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Radiesse is an FDA-approved injectable filler used to treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles and smooth marionette lines around the mouth. It can also be used to correct volume loss in the back of the hands. In many patients, results can last a year or more. LEARN MORE.

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Radisse for Under Eyes - Windham, NH

I had Radisse for under eyes hallows and it took about 15 years off my face! doctor uses a small needle; there is no need for topical numbing agent. You may hear the Radisse as it is injected, but there is absolutely no pain and minimal bruising. I had it done the day before my son's bridal... READ MORE

39 Year Woman Desperate to Not Look Like Crap After Spending a Lot of Money - Worcester, MA

I have been going to Dr. Ekstrom for years and have always had a pleasant and satisfying experience. Unfortunately the good Dr. did not get it right this time because she did not distribute the filler evenly. Doctors never want to admit they made a mistake. You could have an eyeball hanging out... READ MORE

About to Have Radiesse - London, GB

Im in the UK and after reading all the reviews on Radiesse, I'm scared now of going ahead with it. I have lost loads of volume in my face which makes my dark under eyes so much worse and makes me look so old (I'm 53) Iv read good and bad and I'm also having botox and my lips done with juverderm... READ MORE

Love Dr. Markmann and Team - Baltimore, MD

Previously had one syringe of voluma administered by another PS. The experience was horrific. The doc was rushed. Didn't listen to my concerns or address my questions. I almost passed out during the procedure. FFWD: had a consultation with Dr. Markman. Thanks to the candid reviews on real self... READ MORE

Radiesse on Cheeks - Garden City, NY

I had my cheeks filled with Radiesse in April of this year 2016, by Dr. Cameron K. Rokhsar, $800... was told it was for a 1 ½ cc, but it says in my receipt 1 Syringe. At first it looked great but now, not even two months later, I notice its dissipating so I called him to complain and he says ... READ MORE

Fantastic Physician and Practice - Fort Lauderdale, FL

It was unfortunate that my skin has suffered living in south florida, no matter how much sun screen or care I could not live under a rock, and had some signs of skin aging . I initially had a Hydra Facial with Jeanne and decided the experience was so good I would try Dr Soro, for any ideas on... READ MORE

Flat Cheeks - Lone Tree, CO

Dr. Weber has been doing my fillers for a while now. Not only is he the best at it, he also has an artistic eye that places the filler in all of the places in my face that need to be filled. With the natural process of again, I have lost a significant amount of volume in my cheeks and temples... READ MORE

Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed with a Little Filler - Newport Beach, CA

It seems as I get older that the me in my head and the me in the mirror don't quite mix, and I wanted a little pick me up so that I didn't always look so tired. At the same time, I still wanted to look like me, and not like I had been "done". Dr. Goshtasby very carefully listened to what I... READ MORE

49 Years Old and Wanting a Freshen Up for my Face and Hands - Huntington Beach, CA

I wanted to freshen up my face, but didn't want to look over-filled or un-natural. Also wanted to do something for my hands, which looked as though they were the hands of a 70 year old. I am thrilled with the outcome. I received filler under my eyes, in my cheeks and lips. I also received... READ MORE

Radiesse is NOT Made for the Under Eye Area... Don't Let Them Tell You It Is!

Went for Botox and was talked into Radiesse also... Afterward, with my "rare" allergic reaction, I was left with bulging bags under both eyes! It has been 9 months and my left eye is alot better, but my right eye is still bulging. I look like I am tired and older because of the bags... READ MORE

Radiesse/Lyft and Subcision - Spring, TX

I went in for correction of deep folds on my cheeks. The folds became extreme after I tried perlane to add volume, not only did it not work but it made awful creases on my cheeks. The nurse Heather gave me the most amazing full cheeks with Radiesse, then I went back a week later for the... READ MORE

45 Years Married Gay Man - New York, NY

Great service ! Doctor Eviatar is very professional and talented , he explained with a lot of details the process . I am very happy with the results. Natasha helped me to understand step by step the intervention and she has a very warm and professional way to make me feel that everything is... READ MORE

Natural Looking Results... - Pasadena, CA

Real natural results. I have been seeing Dr. Taylor for several years and I am still amazed on how he gives natural, real results. I have had both Botox, and fillers, and his technique is quite dramatic and flawless. He never does more that needed in a thing, so the result is both remarkable... READ MORE

48 Woman Concerned with Nasolabial Folds. Miami, FL

This was my first experience with any cosmetic procedure, I was nervous about following through but I was not liking the wrinkles developing around my upper lip and my nasolabial folds. My appointment was in the afternoon and the office staff was very nice and efficient; my wait time was none,... READ MORE

47 Year Old Women Wanting A Fresher, Uplifting Face - Grand Junction, CO

Dr. Merkel, and his staff are awesome! I've been going to Dr. Merkel's office since 2012 with various needs; Botox, Fillers, Fat Transfer. I always look forward to visiting with Dr. Merkel. He is very kind, and helpful in guiding me through which process might best suit my needs. Dr. Merkel... READ MORE

Kate Shepherd Gives the Best Radiesse Injections I've Ever Had - Portland, OR

Hi, Over the years, I've had several injections of Radiesse and Voluma but I had my first with Kate today. This was Radiesse for cheek filler. Kate gives the best injections I've ever had. She looks carefully at your face and fills in what's absolutely right for you. She's an artist. The... READ MORE

46 Year Old Radiesse in Cheeks - Dallas, TX

So I do a lot of research. I've been looking on this site daily to read about experiences, if I should do it or not, if I should use Perlane or Radiesse or something else....etc. I have to read the good, bad and sad. You need to be informed, aware and your own advocate. I felt I also had to... READ MORE

32 Years Old and Looking Tired! - Fayetteville, NC

I was finding myself in my 30s looking tired all the time, no amount of concealer could camouflage the bags under my eyes. Dr. D took the time to explain the cause of my bags and different options to get rid of them. I was extremely nervous of looking over done but he took the time to assess my... READ MORE

Radiesse Left Me with a Muppet Face and Hollow Eyes!! Help!! - Belgium, BE

Hi! I'm 33 years old man, and I went in March 2015 to a plastic surgeon for a liquid lifting with Radiesse. He said that the Radiesse will not harm at all, will increase the volume in my face and will not be noticable for other people. So now I'm left with a face that looks like a muppet and I... READ MORE

60 Years Old Male. I'm a TV Show Host, my Image is Very Inportant for Me. Henderson, NV

It was my first treatment for Radiesse and Botox and I was worried how it would turn out. After the treatments were completed. I was ecstatic about the results and couldn't be happier with how I look and feel. I will be coming back for further treatments without a doubt. From the consultation... READ MORE

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