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This non-invasive procedure was created to increase cell turnover and stimulate collagen production in an effort to treat sun damage, severe acne, and even superficial skin cancers LEARN MORE ›.

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Photodynamic Therapy for Acne, Got rid of dark spots but caused rosacea

I'm 19 years old, my skin has always been very oily and around 14-15 I was on accutane to get rid of my acne. This helped for a couple years and then around 17-18 my acne began to flare up and my skin became more oily. My acne is not so bad now that I could go back on accutane, but just... READ MORE

Photodynamic Therapy with Levulan - 45 Years Old - Sun Damage, Uneven Skin Tone and Acne Areas

DAY 1 - May 1, 2017: I had the PDT with Levulan done. My face and jawline were cleaned with acetone 3 times before the nurse applied the Levulan. I sat in the waiting area for 1 1/2 hours to let the acid absorb into my skin. There was no pain or discomfort whatsoever during this period. ... READ MORE

Redheaded 36 Yo Floridian Got PDT (Blue Light) Last Week

I had been getting AKs frozen off for years, but last year I went through my first MOHS surgery and skin graft for cancer on my nose. My dermatologist recommended getting PDT (blue light) treatment but, after reading horror stories online I kept putting it off. I finally decided to go through... READ MORE

Levulan Blue Light Therapy for AK/Skincancer - New York, NY

I grew up in Florida going to the beach and using the tanning beds back in the 80's- I never heard anything about sunscreen. In my early 20's I got my first AK. The dermatologist froze it off and told me since I was blonde and fair skinned to be careful and to watch my face because that's where... READ MORE

42 Yo First Diagnosed with BCC @ 26 Yo - Cleveland, OH

I had PDT (Levulan) 5 days ago. I have AKs and superficial BCC on my face, and had PDT in order to be proactive and possibly prevent more BCC on my face and avoid Mohs on my face. I was first diagnosed with BCC at 26 and Nodular BCC on my chest at 30yo. Had Mohs 2x on my chest and ended up... READ MORE

Photodynamic Therapy - Portland, Oregon

I Had Photodynamic Therapy to treat my preskin cancerous cells on the surface of my skin. I also suffer from Rosecea and sun damage and some acne. My face was cleaned with some alcohol and then Levulan. It tingled but was not painful. I sat with it on my face for 1 hour then sat with a... READ MORE

29yo Acne Photodynamic Therapy Brisbane, AU

I have had varying degrees of cystic acne since my teens, I used roaccutane about 6 years ago which cleared it up but it came back after about two years. Decided to try photodynamic therapy to stop breakout, in the hope that I can then do something about scarring and have blemish free skin... READ MORE

Levulan/blue Light Therapy for Precancer Lesions on the Face and Scalp - Hopkinsville, KY

I finally went to see a dermatologist for dry patches on my face and scalp. As I feared, they were precancerous lesions. I had my first treatment of the face today. First treatment of the scalp will be in two weeks, with a second one on the face two weeks after that, so a treatment every two... READ MORE

Levulan, Day 3 Tiny Blisters All over Face. Bend, OR

Hello, I just had the Levulan treatment done on Thursday and today is day 3(Saturday) I am RED, irritated/itchy, swollen and have tons of teeny tiny blister like things all over my face. The nurse said I reacted really well to the treatment given how red I was when the light was turned off. I've... READ MORE

Photodynamic Therapy Results. Haverford, PA

At first I was scared to do the PDT. as I went through the procedures I my got progressively worse! It made me not want to even leave my house. I felt uncomfortable taking to people. I hated looking in the mirror. I started my breakouts when I turned 21. At first they were just pimples here and... READ MORE

Levulan and PDT - No Reaction? - Saint Petersburg, FL

I recently had a basal cell carcinoma removed surgically from my lip and the path reported basal and squamous cell carcinoma but got clear margins. whew! So my derm recommended I treat the AK on my face with Levulan and PDT. I went in this morning for the treatment. They put the Levulan on... READ MORE

70 YO with Multiple Actinic Karatosis with Prior History of Multiple Squamous Cells - Seminole, FL

Had my first Blue Light yesterday. Read the reviews here and I was very anxious and expected a great deal of pain. Well, it wasn't bad at all. Granted I would not want to do this on a daily basis but I have to rate the experience as more of a discomfort than pain. I went in, had my face... READ MORE

47 Year Old Man Just Did the Procedure 2 Hours Ago - Treat for AK - Los Angeles, CA

Ok. I was so nervous going into this procedure. I've seen lots of youtube videos on here and stuff on this site...was praying the whole time under the light and blasted music the whole time. I timed out the time under the light to equal 2 songs. :). SO i was singing along and in no time it was... READ MORE

Photodynamic Therapy - Vicksburg, MI

Went to see about Rejuvapen but was told to take care of precancerous lesions first! Had it done last month but did not take! Had it redone yesterday and wow....it took this time!! Today very red, stinging and itchy! Using an Aloe cream they gave me! But my skin feels smoother already! I think... READ MORE

40 Years Old. Large Pores, Acne and Sun Damage - Scottsdale, AZ

I was told to undergo this procedure 3 years ago by my dermatologist. I wasn't ready at the time. This time around my Plastic Surgeon recommended it, stating that I would achieve the results I was looking for without undergoing major surgial procedures. I went into the drs office the late... READ MORE

Photodynamic Treatment in Brazil, BR

I currently live in Chile and have seen dermatologists over the years about my scalp and pre-cancerous lesions that regularly appear on my scalp due to the sun. I have had various treatments and creams and had twice nitrogen freezing done. I am on hols in Brazil and decided to see a dermo here... READ MORE

46 Aussie Nth Qlder. Australia, AU

I had a combination of both ipl and a wave of a blue light done on my face some years ago- though it helped with my skin irritations on my face I don't believe I had got the full pdt treatment I was after (was a beauty place). This time around I went through a skin cancer clinic and had what is... READ MORE

58 Sun Damage Plus Taking Immune Suppressants 9 Years Keratosis - London, KY

I just completed my third treatment . Face was cleaned with acetone . Left the office for a hour but I did wear a wide brimmed hat. Face was cleansed again and dried . Put under Blu-light for 17 minutes . Felt like a sunburn for about 24 hrs was told to put aloe Vera gel in refriderator . Really... READ MORE

50 Yr Old Redhead Born in Hawaii-1st Cancer at 30 - Woodstock, AL

Having the blue light in a couple of hours- I've had 6 or 7 skin cancers on my face so we thought this was the best plan of attack, along with a host of major health elements.....I'm normally not the jittery type but I find myself at 4 am reading reviews With a nice bundle of nerves- follow... READ MORE

32 Y/o, for Treatment of AK's (Precancers), Very Negative Results - Fresno, CA

I've had many precancerous lesions either cut or frozen off with liquid nitrogen over the years (skin cancer runs in my family). My dermatologist convinced me to do the levulan stick with Blu light treatment as a more comprehensive way to treat these precancerous lesions. The 16 min under the... READ MORE

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