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Whether you want a mole gone because it’s cancerous or just annoying, these medical procedures safely remove it. A dermatologist will typically either cut the mole out and stitch the skin closed or shave it off with a surgical blade. LEARN MORE ›

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I was born with a mole on my chin and just had it removed at age 32. I was afraid to get it removed because I was skeptical of the scar it would leave. I'm very pleased with the result of the procedure. My scar is blended with my skin tone perfectly. S. Craig M.D. explained to me what to expect... READ MORE

I had several skin tags of various sizes on the back of my neck and shoulders, along with 3 raised miles on the front of my neck. They had bothered me for ages, but more recently had made me feel very self conscious of them. Dr Munir Somji removed them with his high frequency scalpel, I didn't... READ MORE

I consider Dr Green an Angel sent to me in a dire time of need, and he definitely saved my face and perhaps my life, I was diagnosed with a melanoma on my right cheek, was told I had to get it removed immediately . Of all the surgeons I contacted, in a panic, Green was the only one willing to... READ MORE

I remember the day I got my moles. I was about 11 and I remember thinking I was watching them slowly grow. They are skin coloured and I'm fair but they have always bothered me. People say they don't notice them - even my own sister says that, but I do. I had a breast reduction and when I was 21... READ MORE

I am extremely impressed with Dr Chung. He did a great job removing a mole from my face. He is an extremely skilled surgeon, and I can barely tell there was anything done. I had never had surgery before, but Dr Chung is very professional and calming, answered all of my questions before and... READ MORE

I had some freckles removed by laser. The freckles seem to heal fine, however for my mole removal it seems like i'm left with brown/reddish burn marks. The mole removal used a micro-surgical techniques using high power magnification (6~8X Loupe) and very fine suture lines (Typically 7-0 size),... READ MORE

I had two moles removed right above my lip by Dr. Centeno. I am extremely happy with the outcome and my overall experience with Bitar Institute. I had received a consultation about removal of the moles from a different plastic surgeon a few years ago and was told that having them removed would... READ MORE

I decided to get laser mole removal on my face! I wish I done it sooner! I have never been happier with myself. I don't have a bump and it's still healing but that's normal. The procedure lasted 5 minutes. Yes the jag to numb my face was nippy but after that I never felt a thing. But what a... READ MORE

I had a cosmetic mole removal done in Seattle, Washington. I went in to have the mole looked at because I was concerned with some irritation I was experiencing off and on and they enthusiastically said many times "there's nothing wrong with it medically, but we can remove it!" "let us get you... READ MORE

Well, after visiting a local dermatologist last year for some moles I wanted removed with unsatisfactory results, I decided to contact Dr. Morea for the procedure to be done correctly! All my life I have had 2 moles that I have never been a fan of. One in particular is a skin colored one on my... READ MORE

I have always disliked the moles in my face, especially sound my eyes. I was scared to have them removed because I'm African American and I didn't want scars or dark pots left on my skin. Dr. Mehr is a miracle worker! He removed them and no scars or discoloration at all. Best skin care doctor in LA! READ MORE

I want my big mole removed, not only because it's very unattractive but because the mole is growing and I fear that someday it might turn malignant. The mole is located on my eyebrow and I'm afraid that it will leave a big scar and a gap on my eyebrow,if I have it removed. But after my 1st... READ MORE

I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Dahiya and his staff at Potomac Facial Plastic Surgery in Rockville, MD. From the environment of the facility to the hospitality and patient centered care I received at Potomac Facial Plastic Surgery, I could not have chosen a better place to have... READ MORE

A mole appeared which at first I thought it was a blackhead, I went for a facial I was told it was a mole. Due to so many stories of skin cancer I decided to see Dr. Greenberg, of which he advised to remove it. I went for the procedure I couldn't believe it what a great job he did, you cant... READ MORE

After years of debating whether or not to have a large raised 1cm mole removed from my left cheek I finally plucked up the courage to have it done. I knew it would leave a scar but I didn't mind as I was fed up with it being a brown lump that Stuck out. It made me self conscious, I felt like... READ MORE

I had developed a mole in the middle of my eyebrows in my mid 20's and it really threw my face off. I went to see 3 different doctors. The first doctor shaved it, but it did nothing but scab and the mole was still there. The second doctor told me that he could remove it, but he would cut it... READ MORE

I have wanted my facial moles removed for a while as they do not look good in pictures and they stick out a lot. I feel that they age me, and I scheduled an appointment yesterday to get my moles removed with Dr. Jennifer Roberts in Norman, OK. When I got there, she told me to just get one... READ MORE

Emailed him my pictures and received a reply the very same day. I was so hesitant because I had asked 3 other doctors on what would be the best wY to remove the mole without scaring and the different techniques used. His was the best response and the cost was 50% less than what I was being... READ MORE

I want it removed with minimal scaring and so that the mole doesn't grow back later on. The mole is in a very delicate place on my face and I am worried it can easily be a big scar or ruin my lip. If you know you I should go to get this removed please message me. I want to get this done within... READ MORE

I am 100% happy with the service, procedure and outcome. I had a small mole on my face in between my eyebrows that I wanted to get removed. I did weeks of research and finally found Dr Ransom on Realself and Yelp. Dee- patient coordinator and Emily- medical assistant both replied to my all my... READ MORE

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