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Radiesse is an FDA-approved injectable filler used to treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles and smooth marionette lines around the mouth. It can also be used to correct volume loss in the back of the hands. In many patients, results can last a year or more. LEARN MORE.

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47 Year Old Women Wanting A Fresher, Uplifting Face - Grand Junction, CO

Dr. Merkel, and his staff are awesome! I've been going to Dr. Merkel's office since 2012 with various needs; Botox, Fillers, Fat Transfer. I always look forward to visiting with Dr. Merkel. He is very kind, and helpful in guiding me through which process might best suit my needs. Dr. Merkel... READ MORE

Kate Shepherd Gives the Best Radiesse Injections I've Ever Had - Portland, OR

Hi, Over the years, I've had several injections of Radiesse and Voluma but I had my first with Kate today. This was Radiesse for cheek filler. Kate gives the best injections I've ever had. She looks carefully at your face and fills in what's absolutely right for you. She's an artist. The... READ MORE

46 Year Old Radiesse in Cheeks - Dallas, TX

So I do a lot of research. I've been looking on this site daily to read about experiences, if I should do it or not, if I should use Perlane or Radiesse or something else....etc. I have to read the good, bad and sad. You need to be informed, aware and your own advocate. I felt I also had to... READ MORE

32 Years Old and Looking Tired! - Fayetteville, NC

I was finding myself in my 30s looking tired all the time, no amount of concealer could camouflage the bags under my eyes. Dr. D took the time to explain the cause of my bags and different options to get rid of them. I was extremely nervous of looking over done but he took the time to assess my... READ MORE

Radiesse Left Me with a Muppet Face and Hollow Eyes!! Help!! - Belgium, BE

Hi! I'm 33 years old man, and I went in March 2015 to a plastic surgeon for a liquid lifting with Radiesse. He said that the Radiesse will not harm at all, will increase the volume in my face and will not be noticable for other people. So now I'm left with a face that looks like a muppet and I... READ MORE

60 Years Old Male. I'm a TV Show Host, my Image is Very Inportant for Me. Henderson, NV

It was my first treatment for Radiesse and Botox and I was worried how it would turn out. After the treatments were completed. I was ecstatic about the results and couldn't be happier with how I look and feel. I will be coming back for further treatments without a doubt. From the consultation... READ MORE

Very Much Worth It!!! Upland, CA

I am a very anxious person and I was very nervous as I never had anything done before. I had this done in both cheeks, helped more than I expected. Just got better with time. Not only lifted my cheekbones but smile lines are gone as well as eye wrinkles better too. I had very slight redness, no... READ MORE

60 Years Old with Less Wrinkles Now - Looking Good and Feeling Young. Henderson, NV

My skin looks amazing and smooth after the procedure. I feel that I look better and now feel more confident. I also did the botox treatment at the same time and it was definitely worth it to do both at the same time. I was a little nervous before the procedure but Dr. K and his staff was so... READ MORE

Fighting the Good Fight - New York

This time I went to Dr. Shah for Botox and Fillers. (I've been her patient for years) She is extremely well trained, current on all the latest procedures and equipment, and has amazing technique. The fillers softened the overall look of my face while giving my cheekbones more definition. I... READ MORE

Updated my Look - Florida, FL

It lifted my cheek bones just enough to make me look younger without anyone being able to tell I had anything done. It was simple ( although the numbing med in the radiesse makes your face feel a bit " weird"). The results were immediate and there was no down time. I would do this again in a... READ MORE

Re-fresh for a 61 Yo Male - Sterling, VA

Father time has taken a toll on my skin and jowls. A refresh was in order, and facial filler provided an easy remedy. The process was essentially pain-free with only needle pricks and some post injection swelling. I returned to work the same day. I've had this treatment over the last few... READ MORE

Filler Around My Mouth Creases and It Was Great! - Seattle, WA

I got some filler in the deep creases around my mouth. It worked great! I went to Pacific Dermatology and had Nurse Mary Gerlitz. She was great, had a very steady hand and was as gentle as possible. The procedure itself is a little bit painful but not too bad. Afterward, I had a tiny bit of... READ MORE

Woman in my Mid 60's Interested in a Natural Aging Look . - Boulder, CO

My motivation was for a natural, not overdone look , and that is exactly what I got and I was very happy with the results, the office staff and the procedure recommended. The clinic is staff is very kind , considerate, while being professional. I have recommended this Dr. Hartley to many of my... READ MORE

Love How I Look. Beverly Hills, CA

I've been a patient of Dr. Palmers for over 15 years. He keeps me looking and feeling very young with fillers to shape my face and minor procedures to keep me looking great. I am in my mid 40's (don't tell anyone), but people always think I'm in my early 30's. I have sent so many friends to Dr... READ MORE

Radiesse , NEVER AGAIN !!!!

I had Radiesse in my upper cheek area almost 3 months ago . Here is my story . Went in to have my slight eye bags corrected . I already had Belotero done in my tear trough area . My PS suggested Radiesse . So I trusted he choice . The needle hurt like heck !!! I did swell but had minor bruise's ... READ MORE

49 Years Old Lost my Youthfulness on my Face - Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Omidi is a caring and passionate surgeon. He is honest and upfront about everything. In addition, he is not like some other plastic surgeons who just want to perform hundreds of procedures on you and turn you into a fake looking person. His creativity turns you into a more beautiful you. I... READ MORE

Sharon Altig-Smith - Kirkland, WA

Dr. Julie Voss is a talented artist that knows how to bring out the true beauty in her clients. She is patient, caring, creative, good listener, humble, kind, and has a wonderful positive attitude that everyone is beautiful. I have been a patient of Dr. Voss for over 20 years and have never... READ MORE

49 Years Old Mom of 1 Daughter! - Chelsea, NY

Lynn is the BEST for fillers!! This was my first time for this filler and I decided to go for it after several lengthy conversations with Lynn about what I could do for my jaw and look less tired. We discussed ultherapy as well as fillers and ultimately decided on Juvederm for structural issues... READ MORE

Worst Treatment Ever Scam ! - Dubai, AE

I went to the doctor due a pemenant issue, here in dubai when he visitis. I went to because hes famous and all. He saw me 5 min and told me nothing could be done and sugested i would add radiesse injections to fill the assymetry. It worsened my case. All they care about is money. I dont know... READ MORE

where do they do good facial fillers in nyc

Hi , anyone knows of a place I can go to that does good facial fillers or I think its called dermal fillers in new york city? I have very chubby cheeks and I want a nice contoured looks. I was considering buccal cheek removal...has any one done that? I really like the look Im just afraid of... READ MORE

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