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Got a scar you’d like gone? Treatments to remove them differ based on the particular scar’s size, texture, and location (that includes any marks left by acne). Plan to hear about laser resurfacing, injectable fillers, and microdermabrasionLEARN MORE ›

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Dr. Benjamin Schlecter of Spring Ridge Cosmetic Surgery Center assured me that he could minimize a flat, pain-free scar with surgery. What I ended up with was a very painful hypertropic scar. Dr. Schlechter was extremely uncaring about the result of his surgery. I would NOT recommend Dr.... READ MORE

Note: I had sent Dr. Enzer a few emails about this, and his response pretty much was "Oh well. Sorry you feel ripped off. Nothing I can do about it." Had he been more accommodating, I probably wouldn't be as upset as I am now. I even waited an entire year to write a review to see if I cool off... READ MORE

I was injured playing softball. I ended up have a very serious head injury with a very serious gash in my head. The injury wasn't jus any normal injury that any er nurse or surgeon could take care of . I requested Dr. Grewal knowing I would be in great hands and that this was a face injury... READ MORE

I had adult chicken pox and was left with white, pitted and circular scars, two of which were highly noticeable on my forehead. Make up does not cover the whiteness of the scars effectively, so I wanted a permanent solution. I had laser treatment on these, but it was clear that this would make... READ MORE

I had a cycling crash about 4 months ago. I crashed on a Monday morning not far from this office. My wife had gone there previously so I knew where it was. I called and said that I had a bad cut on my head and probably need stitches. Once I assured them that I did not have a concussion and did... READ MORE

I finally saw the new plastic surgeon. Since I have already tried massage, silicone strips & gel for an extensive period of time, creams prescribed by the dermatologist, Cymbalta and kenalog shots ("flattening part of scar with evidence of residual steroid deposits") I have been referred to... READ MORE

I like the outcome, I just wished he would have revised my Belly button, I will see how the Kenalog shot work and see what he say the next time I see him. The office staff is great, his very professional and gets right to the point. It was quick and simple, I had pain for like 2 days and by day... READ MORE

There are no words to describe this great man. Recently, I endured a dog bite to my face. Dr. Terrasse came to the ER per my request. Below you will see photos of the before and after. I am a 59 year old woman. I wish I can post the dramatic results in better detail. I trust him with my... READ MORE

Unfortunately, I had a very poor surgical outcome from another surgeon. I called Dr Joe Gryskiewicz' office looking for wound care- nine inches of necrotic/dead tissue from a neck/face surgery. He was very kind, offered supportive care, cleaning and treating horrible wounds, and provided hope. I... READ MORE

I have these for a long time now. I hope you can help me. I am very eager to know how to lose these scars. Thank you for helping me. I want to wear skirts and shorts but im shy to do it. Hope doc u will discuss and explain what kind of procedure that suits my problem. It's a big help for me to... READ MORE

After an excision, I was going to have a large scar on my penis - which naturally wasn't going to make me feel very comfortable in sexual situations. I went to Dr. Jacob Bloom to treat the healing area so that it would not leave a big scar, and he created an enormous disaster. He burned all of... READ MORE

I had a accident in Jamaica that led to a deep gash on my forehead above my eye. The "doctor" that treated me completely botched the stitch job. I was left with a very ugly scar prominently featured on my face. I was devastated. I went to see Dr Lee and even he managed my expectations about... READ MORE

Yesterday was the first time I had my keloid treated after 5 years of getting the darned scars (2 of them). my doctor advised me to come for treatment every 5 weeks for steroid injection while applying steroid cream every night before i sleep. The doctor mentioned that it takes approximately... READ MORE

I had seen doctor after doctor to try to seek help for my Keloid. I tried everything on the market to find relief. Throughout my 25 years with my keloid, I had 5 plastic surgeries to remove it, I tried steroids, compression garments, gels, serums, lotion, everything. Nothing has helped me like... READ MORE

I bought a cream from Protege called flawless after sending my scar picture to them (Customer service) to check if it will work and the answer (on the same day)was "Yes" plus we have 100% money back guarantee. After 6 weeks I saw no results so sent on their facebook page inbox message and... READ MORE

I'm 18 month post op from a full tummy tuck which turned out well but my scar detracts from the awesome results. Despite trying every scar treatment under the sun, it is still very pigmented and a bit spread out. I did my real self research and found THE DOC to go to for scar treatment and had... READ MORE

It's a little too soon tell, but my TT scar looks so much better. Still have swelling in all areas. Have to wait and see.... I highly recommend Dr. Diehl as a Plastic Surgeon. I thought I was never going to find right Surgeon to help me. He is caring and so easy to talk to. I searched high... READ MORE

Dr. Schooler is one of the most knowledgeable, friendliest, and caring physicians you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. I immediately felt comfortable and safe under his care. He saved my hand and the scar can barely be seen. I am very happy with my physician and my surgery. His office... READ MORE

You must get the embrace gel sheets for scarring they feel great and I am having such a great result. I went one week without them and I noticed a difference in the healing. I am hooked on the embrace silicone gel sheets. I cannot wait to reveal my scarring from my complete brachioplasty.... READ MORE

She flatten my 2 large keloids in my back and upper arm. She won't promise you anything, but she does know what she's doing. Very professional doctor. We.are doing the injection once a month. She will do.pulse dye laser on sept. For $200/session. She recommended 3 sessions. She.also improve my... READ MORE

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