Dr. Enzer a few emails about this, and his response pretty much was "Oh well. Sorry you feel ripped off. Nothing I can do about it." Had he been more accommodating, I probably wouldn't be as upset as I am now. I even waited an entire year to write a review to see if I cool off... READ MORE

24 Year Old, Young Professional with Major Damage to my Forehead - Beverly Hills, CA

I was injured playing softball. I ended up have a very serious head injury with a very serious gash in my head. The injury wasn't jus any normal injury that any er nurse or surgeon could take care of . I requested Dr. Grewal knowing I would be in great hands and that this was a face injury... READ MORE

Chicken Pox Scars Revision. Excision of Two White and Pitted Scars - United Kingdom, GB

I had adult chicken pox and was left with white, pitted and circular scars, two of which were highly noticeable on my forehead. Make up does not cover the whiteness of the scars effectively, so I wanted a permanent solution. I had laser treatment on these, but it was clear that this would make... READ MORE

32 Yr Old Male, Crashed Bike and Cut Open Eye Brow. Valencia, CA

I had a cycling crash about 4 months ago. I crashed on a Monday morning not far from this office. My wife had gone there previously so I knew where it was. I called and said that I had a bad cut on my head and probably need stitches. Once I assured them that I did not have a concussion and did... READ MORE

Scar Pain for over a Year After Breast Reduction &kenalog Shots, Silicone Sheets, Creams & Massage

I finally saw the new plastic surgeon. Since I have already tried massage, silicone strips & gel for an extensive period of time, creams prescribed by the dermatologist, Cymbalta and kenalog shots ("flattening part of scar with evidence of residual steroid deposits") I have been referred to... READ MORE

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