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Many methods are available to lessen the appearance of scarring, and the one used will depend on the severity of the scar. Non-surgical methods include injectable fillers for concave scars, light therapy, lasers, dermabrasion, and chemical peels. Deeper scars require surgery to remove.

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Scar Revision-31 Years Old, Suffered from a Facial Scar- Los Angeles, CA

Tomorrow is my surgery at Spalding institute with dr grace Peng. I'm very excited and nervous. I will keep everyone updated throughout my journey. It took me a lot of courage to finally do something about this scar. It has always bothered me. when i was 5 years i was playing on top of my sister,... READ MORE

Pump on Upper Lip That Won't Go Away. It's Been 3days Now After I Remove the Stitches - North Kansas City, MO

To flatten out pump on my upper lip. Was playing softball when I got hit by the ball. Stitches done on my lip on the 10th of sept, removed on the 15th. Wondering how if there are home remedies I can use to flatten the pump out and make the scars not visible as much. I just want the pump to... READ MORE

Scar Revision Has Left a Big Red Mark

I had a deep scar on the bridge of my nose that was caused by cystic acne. It was very visible since it was slap bang inbetween my eyes. The dermatologist discussed CO2 but as this could only smooth the edges of the scar, a scar revision was more suitable (cutting the scar out). I agreed this... READ MORE

Awesome Scar Revison!! - Charlottesville, VA

Okay, story time gather around. Early 2015 I decided to give myself a brow-lift as a birthday gift. I found a local "General Plastic surgeon" who claimed to be experienced in brow lifts and was willing to offer the procedure at a great price and promised great results which were, paper thin... READ MORE

Excellent Results! - Manhattan, NY

I interact with dozens of professionals throughout my day, so the first impression my appearance gives is very important to me. I'll bet you can't tell where my incision was made! I am ecstatic with the results I got from my procedure with Dr. Antell, and would recommend him without hesitation... READ MORE

Monroe and Dermal Piercing Scar Removal - Oakbrook, IL

I took my Monroe piercing out about 3 years ago (I had it for around 15 years) which left me with an awful tunnel scar. I also had a dermal piercing that was rejecting that I wanted to have removed. I had the procedure done in office he numbed both areas before. The dermal took about 5 mins to... READ MORE

Hands Scars, Are They Worth Removing? - Kuala Lumpur, MY

I have dark red scars from a car accident that happened almost a year ago. i have been applying mederma off and on but it doesn't really improve the skin complexion. I am wondering whether anything can be done to improve the condition of my hand. i am happy to consider any possible ways to treat... READ MORE

Scar Excision/Facial Piercing - Cheyenne, WY

When I was 17, I had my lip pierced and took it out not long after and then had it re-peirced two years later. I am now 27 and left with an ugly hole underneath my bottom lip. Today, I had the scar excised. My Dermatologist used a 4mm punch and double stitched the wound. Those who get punch... READ MORE

3 Scars - New York, NY

I know they are small but I really hate them. They look worse in person. Anyone would recommend on any treatment I can do? I try the cream and scar sheet and they don't seem to help. I really want them fade away more. I feel so unconfidence wearing sleeveless clothes. Please help me. I been... READ MORE

Scar No More - Dallas, TX

The keloid scar located on my arm has always bothered me and made me felt self conscious whenever I wore a sleeveless top. The scar was about an inch long that was red and puffy. After the scar removal operation, within a week, I noticed significant difference in the appearance of the scar -... READ MORE

Scar Excision on left Cheek - Laguna Woods, CA

I finally took the decision of doing my scar excision. I have to admit that I am a little scared about getting a worse scar but I believe that if I follow the doctors instrucciones I will be fine. I got this Scar from acne 11 years ago, I it has bother me ever since. I have seen that other... READ MORE

I Am 60 Years Old and a 14 Year Breast Cancer Survivor - Savannah, GA

Having been through all the procedures with a bi-lateral mastectomy and lat flap reconstruction I had just 1 more scar from basal cell carcinoma . Dr Luke Curtsinger did a procedure on me that looks 100% better. His staff was fantastic and made me feel like a million dollars. It is refreshing... READ MORE

24 Yr Old Asian Female Had Scar Revision of Facial Chickenpox Scars - Mandaluyong City, PH

I had adult chickenpox January last year. It was one of the most aweful experience I've ever had in my life. My self esteem went down the hill during the "breakout" stage and ultimately after, I was left with hundreds of scars all over my body. Thankfully, to this day, some have been blurred... READ MORE

51 Year Old Mother of 3 with a Childhood Scar That Seemed to Age Me Through the Years - New York, NY

I had a Brazilian but lift and love it. But, what I love the most is what I see in the mirror every morning. My scar.....GONE! My scar disappears with just a little bit of make up and is barely visible without Mika it's only been a fantasy of mine to have the face I was born with thank you Dr... READ MORE

Scar Removal - New York, NY

I would like to have this scar removed asap. I told the doctor that I needed at least 40 ml of cortisone had to be included in the incision after stitching but he told me I had to do it afterwards. It wasn't as effective. Now I tried to cover it up with a tattoo but that didn't hide it. I would... READ MORE

24 Years, Europe, Scar Removal with Plastic Surgery

2 years ago i had herpes zoster (also known as shingles) which left two deep scars on my forehead. After 2 years suffering i decided to remove them withe plastic surgery. I was lucky that I spent my time in Brasil, where they have one of the best knowledge with plastic surgeries. Sorry for my... READ MORE

Scar Treatment on the Way..!!

Hello, i need to start by saying that i have a keloid on my shoulder. It was a the size of a penny, after trying to remove it with all kids of surgeries, cream, lasers and whatnot i gave up. I spent so much money, and i have learned that my scar will never go away. I have met wonderful people... READ MORE

Scar Revision Z Plasty Brisbane

I had a z plastic scar revision done on my forehead I previously had a straight scar between my eyebrows that resulted in a motor vehicle accident I was in over ten years ago. I thought it was time to do something about it to improve the cosmetic appearance. Although it did improve over time it... READ MORE

Recent Accident with Disfiguring Scar Just Below Lower Lip on Chin. Bedminster, NJ

I had an accident where I was sitting on a stool not paying much attention, leaned forward too much and ended up hitting my chin on the edge of a table, resulting in 25 sutures. After nearly 1+ years of me having spent time and a considerable amount of money at a different doctor that simply... READ MORE

25 Year Old African American - Brooklyn, NY

I'm 25 I am African American I've had this scar for over 5 year from a injury it is in between my eyes it is small and flat dark scar I've use bleaching and scar creams none work for me I've been told cause I have dark skin I can't use laser possibly in the past ?idk but I wanna get something done READ MORE

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