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1 Child C Section Scar - Pensacola, FL

I love my results so far will keep an update. So far healing very nicely: I hated my scar before after my c section my stitches came open and I had to pack a wound and was left with a terrible scar. Tricked referred me to a plastic surgeon and he did a great job. Hoping the results stay. I am... READ MORE

Surgicial Scar Revision

Dr. Sobanko gave me a hyperkeratotic scarring during my scar revision and my scar is worse. He would not diagnose this scar or help me to find another doctor. He even had me come to the office for an appointment just to talk and tell me to put make-up over it. I can not put make-up over a... READ MORE

Neck Scar Revision - 10 Years After Injury

I'm 29 years old now but when I was 19 years old I was running and took a short cut through my neighbors backyard. That short cut ended with me on my back with blood running down my neck. My friend was behind me so he came running and saw what happened and took me to the hospital. I ran into a... READ MORE

Facial scar is gone

I had a Marilyn Monroe piercing hole that would not close for 2years .I came cross dr.b through a groupon ..after i finally had the courage to do something about it dr.b did a wonderful job !!! Im very please with the results and will continue to visit dr.b for future procedures! READ MORE

Hypertrophic Scar Revision on Neck - Calgary, AB

I have a 4 cm long hypertrophic scar on my neck from a chemical burn. It started out small and almost unnoticeable so I left it thinking it would just heal normally. As the weeks went by I noticed it started getting more raised and red. I tried silicone scar creams and scar tapes but all they... READ MORE

Scar removal

I have had this scar for about 15yrs.it bothered me. I consulted with several ps.When I was told I couldn't remove the scar completely, I was heart broken but they say I could trade previous old scar for a better one.I felt better when I was told I could be Better.so I took my chance and it was... READ MORE

Finally gone!

Had an old scar on forehead for 14 years and finally consulted dr davin today. He was very professional and offered good advice. He performed a subcision and the scar has visibly improved. Look forward to recovery! READ MORE

Nasty Large Scar-gone

I had a nasty large area of scars on my leg which made me very self conscious in the summer and when swimming, after 3 operations I have a much smaller thin scar from the surgery site The team at purity bridge were fantastic and so kind an supportive and Mr Pacifico was an excellent surgeon. I... READ MORE

31 Year Old, Old Forehead Scar Revision - Vancouver, BC

I have this procedure done today. Dr. Bunonassisi was very nice . The meeting was very informative. He answered all my questions and I have made this decision to get rid of this 25 year old-scar. I have this scar because of an accident while driving a bicycle during my childhood. Dr.... READ MORE

26, Finally Removing Keloids from Ear - Atlanta, GA

Bonjour ! I'm a 26 year old Mommy who is finally focusing on myself. I separated from my partner last year, which was long overdue. I'm now on a journey to reclaim my vibrancy and happiness. 2017 is my year! I'm finally getting my keloid removed & hopefully getting a BA in December. I got... READ MORE

Scar Revision-31 Years Old, Suffered from a Facial Scar- Los Angeles, CA

Tomorrow is my surgery at Spalding institute with dr grace Peng. I'm very excited and nervous. I will keep everyone updated throughout my journey. It took me a lot of courage to finally do something about this scar. It has always bothered me. when i was 5 years i was playing on top of my sister,... READ MORE

Be Aware!

First off let me just say this doctor switched Dr offices. He used to be at Vanity Cosmetics which has now changed their name to Eres Plastic Surgery. I went to him for a scar revision that another Dr at CG Cosmetics burned my boob then wrapped them up in bandages so i wouldn't see it. Anyways... READ MORE

Scar Excision - Dearborn Heights, MI

OK I'm going to make this review to help others my best advice to you is go to a surgeon that will perform the surgery and a hospital because that's where I went today a real hospital so I've had the burn for seven years has been bothering me for so long today I am happy to say that it is half... READ MORE

Scar Revision

I had a scar from a burst appendix operation when I was 12 year old and over years it had got worse. A surgeon told me I needed a 7k tummy tuck so I almost gave up. I found Mr Hurren and wow I look like I've had a tummy tuck the scar had almost gone ! I am amazed at his fabulous work. 5 weeks... READ MORE

Scar Revision After Breast Reduction/Lift

So I go in for my scar revision on my right breast after a serious wound that developed just two weeks after breast reduction/lift surgery. (see earlier posts) Its been one year since my breast reduction/lift. I really didn't want this scar revision but I almost feel forced to do so because... READ MORE

Rian A maercks Is worse experience in my life

Dr rian is horrible doctor I ever experience . he ruined my life after his unauthorized procedures I can't regnize my body anymore .. I would not recommend dr Rian A maercks to anyone after my experience READ MORE

Forehead Scar Revision Surgery - Long Island, NY

My reason for surgery was I wanted to get rid of an atrophic scar on my forhead. Scar was formed this past August after someone accidentally broke a beer stine on my of my face while dancing at a wedding in Scotland- freak thing! The Scottish are wild! There happened to be a lot of doctors... READ MORE

Severe Scar Indentation on Buttocks

I've went to 3 doctors and have had 3 surgeries to fix a scar from a Brazilian butt lift. I had a severe case of cellulitis after my surgery which left me scarred for a few years. I attempted to fix the scar 3 times and every time it was an absolute fail. I had given up. Finally, another doctor... READ MORE

Scar Correction. Oklahoma City, OK

Just set my surgery date today. Not doing general anesthesia but IV sedation. Had mastopexy on 12/23 with augmentation. Experienced multiple incisions popping open on my left side that most likely will require this procedure. Hoping to have the same healing that my right side had afterward. Has... READ MORE

Scar Revision on Face - Poughkeepsie, NY

I have had a scar underneath my eyebrow for years, and it has always bothered me. I tried scar removal gels and silicone, got chemical peels, etc. but none of them gave good results so I finally decided to just get scar revision done, I got a surgical excision of the area and then the doctor... READ MORE

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