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Restylane is a collection of injectable fillers used to treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles, smooth marionette lines around the mouth, and plump the lips. Restylane fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin. Results typically last between three to six months. LEARN MORE ›

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Doctor Lingam is the only doc I trust with my face

My biggest fear is looking like I've had work done. Doctor Lingam consistently keeps me looking fresh, natural and never overdone. People are shocked when I tell them I get Restylane in my lips and Botox. READ MORE

Under Eye Filler Using Restylane Has Caused Tearthrough Area Stretch Marks After 6 Months

I am Male 33 who works out every 3 times a week in gym . I underwent under eye filler with restylane in december 2016 . Although it did well initially but after 6 months I m seeing Tearthrough has a stretch mark on left eye . The fillers actually moved a bit low under left eye causing... READ MORE

I had an amazing results

Dr. De La Cruz is simply amazing. I am very happy about my results. I had a deformity in my chin and he injected a filler (restylane) to correct my deformity. They now look symmetric. Now I feel more confident. The best thing about my procedure with him is that i had immediate results with no... READ MORE

Restylane Destroyed my Life - Germany, DE

At first sorry for my bad englisch. I hope you will understand me anyway. I am a man, 34 years old and I come from Germany. In 2005 I had an injection with restylane in my nasolabial folds. 3 years later the restylane spread to the direction of my philtrum and it grew some bumps on the left... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Hollows

I have upper eyelid hollows and my eyes look so sunken in, Dr. Kalwerisky performed some magic with filler. The procedure went fast, Dr. Kevin numbed the area under my brow bone and then with a micro cannula injected the Restylane. The results are truly amazing, I look less tired and much more... READ MORE

Scar. 22 stitches. Minimized!!!

Dr. Gavrilla is amazing. I was bit by a dog in 2001 on my left cheek. It left me with a scar on my face. 22 stitches. I am a rep the Aesthtic field - so I am privy to all Plastics and derms that have done many different things to try and minimize this scar. For the first time in my life- I... READ MORE

A unquie understanding of my face, profession and life. Excellent, by any metric.

Excellent experience. I received both Restylane filler and Botox. Dr. Somenek has always left me looking refreshed and natural versus looking too "done" or end up with a "frozen" face that doesn't move with your natural facial expression. As a woman of a certain age (50-something) in a fairly... READ MORE

My new go-to Medspa from here on out

Hands down, one of the best Medspa experiences in San Francisco. The office is chic and gorgeous, the staff is incredibly friendly, and they have top notch equipment and technology throughout. Dr. Mabrie is a true artist. I went in for voluma and restylane, leaving more than pleased with my... READ MORE

Wouldn't go anywhere else!

Dr. Flashner is not just a great doctor, but has an an amazing, down to earth, "bedside manner". Approachable, So easy to talk to and does wonderful work! Comfortable and knowledgeable. My go to guy! READ MORE

Juvaderm and restylane injection- a bit disappointed

My experience with Dr Marbie is positive. I had appointment last Friday to do the filler (juvaderm mid face cheek and restylane). I visited doctor two months ago, asking for his opinion regarding fillers. At the beginning I was convinced, I need only restylane under my eyes, but he advised me to... READ MORE

Restalyne Lip Filler Small Lips

So I decided to get some fillers in my lips while I was recovering from my breast augmentation. I didn't tell my husband as I was staying with my parents and he didn't notice but did mention that my lips looked sexy lately. Lol. So that was nice. My sisters noticed a difference while we were... READ MORE

Restalyne injections for lips and laugh lines

Got injected for the first time with restalyne for my laugh lines and lips this Thursday (July 20, 2017). Dr. Apostolakis did such a great job on my nose and has taken really good care of me; that I trusted his recommendations. I told him that I'm turning 40 soon and I'm getting my midlife... READ MORE

First Time Lip Fillers (32 Y/o)

I've always felt my lips were a little thin and decided to get fillers. She used 1 syringe of restalyn. I made the mistake of watching videos of the procedure online so I was terrified, it looked so painful. She gave me some numbing cream to put around my lips, some tylenol, and prednisone at... READ MORE

Lips and Chin

Wanted to provide before and after photos for anyone on the fence or who might be interested in doing lip or chin augmentation using dermal fillers. One syringe in lips, both top and bottom and one syringe in chin to help with asymmetry issues. For lips, the day after was the worst (as many... READ MORE

25-35 Year Old Restylane Under Eyes Tear Trough

I kind of have undefeated bags and a slight crease under my eyes that magnifies it all. The trait is hereditary unfortunately. I honestly felt like make up didn't do the trick to cover it all. I researched for about a year and finally decided to choose Dr Gordon to give me restylane shots to... READ MORE

Tear Trough Filler to Remove Under Eye Bags with Restylane - Munster, IN

I am sooooo happy i did this treatment!!! I hated the puffy bags under my eyes always making me look old and tired. I had restylane injected into the tear trough to fill in the line that made my eyes look saggy. The procedure was quick and painless!!! The doctor (who was wonderful!) did a... READ MORE

Restylane Tear Trough Under Eye Hollow Filler

Went great! Minimal swelling and bruising, went away after two to three weeks. Didn't do any of the anti-bruising recommendations pre-treatment. I bruise so easily I didn't think anything would help anyway. Gloria Saiz (cnp at Dr Mayberry's office) must be really talented because I came out... READ MORE

Dr. Mabie is amazing!

If your looking to enhance your face in any way, Dr. Mabrie is your man (Doctor)! I drive up from the L.A. area because I love the results and experience he provides every time. Dr. Mabrie is very personable and will address any concern you have. And his work is amazing, subtle and a work of art... READ MORE

37years Old, Weight Loss, Melted Face!

I havent had the procedure yet but I have a consultation on 10th June with a plastic surgeon for fillers. I can't really afford all what I want filled at the same time so I am starting with the tear troughs which is my main concern, then a month or 2 after would like the nasabial folds corrected... READ MORE

48 Needed a Facial Boost! Tired Sunken Eyes

Was very nervous as very reputable doctor wouldn't do the restylane under eyes.. he instead did fillers on temples and lower cheek area! I never even considered my temple but he did a good job and I love it! Went to get my under eyes four days later at dermafx in redondo beach because it was... READ MORE

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