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This Is Great! - Tulsa, OK

I got this after doing a lot of research about dermal fillers. I had some lines above my mouth, some lines on the corners of my lips, and an uneven area on my bottom lip in the mucosal area where my tooth had gone almost through my lip and it left a pretty big scar. I decided on Prevelle as... READ MORE

Prevelle Worked Great for Me! Good Filler to Test out How You'll Look with Fuller Lips. (w/video) - Seattle, WA

This reviewer is affiliated with RealSelf. The views expressed here are their own and do not reflect the views of RealSelf, Inc. I went to Dr. Mary Lee Peters, one of our local RealSelf Doctors in Seattle to try out Prevelle. I had read on RealSelf that it is a great "starter filler" to test... READ MORE

Prevelle Silk is Awesome!

I had prevelle silk done in my lips. It is so natural looking and is very soft. I have the lips that I was born with again!I'm not sure how long it lasts...probably around 3 months. It cost 260.00 and I will do it again in 3 months for that price. It looks that good!Sorry I don't really have... READ MORE

Can't Find Prevelle Anywhere else

I really like Prevelle. It's half the cost of Juvederm and is supposed to last half the amount of time. I actually think it lasts longer than advertised, so it's a great deal. I've had it injected in my laugh lines and am 100% pleased with the outcome. Dr. Rocheford is a great doctor and it's... READ MORE

Save your money for Juvederm unless this is "practice" - Port Orange, FL

After being the recipient of numerous Juvederm injections to maintain a plump pout with great results, I have become a collagen junkie. I came across a medi-spa that offered a syringe of Prevelle for 199.00. I could afford it right then and I needed a fix! After contemplating whether or... READ MORE

So Far, So Good - Houston, TX

I didn't think I look too bad for 50 and I didn't want to overdo anything. Honestly kind of embarrassed to tell anyone I've done anything, including my husband. All I really wanted was to reduce lip lines (smoker lines, even though I don't smoke!).. And for that, it worked. Didn't eliminate fine... READ MORE

Disappeared Within a Week - Florida

I have acne issues and developed a HUGE acne cyst on my cheek. I used to get steroid shots for cysts but hadn't in years. My skin used to never scar from acne but within the last four years has done so terribly. I got an appointment with a dermatologist recommended by my general physician to... READ MORE

I Love It! Works Great if Only for a Short Time. Great Starter Filler - Beverly Hills, CA

This was my first filler and I am so glad that I tried it. The results do not last long, which is good if you are not sure about the turnout. I just finished my vial (went in today for second filling). I will try Juvederm next. I loved it! I use it under my eyes to look refreshed and well... READ MORE

Prevelle, Great While It Lasts, but It Doesn't Last Long

I got prevelle injected when I expressed a fear of the pain and the result of Juvederm. I was told it wouldn't last long, but I wouldn't have pain and I could see what a filler could do for me. All of that was true. The experience was painless and I did love the result. But, it seemed to... READ MORE

Prevelle is Awesome but I Wish It Lasted Longer

I liked the prevelle on my lips a lot, soft and painless, but I just wish it lasted longer than 2 months. READ MORE

Prevelle Silk Does Not Work Under the Eyes

I had Prevelle Silk injected under my eyes to fill in the hollow areas 2 months ago. The gel has hardened and it looks like I have been hit in the eyes and they are swollen. I have to wear glasses all the time to hide my eyes or people think that I got into a fight.I do not recommend this for... READ MORE

Pervelle Stinks! - Injected into my Upper Lip

I wanted some fullness of upper lip. I am having some sort of allergic reaction to the pervelle. I would not recommend it to anyone.I had pervelle injected into my upper lip 25 days ago. Immediately I had some swelling, but it resolved in a couple of hours and you could really tell I had had... READ MORE

Prevelle Final Results

Painful but not horrible. First time with injectable of this sort. (prior just Botox on forehead)Curious as to how long until results have settled. I understood final results to be by the evening. I like the fact it is temporary so you can see if you like the result before doing something that... READ MORE

No Down Time! Natural Results for Lips!

I used prevelle for my lips and I got beautiful results. No down time, the swelling afterward was fine it made my lips fuller anyway LOL. I LOVE the definition it gave to my cupids bow and the fullness on the bottom lip.It's been a month and its still holding strong. I'm Starting to notice a... READ MORE

Prevelle Silk Worked Wonders

I am a 27 years old with under eye circles caused by hereditary loss of fat under the eyes. The hollows appeared very dark and no amount of concealer would cover them. I looked like a raccoon, spending hundreds on creams and cosmetics. I tried every known solution and home therapy out there,... READ MORE

Prevelle Works

I had prevelle injected around my crows feet and between my eyes. I have always struggled with lines around my eyes, especially when I smile. My face is very expressive.I have been using botox for many years . But I needed something to fill in the lines that were still there after the muscle was... READ MORE

Prevelle Silk Great for Quick Fix

This is a great filler for a quick fix. Results are instant, and the cost isn't too outrageous. The pain in the naso-labial folds was minimal. I forgot to take my bromelain herbs, so I did get a little bruise a few days later. However; it was easily covered up with makeup. I did get numbed... READ MORE

Prevelle Was Painless for my Lips - Troy, MI

I recently had Prevelle Silk injected in my lips. I used a topical, retrocaine, leaving on only for 5 minutes prior to injection. There was non to minimal pain, swelling or bruising. The results look great and are very natural... lets see if it last the full 3-6 months. I previously had... READ MORE

Not Worth It! Still Hurts Like H***

Had it injected into the wrinkles around my mouth.  Because it had lidocaine, I thought it would hurt less.  No....Maybe I'm just a baby, but it was extremely painfull.  Also had collagen injected into my lips.  That did not increase the fullness much and the Prevelle did not... READ MORE

Didn't Last Long Enough...I Am Waiting for ELEVESS

I had a treatment with Prevelle Silk for my smile lines. It only lasted 4 months! Before that, I had a treatment with Juvederm and it only lasted 3 months!!! I am so waiting for the new one called ELEVESS. It's supposed to be longer lasting than Juvederm (more cross-links??) AND it has... READ MORE

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